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What happened to jigglypuff

What Happened To Jigglypuff


In addition, our beloved adventurer also received news from one of his oldest friends and comrades. However, this is where Professor Carvalho Tracy mentions the sketch. According to Carvalho, he and Tracy spend a lot of time looking for Infernape, but they are nowhere to be found. Although not a bad character in and of itself, Tracy divided fans by ing Brock, a character everyone loved.

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Pokémon new episode tells what happened to ash’s old friend

Last time it appeared was on SM's final episode. It did its usual shenanigans when Ash returned home for a field trip, then hitched on the plane back to Alola and caused more shenanigans there before returning to Kanto, again via plane.

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Do you think they will ever conclude his storyline or give him a happy ending? It actually had a few cameos here and there. I have several examples from Gen1 itself ,Ash left his Primeape and promised him that he'll come back spoiler ,he didn't.

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Like others have mentioned already, they brought back the same Jigglypuff in the SM anime, but imo its arc had been concluded fine in the AG series with Whismur. He was on the plane Ash was in.

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Created Sep 11, Top posts august 9th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. More posts from the pokemon community. Ash never met his Butterfree again ,the first ever Pokemon he caught.

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He left Pidgeot for good as well. He was the puff that kept reappearing and singing, causing everyone to fall asleep, and out of frustration he would draw on their faces. It's almost like the anime makers are too lazy to revisit the past unfinished stories that they themselves created.

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Found the internet! Sort by: best. I love singing jigglypuff and rapping chatot.

Spoiler finally loses in pokemon anime

Continue this thread. These are the things I hate about the anime ,they leave things unfinished. What happened to the Jigglypuff in the anime?

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Before the SM anime, Jigglypuff stopped appearing after a Whismur listened to its entire song. It was over a decade and a half ago since he last appeared, back in Was it ever explained what happened to that character in the universe of the show, as well as the reason why they discontinued his character?

I just thought it was kind of sad because the puff just wanted to sing for people, and by the time he disappeared his dream was left unfulfilled. Since Whismur's ability is Soundproof, Sing doesn't affect it, and so Jigglypuff's quest to have its entire song heard was fulfilled.

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A fan-favorite Pokemon found itself on the wrong end of a running gag in the latest episode of the Pokemon anime.

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Our heroes trudge along, reing themselves to the idea of camping out in the desert as the sun slowly sets.

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It emerged from the destroyed Meowth robot, where it proceeded to sing to the group, causing everyone to fall asleep.

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