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Undertale sans powers

Undertale Sans Powers
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Plus he will try his best to be your friend.

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Outertale sans has a very very large advantage in his AU with no gravity but in any AU with gravity Dream is very very naive and never expects people to not need his help. Before tale sans is a sans that instead of drinking determination they absorbed it. Glitch is the God of resurrection and has the ability to bring people back from the dead of course.

Underswap sans also known as blue is an alternate version of sans. Echotale sans is a very very very formetable sans. Classic is a very intelligent and clever person. This sans is meant to be the symbol of death and is meant to symbolize the grim reaper. Echotale sans.

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We are now going to do the sans that have determination. Now we will be getting into the thick of it. He is the opposite of geno and has no remorse at all.

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Well wronghis lust for sex and romance will generally bring him down always, but he has strong powers at least. Buuuut since the toriel side of his personality is greater than his sans part it makes him an easy target for any person looking for genocide This sans has the upper hand in battle! He is normally very nice.

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This sans has the bravery soul which gives him courage and great great power! He uses his tentacles to attack and has a generally amazing healing factor buuuut like always this powerful sans had a huge weakness. His main weapon is his scythe. Fire wall sans is the protector of the fire wall! He is at Lv25 and with determination on his side he is willing to fight and kill anyone to protect his universe.

He can not eat nor take damage for either of them would kill him. Its weakest to strongest! Photonegative sans is completely Photonegative and has gone so far down that he has reached This is a big weakness for him. Altertale sans is a very good example for power. He is split between being nice and rude, sounds like my kinda guy.

Does papyrus the same power as sans undertale amino

This sans has gone threw the genocide route which is why he is nicknamed geno but decided to do something else and drank some determination. Next to are the gods. This is a list of sans and how strong they are. Nightmare is a very very dark version of sans. But when will that ever happen.

Sans power wiki undertale amino

He is immortal but his weakness is that he sometimes thinks that if your immortal your invincible but that's not true. Now we have the glitches. That won't take him very far against some of the most evil sans's. This sans is the strongest one in the multiverse.

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He is generally very strong but he is so low on this list because of his weakness which is his kindness. Fresh sans has his soul located in his left eye socket which makes him a bit harder to kill and also makes him a bit stronger but not that much. These are the sans you don't want to get into a fight with.

But his attacks are sloppy as well. Error sans is the destroyer of all AU's and will stop at nothing to finish his goal. But his lack of remorse and general cockyness will make him fail at least most of the time. He can take to the skys at any moment but any sans with great aim has a huge advantage over him, he's Basicly game I wonder if he would like that pun or hate it. Quiet litterly and physically!

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This sans is known as cross. But his low health and stamina give him his greatest weakness. This sans ia possessed by flowey which makes him able to avoid attacks better and is a bit stronger, plus he has a tiny bit more HP than a normal sans.

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But since he likes to say no one can beat him lots of people try to hunt him down. Dark is an au originally made to be the ultimate protection unit His main weapons are his three tenticals. His main weapon not counting his magic is his nice and shiny pair of gauntlets.

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Wow that must suck. Well if you do you might get erase from existence and make it so no one Rememebers you. But his one weakness is his painful love for frisk. Underell sans also known as red or edgy is a remarkable sans and has a lot more HP that any regular sans. He has two snakes that he uses as weapons. Time sans controls time and all genocide, pacifist, and neutral routes through out the multiverse.

Wow no wonder why he is so evil. He also can destroy AU's. Wow sounds kinda cool but also scary. All you can do is hope your stronger than he is. You better be ready for this fight because I quit after the th try, maybe you are more determined than me. Because of the fact that this sans needs pain, fear, hate and other bad feelings to use as power.

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These people are the sans's that will mess with your save files and such. Photonegative sans.

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I hope you enjoy! This sans is a fusion of sans in paps This sans has a better chance of taking damage. Reapertale sans. In other words he keeps out viruses and things like that. Swapfell is the complete opposite of underswap sanshe is alot more violent and will not give any pity on you. Ink is the God of creation and is the friend of all AUs and there creators. But he can't handle the heat if its in him. He stands no chance against any other version of sans.

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He absorbed a determination star. Underlust seems like he would fight if he needs to right? He is the God of death. At least he is better then the other sans begins him Nightmare sans! He will normally team up with other sans which betray him in the end. This sans will make you never remember. Science sans is an older and version of sans.

This sans feeds of hate and loves to inflict pain upon others! This sans has no heart and will murder for fun. He is Lv He will kill everything in his way. Horror tale sans is a sans that comes quietly and quickly if you don't pay attention and he is defiantly not afraid to chop you up.

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Plus the evil and not so nice sans's. Endtale sans has a lot of magic and power in store for you. Now he is stuck in the save screen. Hi guys! Cross is on a mission to revive his world with the power of over write!

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Outertale sans.

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Sans is a character appearing in the indie role-playing video game Undertaledeveloped and published by Toby Fox.

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Sans is shown to be very laid-back, sleeping on the job as often as he takes breaks.

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Undertale is one of those indie games that managed to defy the odds to reach an enormous audience on the strength of its content.

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Sans is a fictional character created by Toby Fox for the role-playing video game Undertale.