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Why dont asians shave

Why Dont Asians Shave


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White women have some degree of color variation; their pubic hair can range from light blonde to red to brunette and every shade in between. Probably something like that.

Women are expected to be hairless.

So if Asians are humans and most humans have pubic hair it means that Asians have pubic hair. Not just in this one instance either; there are dozens and dozens of people asking the same question. Established Thanks for rating this!

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Bookmark the permalink. Answer Some Asian people have straight pubic hair as do many westernersalthough curly pubes are much more common.

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Do Asian people hate people that shave their pubic hair? The texture of pubes differ from person to person and does not necessarily coincide with race. Rather than trying to fit it all onto one hair related article, I decided to write a second article only about the hair no one really likes or is it wants? Best Answer — Chosen by Voters It not a very high priority… the only person who would ever view it would be their spouse or ificant other boyfriend or girlfriend. Oh and by the way, the answer is yes.

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Muslim men will generally shave pubic hair, but as far as I know this is not common among non-Muslims. Mine is curly, if you were curious. Why is this?

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Let me explain: Asians are humans and humans typically have pubic hair. I randomly just picked one. My Answer The answer to this very dumb question is very well thought out and does not require me to add anything other than to note that this guy loser who asked this question asked the same question on numerous occasions. Why do virtually all Asian women seem to have black pubic hair?

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A majority of asians do not sleep around and would not engage in any sexual contact unless they had some type of commitment with the other person. Why are Asians against pubic hair removal? Do asian girls have the most pubic hair?

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Zombies, was released in paperback in and in audiobook in and his graphic novel,was released in In addition, he is currently an adjunct professor in screenwriting at International Technological University in San Jose. Do Asians have straight pubic hair?

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Best Answer: chosen by Voters Because they normally all have black hair on their he, too! Why is there so little pubic hair color variation among Asian women?

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Sometimes an extremely dark brown. My answer Straight pubic hair?

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Why are they against it? Though some girls may trim around that area to fit into a bikini bottom. Do Asian people have pubic hair?

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Black is a dominant color gene so any other recessive genes that may be present are not expressed. Proudly powered by WordPress. Now tell the world how you feel - Share this on Twitter and on Facebook.

Why don't asians shave? how come asian women don't shave their bush?

Is there something in their culture that forbids them from shaving? With that commitment they would feel they could show that part of their body to that person without having to unnecessarily change that area of the body for aesthetical reasons. My Answer As a male, I respectively decline to answer this question.

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Search 8Asians Search for:. If a person was to have a job as a fashion model or actress… I suppose they may shave the pubic region. There were a lot. Or maybe he was just watching some porn.

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I agree with you it's hygiene that counts and hello it looks better