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What is a penis plug for

What Is A Penis Plug For


Penis stuffing, sometimes known as cock stuffing, is the practise of inserting objects into the opening of the penis for sexual pleasure. Many people believe that the act of cock stuffing is relatively modern, so penis plugs are a new invention.

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Fear not, the penis plug is in no way the Jan Brady of urethral play.

Penis plugs

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Adress. Username or Address. Urethral sounds are much longer than penis plugs, and so have a much deeper reach inside the urethra, allowing them to explore deeper nerve endings and uncover brand new sensations.

Stainless penis plug

Now you can get the top stories from Lifehacker delivered to your inbox. With that said, the majority of play is focused for people with penises as their urethral canal is much longer, and thus carries less risk of carrying infection to the bladder. Like plugs, they come in different sizes and styles, but many will be long and have the purpose of internal prostate and bladder stimulation.

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What is a penis plug?

Remember Me. First Name. The types of toys used in urethral play can be grouped into two different : penis plugs and urethral sounds. Get our Newsletter Subscribe. address Back to ?

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Some are specifically deed to cause stretching sensations, while others are dedicated to deep insertion and targeting that prostate gland. newsletters will contain a brief summary of our top stories, plus details of competitions and reader events.

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A penis plug is a short, insertable item that is normally inserted into the first few inches into the urethra and works to stimulate the tip of the penis from the inside. Last Name. Gizmodo Newsletter Kotaku Newsletter Lifehacker Newsletter Yes, I wish to receive exclusive discounts, special offers and competitions from our partners. Anna Lee Posts. The base prevents over-insertion, while the soft silicone allows for safe exploration.

How to start using penis plugs and sounds

You can see a list of their best-selling products here. There are lots of different types of urethral toys with different purposes. address. While the feeling of a penis plug may be thrilling, and appeal to your adventurous side, it can also increase sensitivity, prolong erections and intensify orgasms during play.

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Originally, urethral sounding was used as a medical procedure and you may be wondering why this would be a pleasurable sexual practice but the answer is simple. About the Author. The head of the penis is filled with nerves, as is the urethra, which feel amazing when stimulated. up here. Many people considering dipping their toes into the pool of pleasure that is urethral sounding might be put off by the prospect of something as long as a steel sound going so deep inside them. Display Name. This play, or practice, is possible for both men and women as both sets of genitals are packed with nerve-endings.

Direct prostate contact can incur orgasms without any other kind of stimulation necessary.

What is urethral sounding?

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Anna Lee is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. Lifehacker Newsletter. Urethral play is the process in which a plug or probe known as a sound is inserted into the urethra to cause dilation. What Is Urethral Sounding?

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Furthermore, one of the main reasons men find urethral play so exhilarating is because the infamous erogenous zone known as the prostate can be directly stimulated using certain urethral toys, resulting in incredible orgasms. Many are fairly slim, however some can be thicker than a sound, which can be great for giving that feeling of fullness that some men seek.

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While penis plugs are relatively simple toys, you might not know how to properly use them.

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Penis plugs and urethral sounds are popular tools for sexual experimentation, arousal and pleasure.