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Street fighter eagle gay

Street Fighter Eagle Gay


The conversation about sexualization of characters in SFV has me wondering, am I the only openly gay person here? I know thats a result of the game catering to 16 year old boys, but just curious as to who else is out there! Being called "so gay" or "f-ggot" are very commonplace and are tolerated by many. So, I think it is related and was wondering who else was out there. I think the comments have reiterated the points that the homophobia does still exist, there are a lot of allies out there, and I have gotten quite a few PMs from LGBT people who wish not to post due to the reception this thread has received.

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A curated/researched collection of information of lgbtq content in digital games from s-present

Mister X? Whitner 11 unwashed heathen guest. Mohanned Metallica Rule no-stoppin-me-now 2 total posts: since: Apr Its hard to stay he might be gay.

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Ryse: Son of Rome. Featured Forums. Capcom Professer unwashed heathen guest.

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Capcom vs. If he likes guys, he likes guys. In short Eagle I don't think so, the only characters in Capcom vs Snk 2 that are not straight are Mai Shiranui, Vega, Benimaru, iori Yagami, zangief, they are the only ones.

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Is eagle gay or straight? SNK Forums.

Street fighter series

Powered by neoforums v3. He has some pretty obvious homosexual quotes in Japanese version which were censored out of the American version.

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Shungokusatsu Master starting to like it total posts: 72 since: Nov Who freakin' cares? Follow neoseeker. Alot of people say that the streetfighter character eagle the british guy with the two tonfa sticks is gay.

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Underscored not-such-a-newbie total posts: 49 since: Jul Wyckid Shungokusatsu Master starting to like it total posts: 72 since: Nov Hes gay. Topic: Is eagle gay or straight? That doesn't affect his fighting at all.

Street fighter alpha/eagle

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Smallville Fanatic Two much Neo total posts: since: Mar Resident Neo total posts: since: May I say it's the red bandanna. Options: Share Print subscribe.

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Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. League of Legends The Elder Scrolls Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Metallica Rule no-stoppin-me-now 2 total posts: since: Apr But I don't see any homosexual quality about him, if you any of you guys know if he's gay or not please answer, I would appreciate it, thank you. Maybe Rolento or Benimaru, but i don't think that Eagle is gay.

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All Capcom vs.

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Eagle was one of the British opponents in the original Street Fighter.

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He would later return as a playable fighter in the crossover game Capcom vs.