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Weird sex records

Weird Sex Records


Sex is awesome and weird and sometimes even competitive. There are even records kept, keeping track of size, duration and s related to sexual acts and the products of sex children. This list looks at the weirdest sex records of all time. Okay, some of them were easy. Obviously we must know largest gang bang and penis, right?

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Business Economy Business Life Enterpreneurship. She had 27 births at total. A man named Masanobu Sato broke the world record for masturbation with 9 hours 58 minutes in the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

The weirdest sex records in the world

This old lady claims that she gets together with men who are way younger than her. The records about the baby are held in the Cleveland health museum today. Sparxx increased her record each year. She is known to have given birth to 69 babies, however the births and deaths of these babies are uncertain.

Inshe switched this to and finally, inshe broke her own record with people!

20 weird sex related records guaranteed to blow your mind!!!

In between Valentina gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets. This guy managed to throw his sperm Schultz's sperm has a speed of We can surely call him Sperman! This is Sarah Carmen and she claims to have more than orgasms each day! Tatyana states that her muscles lost a lot of strength after she gave birth.

Medical experts revealed five shocking sex records you didn’t know about

Inshe'd been with people. The record belonged to Masanobu again, with 9 hours 33 minutes. These extreme body sizes can be an indicator of this record.

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If we think that some women will never experience an orgasm their whole life, you might consider Sarah to be very lucky! These extreme sex records are really hard to believe - from the longest masturbation to a woman with 69 babies!! Anna was 2.

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However, the reality is different. Leontina is followed by Livia Ionce with 44 babies.

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Though it is a rare possibility, Blowing inside the vagina can cause emboli. The couple married in and they still hold the record for being the tallest couple on the earth!

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Anna ed a circus when her body become recognized for being this huge. This is surely a genetic mutation, don't you think??? The world's most fertile woman is Valentina Vassilyev, who lived between in Russia. All she ever wants is some peace without having random orgasms.

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The has studied a lot on the subject and worked around 5 years to gain this strength. There is always a risk of breaking the penis in this position! Martin Bates was another Scotch giant with 2.

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Emboli might even kill you in 30 minutes. Poor Sarah has to either have sex or masturbate because of her arousal condition and is unable to maintain her daily life. She claims that she is bored of sex.

The most orgasms in a day: +

It's my duty to share you all the interesting facts and world records on sex!!! Dear Reader, It's my duty to share you all the interesting facts and world records on sex!!! Nowadays, Leontina Albina from Chile is holding the record with 64 babies only 55 of them are recorded. Anna also gave birth to the world's largest baby on June 18th, This baby girl was However, Anna lost her life during a complication of this birth.

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Be careful guys. We might say that those are the breasts who have the largest woman. A huge WTF! Although cowgirl is one of the most preferred positions, it might be dangerous for you. Emboli: a blood clot, air bubble, piece of fatty deposit, or other object which has been carried in the bloodstream to lodge in a vessel and cause an embolism. Sport Football Basketball Others. She met her husband during those circus shows. She took good care of herself and wants to pursue this career as long as she can.

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Sex is already a pretty weird and wonderful thing at the best of times.

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Sex: most of the world is having it, but not everyone is setting sexy records like the good people on this list.

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Sex products for women rarely bring pleasure.

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Here are ten unique world records of that will surely raise an eyebrow and may actually inspire you to jump into the arena of sexual conquests!