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Vixen ent i need that

Vixen Ent I Need That


Crime Junkie. If you can never get enough true crime

Name: Alicia

What is my age: 19
What is my ethnicity: Belgian
Color of my hair: Chestnut
Favourite drink: Rum
Body tattoos: None
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Strait miss treat it up. Beat it up. Tounge in and eat it up.

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If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. I'm from vixen ent. And my pussy is what's up. Mah nigga is you serious! Fuck me raw, a nasty type. My legs, lift em up.

I need that. Tryna get up in my gut. I admit.

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I need a nigga who could beat it up. Learn how to beat it up. But that's a different story. OK, got it! Girl runnin, ass jump like a bunny. Why you feelin on my butt. I bend over, bring it up and let you have it. Nuff said, I don't need no fuckin intro.

Dumb scums, fuck em up. He did his thang, yeah, I had to admit. All up in my nigga. But his homeboy a bigga figga. I'm talkin dumb strokes. Take dick.

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Yeah yo boyfriend adore me. Boss pussy. I need a nigga with a appetite. Before you try to get a nut.

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Learn how to eat it up. Bitch yo nigga know me. I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed That!

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Have me feelin real proper, fuck me real proper. Have me screamin when you stab it cause you fuck me like a savage. No fuckin off beat. No talking, hard pumps. Ash B. Love it when you go deep. Teach a few pointers have a bitch dumb hooked like get all in my tummy.

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No dummin. My pussy is the bomb.

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Learn how to speed it up. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

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I'm not tryna be ya wife. Somebody rock my boat. Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you?

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I have you feenin for the pussy like a addict. Submitted by bahdchickalert. Vixen Ent — I Need That lyrics.

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You can never get enough. Them niggas scream my name everytime I come around and he all up in my tummy strait tryna put it down. Baby beat it like a drum. So that mean that I'm a freak.

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Star trunnin on the dick. When he done he say yumm. Cause what I gotta say, I spit that shit strait mano. I am slutty.

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Corrected by gina Midnight Sky. Therefore I Am. Christmas Saves The Year. I bend it over, for you, I don't give a fuck. On yo dick I go nutty all night. Explain Request. But I can't see myself with him. Keep me cumming. When you fuckin me to sleep.

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Just tryna fuck you right. Add song structure elements. Post my meaning 1 explanation This song is explained by 1 writer. I go nutty. Point blank period. Slow and sticky like honey. If I say my aim name I bet you he'll store me.

Vixen ent lyrics : "i need that"

We just tryna bust a nut. Have me screamin poppa, like I'm singin opera. I be fuckin him 2 sleep. I got you chickens mad cause yo boyfriend adore me. But his head game was wack. Got me feelin like umm. Write about your feelings and thoughts about I Need That Know what this song is about? So muthafuckin what. Boy gone fuck it up.

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Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Make you wanna have it all the time like a habit. Learn how to heat it up.

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Got me speakin in tounges.

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I need that.

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I need that.