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Too fat to masturbate

Too Fat To Masturbate


I want to thank the readers of this blog for the endless support and inspiration! It was a reader comment on a masturbation related post that lead to this one. Please comment with your thoughts, tricks, and tips! To begin with, I just want to say that there is nothing wrong or shameful with self-stimulation and masturbation, period. I think everyone should be getting off in whatever comfortable and safe way they see fit, regardless of size, ability, gender, age, race, etc.

Name: Pia

Years old: I am 25
What is my nationaly: Irish
What is my body type: My body type is skinny
What is my hobbies: My hobbies driving a car
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Plus if your belly has gotten so big your but might be just as big. Jackoblangada Well-Known Member.

house babes Liv

I love fat men with big soft butts and you have an incredible physique. New posts.

Little split

I'm thinking that would be a lot to pile on. Can a man be so fat he can't reach his penis?

passionate babe Mazikeen

Log in. But, yeah, anything's possible.

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Certainly not in any conventional position. Obesus said:. Hi i think that is one thing any size person can accomplish William. Too Fat to Masturbate??? ed Oct 6, Messages 60 Location. So how would you wipe your but?

Media New media New comments Search media. Obesus Deated Fat Holy Man. ed Sep 29, Messages 2, Location. The Pannus is just too heavy and awkward to lift, so manipulation by the hand is out of the question ed Oct 18, Messages LocationMale. Search forums. Search titles only. Daily Living. I don't want to think about anymore weight tho!!! ed Oct 19, Messages Location .

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Thread starter voidhead Start date Dec 9, Help Support Dimensions Magazine:. William Well-Known Member.

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Latest posts G. Recent Additions. I think even a Walter-Hudson sized guy unable to stand up would still be able to find himself so to speak. The daily excercise report thread!! Bigwideland: Do you have any idea how turned on I was by the idea of you pulling a muscle trying to wipe that sexy fat ass? Forum Games. I saw this Family Guy episode last night where Peter Griffin finally realizes he's fat and decides to become an activist for fat men. Log in Register.

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It requires a bit of planning and positioning to be able to reach for long enough to get the deed done, as it were ed Sep 29, Messages Location In a van down by the river. Anyway, he ends up organizing a meeting and a bunch of obese men show up. ed Dec 2, Messages Location. Given an average guy's arm length, the position of the penis, and how the fat would add on - mostly in the gut over the penis - it would require a LOT to get enough to block things out.

You should do some pics of you trying to fit that big butt in a small chair.

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Now this strucka chord with me because I have always had this fantasy of a man so enormous that he can't reach his own penis anymore and he needs me to get him off in order to orgasm. You must log in or register to reply here. Once you got to the point you couldn't reach your penis to masturbate what are you going to do about going to the bathroom? To be perfectly honesty at lbs it ain't easy anymore.

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ed Oct 9, Messages Location justinsymbol. Health Forum. BBWchelmsford New Member. ed Nov 30, Messages Location. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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I guess a guy could just wear diapers, or just pee on himself. At about what weight could this occur? I just wanted to chime in on this issue too. ed Dec 16, Messages Location. Forums New posts Search forums.

Young chinese are being rejected by army because they’re too fat, masturbate excessively

Karebehr Well-Known Member. Buffetbelly Nosh, destroyer of snacks. Well a guy would have to get very big because i am 5'11, lbs and I can still reach. At lbs, it is a hard reach, but with some forethought it is possible still. I just nwated to chime in here and say I'm proud of you guys for having an awesome conversation about guy things, and letting us ladies stand back and "listen. I just imagine all the sweating and panting and jiggling. The portrayal of them is extremely negative they're constantly panting, farting They make a joke that the guys are so fat none of them can find their own penises.

I can say that I don't have the problem with reaching my genitals, but I don't mean to sound gross, but honestly I think guys of size can get pretty sweaty through self pleasuring There's just a lot of motion involved and since most of us big guys sweat to begin with it doesn't take long to get pretty slick. ed Sep 30, Messages 7, Location .

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ed Dec 18, Messages 3 Location. Is this possible? Hawksmoor said:. ed Sep 30, Messages 1, Location. GunnDancer Well-Known Member. ed Sep 30, Messages 3, Location .

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Buffetbelly said:. Hawksmoor The Sedentary Misanthrope. That's so hot that some of you guys have a hard time.

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Big Order Ep 1

It then blamed the high mineral content in water for the organ problems.

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When it comes to getting new recruits for their ranks, Chinese military seems to be in a little bit of a fix.

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YOUNG Chinese people are too fat and masturbate too much to be accepted into the army, according to state media.

Too Kinky To Torture

While the Chinese army is involved in a standoff with Indian army, they seem to have some major issues when it comes to getting new recruits for their ranks.