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Top 10 shower scenes

Top 10 Shower Scenes


You have to admit you have gotten turned on at least ONCE by a sex scene in a movie. For me, my first time getting all worked up was watching Rose and Jack get in on in the Titanic. There's always that one scene that you can't forget because it was it was so good, and you wanted nothing more than to trade places with one of the actors or actresses so you could experience that moment for yourself. And if you want to attempt a seriously hot movie sex idea to spice things up in the bedroomtry getting out of the bedroom

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He loves to relive and share that nostalgia on a regular basis.

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When the water stops running and he has soap in his eyes, he tries to rinse it off in the sink when he comes across a disgusting surprise. The Kickin' it Old School blog site has been retired, but you can still get daily doses of '80s goodness on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else they let him. Probably the most unforgettable and the first one that comes to mind would be the shower scene with Janet Leigh from the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.

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There is no doubt his six-shooter is not far from reach. Facebook Instagram Twitter. All Rights Reserved. This is best demonstrated by the fact they kept their pants on while in the shower.

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You can watch it here. Honorable Mention.

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It is interesting to think of how many movie scenes take place in a bathroom. The bathtub is more of a swimming pool and a battle ensues as Pee-wee attempts to find out the location of his precious bicycle.

Top scenes from ’80s movies featuring a bathtub or shower

Better Off Dead — At the very beginning of the movie we meet Lane Meyer played by John Cusack and learn he is a little bit different when he gets up and proceeds to take his shower without removing his socks. About OldSchool80s 57 Articles.

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Old School Tim has an adoring devotion to the awesome '80s decade. It does have one of the best bathtub movie scenes and I am not talking about the one when Richard Gere s her in the tub. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

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Directed by: Bob Clark.

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Horror is famously a genre that has so many different corners to it.

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Take two movies into the shower?

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The shower scene.

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Admittedly, there are some things which happen in the bathroom which should stay well and truly private, for all sorts of reasons, but nonetheless, such an important room deserves to have some iconic film moments.

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I'M A Celeb's sexy jungle showers have become one of the show's steamiest traditions - yet they're not the only TV scrub-downs setting our pulses racing.