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What the fuck face gif

What The Fuck Face Gif


A new app called Doublicat allows users personalize GIFs by morphing their own faces onto them, commonly known online as a deepfake. I, a true trailblazer at heart, decided to take on the mission of trying out Doublicat, just so y'all can know what you're getting into.

Name: Susana

Age: I am 27
Ethnicity: I'm sudanese
Caters to: Male

Clearly, these microcosms of culture matter.

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Choosing the right GIF at the right time to express the right feeling can be a complex form of cultural engagement, and it can also be deeply political. Resources like the enormous collection of stories behind internet phenomenon Know Your Memeor articles that trace a highly circulated image back to its sourceget a lot of online traffic.

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Emily van der Nagel is an academic who writes, teaches, and speaks about social media identities and culture. She tweets about research and GIFs at emvdn.

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What it looks like: A man wearing a singlet, beaming, exuberantly dancing in a bar. What it looks like: A beardy guy at the cinema in a hoodie and jacket looking alternately delighted, embarrassed, and bored.

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Despite the way they seem to circulate freely online, the origins of GIFs and memes can be compelling. up to our newsletterand follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook so you always know where to find us.

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Do you represent yourself with people who look like you? Want more Junkee in your life? They might seem like a small part of online communication, but your GIF use can say a lot about you.

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Do you scroll through the skin colour options for emojis, or just leave them default yellow?

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