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Spiderman x white tiger fanfiction

Spiderman X White Tiger Fanfiction
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And Stan Lee. She was totally jealous! Before Spider Man could reply, there was a beeping sound; he looked down at the red hologram, spotting a blinking dot. Got a lock on Harry! Full speed ahead!

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White Tiger Ava Ayala is a S. Originally a lone hero, she ed S. With the rest of her group, she embarked on many missions and developed further as a hero. She criticized his fighting style, stating that he was merely going around the combatants and smashing them. Midtown High School S. Academy New Warriors. Ava is a leader, and a strong-willed, down to business kind of girl.

Spiderman x white tiger fanfiction

She jumped on him and was told by Spider-Man that their help was unneeded, as he believed he was on the verge of winning. In their ships, White Tiger and the others returned to the S. Helicarrier and discovered that Doom was merely a robot replica with several inside of the one they captured.

As they flew off, she concluded that she hated the entire group.

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She abided by his decision and protected the civilians as he faced the Frightful Four alone. As the four analyzed him, White Tiger referred to him as someone with low self-esteem and an identification with bugs merely because he named himself Spider-Man. Ava became White Tiger after her father was heavily injured by Kraven the Hunter during the latter's seeking of his power.

She tried to introduce Luke by his real name but was cut off by the latter in mid-speech.

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After noticing the group was underwater, she concluded that she loved working for S. As Spider-Man and Nova settled their differences by having a bet to see who could destroy more robots, White Tiger made an irritated remark while standing on the sidelines with Iron Fist and Power Man. As White Tiger yearned for respect, she concluded that the group should bring in someone from S. As she looked through the database, she wanted the group to make sure they found a villain they could handle. Luckily, White Tiger and the others came to his aid, in which she piloted the motorcycle after he was removed from it by Nova.

As White Tiger pursued a lone Doombot, she concluded that they were splitting up to do the most damage and believed the group would need to contain them. The stripes of her original costume are darker now, making her appear more tiger-like, She also has four new ones on her mask, two under both eyes, and two under those that extend from her jaw to next to her nose.

She has been known to go to school on Saturdays and to do homework during transportations to and from missions.

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She continued to fight him and mocked the villain before being struck in the mouth and knocked unconscious instantly. As Nova questioned Nick Fury for testing Spider-Man without his consent, White Tiger mocked him for still believing himself to be in charge and called him cute. She controls herself naturally and helps the others with that too. During her protecting of the civilians, she was struck in the back alongside Nova and Power Man by Wizard.

After Spider-Man asked if she was trying to create a battle strategy, White Tiger revealed she was merely doing her homework before the battle. Helicarrier for a month if Spider-Man were to. Ava Ayala is a tall Hispanic-American teenage female who has a thin but muscular build, brown eyes, and brown hair reaching mid-back. As she began to fall headfirst, Spider-Man saved her. Ava is so strong-willed and strives to be "perfect" in order to keep the tiger side of her contained.

As the group was scolded by Nick Fury for their actions, Spider-Man was the first of them Spiderman x white tiger fanfiction admit fault. Ava lived in the S. Helicarrier until its destruction, briefly lived with Peter Parker, but moved back to HQ when she was informed that the new Helicarrier was up and operational.

Within hours, the group arrived at Latveria and were attacked by several Doombots. Spider-Man became worried and started to check in on the others as the ship flew. She later met with Spider-Man as his alter ego Peter Parker during a day at his school and introduced herself. She gets along with Spider-Man and her other teammates as they fight villains together. Throughout her time with the rest of the group, she rediscovered her hatred for Kraven the Hunter for the murders of her father and grandfather and overcame her desire to kill him herself with the aid of Spider-Man.

However, White Tiger and the others soon followed and admitted their own involvement. Soon enough, Spider-Man was cornered by the Frightful Four sans Trapster and was having a difficult time facing the three by himself. White Tiger also stated she would clean toilets as well, following Iron Fist's questioning of such. White Tiger did not agree, instead of removing the device placed on Spider-Man's chest by the group and soon enough, was struck from behind by Klaw.

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Luke instead wanted to identify himself as Power Man, something White Tiger opted to let him do. As White Tiger, she wears a form-fitting white cat-like suit with claw markings on her waist and shoulders, it also has yellow eyes, with her hair sticking out in a long, high ponytail.

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Soon enough, the Spiderman x white tiger fanfiction was attacked by Doctor Doom himself, who emerged from his castle. Her father passed the White Tiger Amulet down to her and instructed that it not fall into Kraven's hands, in fear that the tyrant would become even more powerful. She was not easily impressed, citing that she could save herself before being placed with her teammates as Spider-Man alerted them of their real priority: protecting the civilians.

As White Tiger and the others made their efforts, Nova was ultimately the one who stopped the Helicarrier from being destroyed. To their surprise, Nova was able to defeat Doom with several blasts. As Peter and Sam were sent to detention, Ava had already been sent there at the instructions of principal Coulson. As they were aboard a ship, White Tiger urged them to turn the ship off, claiming as fact that the group was not going to go after Doctor Doom. Ava was born to Hector Ayala.

She usually wears a green, pink, or blue tunic with a white or purple long shirt underneath, a black or brown sash belt around her waist and wears strapped black high heels. She briefly questioned where the group had been sent before hearing a transmission from Nick Fury. Spider-Man agreed with her, much to her relief. She then became the White Tiger and eventually ed S. She moved into the S. Soon enough, S. Spider-Man took Nick Fury's advice to him in stride and went to S. During his battle against several automated robots, White Tiger watched his fight. Spider-Man made his way of the Helicarrier, on a motorcycle deed for him and was having difficulty using it.

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She took the Tiger Amulet, every day enduring its willingness to drive her into becoming wild and uncontrolled. To even the odds, White Tiger and her teammates came to his aid. As Spider-Man asked whom they were, she introduced herself and explained her capabilities to him.

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Just then, Nova requested the group go after Doctor Doom and sped off as the others pursued him. However, as she moved in, the ship's door shut and took off. After a tunnel ride, she emerged in costume and announced her presence before stopping to notice Spider-Man and Nova bickering before walking off.

The prices that come from wearing the amulet. She is definitely the most determined, and most apt about her S. She usually has a few good wisecracks for them.

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She high-fived the three shortly afterwards. During the battle, she sliced through one of the Octobots and regrouped with the others after the remainder were destroyed. Her father and grandfather were both killed by Kraven the Hunter when they were unable to keep themselves in control.

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When under the effects of Kraven 's drum, her eyes are razor and her hair is frizzed up. She returned to the Helicarrier with Spider-Man and her group and was ecstatic to win her bet after he chose to not the group. As Spider-Man asked her how fast she could reach the core, White Tiger revealed it to be below them and told the others to follow her coordinates. In season 3 after being captured by Dormammu her costume gets a major rede.

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The White Tiger amulet has moved from her hips to her chest, it also resembles it's "Unleashed" appearance that it had when Kraven wore it.

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