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Sexy vs skanky

Sexy Vs Skanky


As women, we have a right to feel good about ourselves — to feel sexy. We like to show a little cleavage here and there, or wear short shorts on a warm day. However, the thin line between sexy and skanky is very easy to cross. Have you ever been serious about a guy only to find out that he just wanted to hook up?

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Connect via Twitter. Please try again later. Heed these rules. A thigh and cleavage. Spin round to the party next door and all I can see is flesh!

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A slash of stomach and shoulders. I went to a party recently where every single woman looked extremely refined.

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Other tips to keep yourself above the line? For example, it can be tight and backless but not tight and backless and short and sleeveless.

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By Nedahl Stelio December 2, — 7. In fact, the harder you try to be sexy, the less sexy it is. All bets are off. We like to keep things floaty and pretty, which end up being sexy as well because they're fluid and you can see the body moving beneath them.

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Breasts, thighs and stomachs being flashed like it was a proper '70s disco. Credit: Don Arnold.

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Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. It should float around your body rather than stick to it. It's either pencil skirts and high necklines, or dresses with a jagged hemline and thigh high split, slashed low to show off a tanned chest. Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Fabric counts as one of the things to flash.

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Fabrics should be pretty and pastel-ish, keeping with the girly, feminine vibe. Just know that you have, indeed, crossed the line.

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Keep the fabric light, not tight. Go skimpy, slashed to the thigh and cut out. There are two polar opposite ways of dressing if you're a woman right now.

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this article. Choose one thing to flash — be it your shoulders, your cleavage or your legs but never more than one.

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Have I still got you? There was no flash of flesh, no cleavage and no leg on show. A waist and a back. Nedahl Stelio is a columnist.

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The Sydney Morning Herald. So you can wear a tight dress but keep in mind then that you only have one other body part to show off if you want to stay in sexy territory. How to tell the difference between dressing sexy versus skanky.

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A prominent fact of life is that all people judge each other by how they look and what they wear.

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Some might find ot offensive due to religion beliefs.