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Teen titans battle blits

Teen Titans Battle Blits
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In this combat, you have to either be a villain or play the role of a protagonist and simulate the storyline and characters of the cartoon film with the same name. In the gameplay, there are three rounds in each stage to deal with the character opposing you, 90 seconds are available to beat out the enemy and proceed to the next round. To manage the victory, two victories from three battles are a must and there is an ultimate reward for you to have after competing with your foes. Create the team or the squ of your friends while playing online, meet the bosses and bash them by using various tactics, combat strategies, and combinations of attack.

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Even if you jump over it the crab will just turn the other way and bite you. Use your keyboard! To say that I was unimpressed with any of these characters is an understatement.

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But the league's stature catapulted to stratospheric heights upon the advent of superstar Michael Jordan. As much as I love to talk about Raven, I would not have been into the game as much had it not been for Plasmus, the final villain character you have to fight against. How I reacted to them is the subject of the next entry. She looked very powerful.

It added to the intrigue. You can forget about close ranged combat, as his claw attack is so fast and does a lot of damage; you cannot beat Plasmus in a match of fisticuffs. Start the Conversation Load Comments.

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Logically, the next villain after Cinderblock has to be even harder to kill. Starfire was essentially a Robin clone with different sprites, and Beastboy was the worst Titan as a fighting character. Remember, I didn't know anything about the Teen Titans and what each superhero and do, and back then I never saw a hero quite like Raven.

He is also the slowest character in the game.

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Plasmus is that villain. There is now a final version released eons ago with which you can play all 10 characters the 5 titans, and the 5 villains in the game. The best thing is to just conservatively block the crab. Again, nice touch.

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Probably could have used a more emphatic sound effects when the trash landed onto the ground, but oh well - a bit nitpicky on my part. RayCarter 8 years after my last video game review I wrote another one. Like the crab attack, blocking the attack and take the reduced damage is the best option. Now, when going through the gauntlet of villains in Battle Blitz, you notice that the next foe is harder to beat than the last, either because of the larger HP pool esp.

I still want to bask in the nostalgia of my youth, when the only gaming items I had were a clunky Windows and a dark-turquoise Gameboy Color.

Teen titans battle blitz

Playing as Raven, my first video game crush, undoubtedly made things really interesting, and the game gave me the perfect final battle against the best villain in the game; the bout was nothing short of a dream matchup. His projectile attack, a gorilla-induced shockwave projectile, takes too long to wind up and again does too little damage.

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Cinderblock or because later foes hit harder Mammoth. I actually did start on writing my third and final blog for Battle Blitz nearly a year ago, but for one reason for another I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Raven doing work, using her "Telekinetic Spin" against Mammoth. My thoughts were "so she is launching a black gear thingy towards the enemy, floating mid-air Like her projectile attack the items she's spinning around depends on the location. The Raven I'm controlling hasn't exactly revealed herself completely.

But beyond that flash of cool, there was very little to keep me invested in the game. Simply put, Plasmus is the big bad guy, the last roadblock to complete the villain gauntlet. But it doesn't stop there. Long story short, I couldn't peel my eyes or attention off of Raven; she was hot, mysterious and unique, really a one-of-a-kind superhero in my then-very limited knowledge of superheroes.

His first move makes him toss out sludge to the area in front of him; already he has an area-of-effect move. But I still wanted to play Raven XP. But regardless of who won or lost, or who had which characters, there was always the constant of excitement, anticipation and general fun when we headed to ye olde cartoonetwork. Helped by the fact that I didn't understand the word "telekinesis", I didn't exactly know what Raven was doing when I used her special move, the first one was in a short a projectile attack.

His ranged attacks can hit anywhere and everywhere, Teen titans battle blits made me for the first time play more defensively whenever he pulls out a Sludge Crab or when he uses Sludge Explosion. He forced me to pull out all the stops in my limited fighting game experience. But Raven wasn't just a pretty face; she too was a bit of a mystery. As the picture partially indicates, this section discusses the playable character Raven, and the final villain fighter, Plasmus, of Teen Titans: Battle Blitz, one online game I have fond memories of back in the day.

The game ends with a message simply saying its congratulations of you beating the game, and to try beating the game with another champion. Further adding to her enigma factor was Raven's moveset.

