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Steins gate transgender

Steins Gate Transgender
 Last seen 29 minute


Discussion in ' Entertainment and Technology ' started by lonewolfblairJun 18, Empty Closets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.

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All he's doing, is he's communicating that he will treat or see him the same way and encouraging Ruka to act and feel however he wants.

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An embarrassing flaw in an otherwise spectacular show. Except, this isn't a trans sentiment at all, they're saying that if they were a girl, then they wouldn't feel so conflicted about having a feminine appearance, which is still a worse solution than just adopting a more masculine style, but I digress.

Title Discussion. The real issue is that Ruka is just not as important a character to the plot as some other characters are. Luka is not trans. He's just a really feminine looking male who just happens to have a crush on Okabe.


It not only makes up original dialogues, it even completely changes the personalities of the characters. Tbh even if I didn't enjoy the storyline very much, I can't say I was bothered by the execution of it. I never realized the Ruka stor Anime Series Discussion. Essentially, Ruka is just eye-candy and make to appeal to the audience without trying too hard. Honestly I couldnt care less, it made for good laughs atleast for me whenever Okabe would be like "but hes a guy". There is also such a thing called Boku-ko.

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But yes, until proven otherwise by legitimate sources, I too do not consider consider these characters trans and think anyone who does is unintentionally belittling the trans community, by making their struggle seem as simple as these characters'.

In the sub they want to be a girl because they aren't comfortable with the way they look, which I assume means their feminine appearance, despite being male. The English dub of Steins;Gate is like a fucking fanfiction.

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SpiritVanished wkteo bubblez4eva I'm going to have to print a bit of a revision here. Ah shit, here we go again. LostSpectre said: Edit: After looking into the VN, never mind he's not trans, the anime makes it much more ambiguous if he's really trans, and the dub literally adds in a whole bunch of dialogue to support that he's trans, which is fucking weird.

Ruka urishibara

Whether he is a guy or woman. I've seen so many people misunderstanding this and wrongly "realizing" that Luka is trans that it is soo annoying at this point. So it's like a certain Danganronpa character's situation. Luka refers to himself as "boku" which is a masculine pronoun used by males when they are refering to themselves.

Ruka from steins gate is still the most confusing character i have ever seen

In the dub they say "I think I was meant to be a girl, for as far back I can remember I have always felt awkward about the way I look, I don't think it would be a problem if the parts of me you see matched the parts you can't" which is hugely implying that they identify as a girl and they are trans, but that's not a faithful translation at all.

Despite it being used as a running gag, its clearly showing that Okabe knows he is attracted to him too, well because he looks like a girl tho, and is uncomfortable with being attracted to another guy. In any case, Ruka best boy.

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After looking into the VN, it's much more clear that this isn't a trans character, it's just a weirdly written and manipulated character. Yeah, the Ruka storyline always rubbed me the wrong way for various reasons. Basically "whether you're a boy or girl and you have feelings for me, you do you.

A character can still be a trap doing trap things while being fleshed out but your lying to yourself if your saying that Ruka is fleshed out to a point that his character should be taken as serious as your making him out to be. Yeah I can see that. She is nowhere near as flashy in the original. Its quite simple really.

I never realized the ruka storyline is kind of fucked up

In fact they kind of choose to ignore it or only use it as a topic of humour. I know i dont. LostSpectre said: bubblez4eva said: Yeah, the Ruka storyline always rubbed me the wrong way for various reasons. Okabe loves him. Okabe, despite asking Ruka to sacrifice his wish to be a female, I really see the point that Okabe is reinforcing the fact that no matter what, he sees or treats Luka the same.

Ruka and gender identity (steins gate anime rant)

Japan seems to love doing that to quite a few female presenting characters. Again, it's a weirdly manipulated character that isn't all that believable, and if you only go by the dub, then you could certainly say they are trans. It shows the tragic truth of how closed minded Japanese culture, but it encourages people to just be yourself and the right people will accept you for who you are.

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Daru is like a loud, obnoxious douchy redittor in the English dub, when in the original he's much calmer, soft-spoken and introverted. At the end of the day, Okabe isn't telling Ruka to hide or change his feelings. The harsh truth is Japan's culture is what's holding them back. Hide Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. The reason for their feminine appearance is that they were forced to cross dress and take on a more feminine role when they were younger, so apparently it is more or less normal for them in present time, but they're also not exactly comfortable with it. But then again, could just be a trap doing trap things.

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I never realized the Ruka storyline is kind of fucked up. The problem with the character literally lies outside of Ruka being a trans or a trap because there are many stages to being one. Definitely ahead of its time especially for Japan in that regard. Their culture is kind of still iffy about the whole LGBT topic. I mean it is a fictional story who gives a shit if fictional characters are either mistreated or not represented pr hated against. LostSpectre said: filimaua13 said: There's no indication of Luka ever being trans.

List of cross-dressing characters in animated series

Luka Steins gate transgender up a Japanese male fears his own feelings for Okabe and the reaction of the culture around them if he ever tries to make a move, which is kind of sad and I'm glad the story actually went into it. The way I see it, Luka's wish to be a girl is less to do with anything regarding confusion of gender, but more with him being uncomfortable with being a guy having romantic or possibly sexual feelings for another man. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. However, again, I can totally see where the backlash is coming from.

Because he enjoys being with Ruka as a person. Edit: After looking into the VN, never mind he's not trans, the anime makes it much more ambiguous if he's really trans, and the dub is even more confusing. I like to think if the novel came out in this day and age, it'd be different, but who are we kidding.

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Even Kirusu is turned into some kind of an American sitcom character. Steins gate transgender resolution to the arc however can be taken any way and I really can't blame the backlash from the LGBT for seeing it in a transphobic way. Nothing's perfect, but man, do I cringe when I look back on it now. You could even go as far as to say them calling Ruka a dude, and Ruka being gender dysphoric is some kind of social commentary on the treatment of transgenders in Japan at the time.

I just choose to see it in this specific and positive way. LostSpectre said: SpiritVanished wkteo bubblez4eva I'm going to have to print a bit of a revision here. Of course, this is only partly the truth, because they also want to be a girl because they feel it's the only way for their feelings to reach Okabe, and they struggle with feeling that it isn't right to have these feelings if they are a male. I usually find myself doing other things to somewhat distract me whenever the "joke" about her character comes up and become overbearing.

There's no indication of Luka ever being trans. I really saw it as more of a comic relief since this was not taken that seriously in the anime until it is relevant to the story. Makes me wonder if it's their way of getting around making people actually trans, but I suppose only the creator knows deep in their heart. The entire ruka plotline made me SO uncomfortable. And it seems to be the case, he simply did not feel identified as a man and wanted to be a girl, or something like that, I really do not understand that thought well but it may be understandable by trans people.

I couldnt care less Steins gate transgender trans or homophobic people being either mistreated or not represented at all in anime. Therefore he isn't trans, he doesn't think of herself as a female. Now, the dub is a whole different beast, and changes the meaning of everything.

This is Japan. They say that if they were a girl they would feel better about themselves. But at least it picks back up immediately after.

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