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Shannyn sossamon lesbian

Shannyn Sossamon Lesbian


Sally Ex-girlfriend Josslyn Carver Ex-girlfriend. When One Door Closes Alex is a recurring character in Season 1 of Mistresses. She is a yoga-instructor and formerly one of Joss' clients. They began dating, but Joss turns out not to be relationship material when she sleeps with Olivier.

Name: Devan

How old am I: 23
Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
Body tattoos: I don't have tattoos

She named him "Audio Science Clayton". Deleted User. Guest wrote:. She's so cute!

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She is just so pretty.

Shannyn sossamon biography

I would look like crap with it. It was adorable lol. I had the biggest crush on her. I feel bad for her son. Or Learn more Continue.

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Guest wrote: Her sis is hotter and looks gayer and I've met her in person. Guest wrote: God gave me everything B- Mistresses?

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I don't watch any scripted tv shows, but i will check out the usa version of mistresses because she plays lez in it. There was a period of time I would post pics of her in every thread that somewhat related.

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Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. In my dreams she always was gay. Switch to Print View - 40 posts 1 2 Next. Guest wrote: I feel bad for her son. Share Share with:. Omg when I was young I liked her so much. She was lesbian wet dream for a while. Why don't we have a topic of her?

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God gave me everything B- Mistresses? OK. I feel like a million lesbians got her haircut when she got famous.

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Log In now. That was years ago.

Facts of shannyn sossamon

I would watch A Knights Tale over and over and over just for her. Guest wrote: Omg when I was young I liked her so much. She was so awkward in early interviews. And they still get it.

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Shannyn Sossamon. Her sis is hotter and looks gayer and I've met her in person. Shipmate wrote: I had the biggest crush on her. You are posting as a Guest without being logged in. Basically when I look at this I know I was a stupid pre-teen because that is barely a hairstyle.

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What happened to her? I almost got her haircut, the one that someone posted about where she's wearing a grey t-shirt. The L Chat. I had her picture as my desktop and thought she was the coolest. posts 10 remaining. I suppose she is going to be again, after Misstresses start to air.

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I had a crush on her too :wub: She was a former member of the band Warpaint drums - Her half-sister, Jenny Lee Lindberg, plays the bass in that band. She's way hot. Link: Copy link.

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