Teen titans battle blitz alternatives

Even after all the fighting games I've played since, namely installments from KOF and Tekken, that game always has a soft spot in my heart as my initiation into the world of fighting games. Finally he has "Sludge Explosion" that is essentially his ultra-area-of-effect move; though the windup time is very slow, once he launches the sludge it is impossible to dodge.

In a way, I could see her, but not wholly so. Easily my firstvideogamecrush.

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A formerly un-watchable basketball league thanks to brawling and a lack of charismatic superstars, the NBA suddenly found a growing audience once it had players Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson playing for the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. To my eternal chagrin back then, I always had to play Robin, Cyborg and Beastboy the guy heroeswhilst my friend always had dibs on Raven and Starfire the female heroes.

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Her last move made her a tad bit badass, where she jumps into the air, does a little backflip, and throws down as my friend would put it "a bunch of garbage from above towards the enemy's head". So when I first brought down Plasmus with Raven of courseI felt a surge of satisfaction and achievement. I wanted to talk about arguably my two favorite characters of the game, both of whom were added at the same time.

It was almost a custom upon visiting one of my childhood friends that we fire up the computer and play Battle Blitz in his house. Especially after the US Dream Tream showcased itself to the world in the Olympics, you can clearly see an upswing of popularity of the game all over the globe.

I guess that Raven was such an awesome character for me as fighter and concept that it led me to expect the moon out of the final three Titans: Cyborg, Starfire and Beastboy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When I first started playing Battle Blitz I had a positive response to it because it looked presentable, the fighting was simple for me to grasp and l liked the character pool was not bad despite only having ONE playable character when I started. Battle Blitz has grown quite a bit since my youth.

Complementing her already lithe frame with a leotard to accentuate her admittedly pale legs, this new heroine admittedly made me feel a bit gaga.

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But he makes up for it beautifully because he is the largest character in the game both in size and HP barand he has four special moves as opposed to three. I could go into how it feels to play the giant Plasmus or the unorthodox Gizmo who, as stated in my first post for the game, needs to set up his glider prior to jumpingbut such memories came long after my initial encounter with the Battle Blitz I first heard of and played, when I became so much more familiar with fighting games.

Teen titans battle blitz game description

One final memory before I close this post. He boasts the only homing projectile in the game with his sludge crab. I really was excited to reflect an enthusiasm about this game that I would never be able to replicate ever again. He is the only champion to be unable to both jump and kick.

Out of the three, Cyborg impressed me the most with his awesome laser cannon attack that reaches from one end of the screen to another. Before writing this article I told my friend how excited I was to start this section of my "memoir". And the developers could not have made a better "final boss". A lot of changed since then.

Description & instructions

Thank you, Battle Blitz, for the memories. More importantly, the additions of Raven and Plasmus made me feel really excited about the upcoming characters in Battle Blitz, the remaining three Titans who are still left out. We competed with each other as to how many points we can score by fighting against the villains I neglected to talk about the scoring system, but hopefully the screenshots I provided indicate that it exists.

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Teen titans battle blits was wearing a cape with a hood, concealing the upper half of her face. Thirdly Plasmus has a quick claw attack forward that takes as much space as his first move. The additions of Raven and in a way Plasmus are the equivalent to Michael Jordan entering the NBA; suddenly I became a giddier, more excited fan of the fighting game. That being said, if you play as a villain you are only going to play against the five heroes and vice versaso that means you won't have your hero vs.

There's a lot to say about this gooey adversary first. How do I describe my first impressions of Raven? It's nothing special, but the video game journey leading up to it was great. She may have a somewhat similar skillset as Robin, but Raven did it with flair for my tastes. Looking back, perhaps this was not all too bad an arrangement, because I had 15 fights 3 heroes to rack up points whilst the friend had only 10 2 heroesso I always won when we had the final tally of points scored we took out a calculator for such an occasion, given the large s involved, then scribbled the scores down on a random piece of paper we found.

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Teen Titans - Battle Blitz.

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Another game series with Let Young Titans game will bring further game entitled Young Titans Battle Blitzand is a fighting game that young Titans play him with great joybecause it is very fun and exciting.