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Traveling sex tumblr

Traveling Sex Tumblr


I am first and foremost a humble mind control erotica writer and a basic human being. There are many reasons for that and if you wish to know them, feel free to contact me. My asks and DMs are always open to all.

Name: Nedi

Years: 35
What is my hair: Long straight silvery hair
Languages: French
My favourite drink: White wine
Other hobbies: Sailing
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Be shameless, your actually a guest here, there is always one man in a bar who wants to be approached or who wants to approach you. I never travel with more than hand luggage, airlines lose things like you wont believe.

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RS2K is the Midwest favorite that is not a board. This works best for Eros Guide, put out base in other cities describing a fly me to you package or a potential tour date and see how many guys line up.

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A little harder but not impossible. They award you according to how much you spend on average.

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I especially love Adultwork and because you have to pay for C69, the people active there are more likely to book. Latinas dominate Miami. Especially if you have a travel points credit card. This way ma'am… Your not hurting anyone, your not dealing in drugs, you are a low risk traveller for all they care, GE will allow you to enter back into the US without too many, if any problems. Once a year vs every week or month sounds like a good deal to me. It was wild and fun and crazy. You can spend 2K on your tour but make only I think you should spend the bare minimum in order to maximize profit. Greylist the dudes who cancel, if they want to book again, they have to pay a fee.

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You will always get the last minute guys who will ask and you have two options: Tell them you are booked up, or tell them you are no longer coming but if they book an overnight or something you can come to them. You vacation in Dubai 10 times a year?

News - open invitation

There are more programs you can Read About Them Here. Emirates - Emirates has a partnership with Alaska Airlines….

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Captain 69, Punterlink, and AdultWork seem to be the kings. When booking flight and hotels, check the cancelation policy. You can use the advice above to plan your trip but for your sake heres some additional things to consider:. A Good Tip : Get memberships with the hotels but use Hotels. If you have a really nice hotel, put on your finery and head to the bar. Places closer to your home will obviously be less but if your going from Los Angeles to Boston or from New York to Miami, thats a good average.

Depending on how you present your self and where you travel you may want to different programs here are a few of my favorites:.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Make sure you can easily cancel or change in case of anything. This is the place for you to find things to help make your life simpler.

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Marriott Rewards - Only the Marriotts. I consider a tour successful if I made back twice my investment. Allows you to zoom through the lines and not have to remove shoes, computers or belts. Ideally, I would do a month or 2 weeks before. Free Trip? It is much cheaper to buy miles from Alaska than Emirates…. When you are running late and the difference between catching your plane or not is the TSA line you will be happy for this.

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A majority of ad malls are unless they are popular. You can cheaply buy enough miles from Alaska for first class or business class on Emirates. Why waste money just looking after all, they get a list of ladies they want and then pick.

Cancel the tour. The same deal can be said for airlines, however theres no good site like hotels.

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Put out feelers. With that said heres some advice on what you can do when a clients pays for a trip. Look on eros guide and see what kind of escorts are advertising in the city you want.

Would you like to add that to our monthly allowance or should i give you the so that you can call and take care of the cost?

Go a week earlier than you need. Withit depends on how you market yourself. Also the embarrassment factor is low. So I decided to attempt to write out my experience with Touring on my own as well as things I do when clients pay my travel expenses. Potential tours can be hard, you have to decide where will work best for you, where to advertise, yada yada. Hotels will ALWAY give you preference and treat you to upgrades and nice things when you book directly with them over a 3rd party site.

The more money you put into your tour does not really translate into how much you will make.

Escort touring & what to do when a client pays for a trip

Even that is a bit steep but sometimes you will have the last minute people who will boost profit. I became an Emerald member and more than once I have received a free flight. Perfect for when you need a fancy place for new photos. I just want you to know you have options. A free spa suite! If you client will have a hotel or your meeting him at his home, go down a week early to get some extra cash from the trip. Little things like that can help you build a list. Just keep in mind that you have to make back a minimum.

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Some ladies offer pre booking specials and others require deposits. You will lose face.

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Global Entry - If your going to be globetrotting, you really want this. So if it cost me 1K to tour, I need to make back a minimum of 2K. If you want to change prices, look at native ladies who look like you to see what they are charging and match them.

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Just buy the miles then transfer them over to Emirates. If it ever comes a time when your due for a free upgrade, and have your 10 nights in Hotels. Condoms have a shelf life of 4 to 5 years. Depending on how big your tour is and how you operate, the minimum time you should wait to advertise is 1 week before the day.

Condoms are a must have item, buy in mass bulk and save money and always be prepared. You can also pick a lady who is similar to you in rates and looks and copy her tour city list. I put some in each of my bags and secure the rest in a good cool spot. Do not underestimate the reach of back and craigslist, it can be a joke sometimes in the US but other places it is a gold mine. Most if not all of my travels have been like this. Starwood Preferred Guests - Include the St. Traveling sex tumblr and The W Hotel chains. However there is one 3rd party program I highly recommend:.

If you keep making trips to these places, for no apparent reason eventually someone will get curious. I buy a new set just for piece of mind once a year. If your going to an obscure city for some Godforsaken reason, Back is your friend. Ladies are not dumb. This is my favorite USA program. Anything more can be bought or given to you by the hotel.

Then the local review boards for whatever area your touring.

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