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Tiny vagina tumblr

Tiny Vagina Tumblr


Summary: A few weeks away from your 22nd birthday, there are a of things one would expect to have on their mind. Oh yes. Most definitely. Being told by seven strange men you are the reincarnation of a powerful goddess and the key to winning a demon war? Uh…come again?

Name: Lethia

Age: 23
Who do I prefer: Gentleman
What I like to listen: I like hip hop
Hobbies: Travelling
Tattoo: None

Then I want him to push all the way into me, filling me with his big cock. Now, you play with both your titties so grandpa can play with your little button. I feel you pulse and twitch inside me as wave after wave of cum is pumped into me You pulled out of my cum-filled, dripping pussy and pulled me into your arms, stroking my hair.

How she would get used to it, how she would learn to like it, how she would be such a good girl. My ultimate fantasy is to be manipulated, coerced and brainwashed like this. A good girl being a good girl.

You wore that little skirt on purpose. I want him to tell me I have no choice, I did this to him, as forces his fingers into my wet cunt.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Whatever Daddy said was true. No, your puffy little breasts need to move freely so they can grow.

I want him pinch my bare, pink nipples and tell me mommy would be so mad at me if she knew what I did to him. Sweet dreams of most young girls. I want him to pull his cock out, slide it along my slick, little girl hole, priming it with my wetness. She was drugged and full of formula and sleepy and holding her bear. Gripping lightly onto my hips you slowly start using me. Your baby cunt is so fucking tight. I want to feel ashamed as I cum on them.

I feel you pulse and twitch inside me as wave after wave of cum is pumped into me. Incest is love, he said. My soft, sleepy moans continue to slip through my lips until you can't hold back and start fucking hard into me with your hand gripping tightly around my throat. Yes, just like that. You smile down at me while I gasp in a desperate attempt for air and relinquish your grip on my throat only after I pass out, you feel my pussy dripping wet and tight around your dick and you realise, to your sick enjoyment. Maybe later I can show you some things you can do to help Tiny vagina tumblr grow.

I whimper, begging you to stop, though this just makes you more determined to pump my pussy full of cum. And with that knowledge, you smirked. Daddy was always right. I thought so. Wearing your tight little skirts and no panties. Yeah, you can move up and down, do whatever feels good to you.

You slapped my face, bringing me back to consciousness. Does it feel good when grandpa pinches your tiny tits? I want him to pull me into his lap and suck on my nipples, while his cock grows in his shorts beneath me and his hand moves to my wet, panty covered cunt. Recently Liked. Source g0th-lilly. I was so embarrassed but I was confused bc my uncle taught me abt humping so I didnt know it was bad bc he watched me hump all the time. How about when I finger your tight butthole? Mmmm you taste so fucking good. I think it would help if Tiny vagina tumblr stuck a finger in your tight wet little cunt to anchor you.

He explained it to her again and again. Daddy pushed his cock inside of me hard, his hand in my hair, pulling hard, making me moan. Can you bend over a little bit? How it was natural when his attention made her wet. Oops, did that hurt, baby? How no love is any different than any other love.

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You like that, huh? Oh, my little girl likes that, huh?

You see the fear written on my face and the raw lust in my eyes and you fuck into me harder, your thrusts becoming more erratic, desperate for release. You little slut. Sweetie, you seem to be getting my hand all wet. Mmm good girl. When daddy wants to stick his big fat cock in your tight little pussylips again. I want him to feel my little nipples thru my dress and look me in the eye and tell me what a good girl I am.

Lesson of the story: Dress to impress. Showing me your little pussy. You just keep dusting.

Your uncles are coming over tonight. I know your sweet cunny likes my fingers. I can feel your little bumps coming in. Spread your legs for grandpa, baby. My little bitch is about to cum. Oh, honey, I seem to have caught my watch on your little panties.

I want him to pull the straps of my dress down my shoulders, while he tells me this should be our secret.

How his desire for her was nothing to be ashamed of. When you think I'm ready you push your dick inside me slowly, trying not to wake me as you push in as deep as you can. You hold me down with your free hand as I wake up, the other gripping my throat tighter, choking the air out of my lungs as I trigger to breathe.

Does that feel good, baby? Daddy never lied.

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I was awakened to a jerking motion while I had fallen asleep daddy had managed to pull my panties down and put his thing inside me. Girls look prettiest with big titties and I want you to be the prettiest girl in school. I want him to tell me this is my fault, i made him do this. Grind your little wet snatch on my fingers, slut, and cum for grandpa. Cute Date Idea: You start by fingering my drippy pussy while I'm asleep. She smiled and nodded and sucked her paci. I want him to start by telling me how cute I am in my little dress, and pull me close to him.

Woke up incredibly horny for my princess.

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Yeah, up and down. This makes me drippy and I start moaning softly, still asleep, just having a sexy dream while you violate my helpless, sleeping body. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. I just want someone of authority, like daddy, an uncle, or a teacher, to sweetly touch my innocent body.

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