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Sexy geek guy

Sexy Geek Guy


As far as Hollywood goes, geeks have been beating out the Brad Pitts and Tom Cruises for a while now. The breed of actor, musician, and talk-show host stealing the spotlight now is equal parts brainy, quirky, and sensitive.

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Why Being Well Rested Matters. So you have the nice clothes, the stylish glasses, beautiful hair, now all you need is a scent that will tell the world you are beautiful, classy, intelligent and sophisticated. All depends on what sort of frames you get. Taking pride in the way you look is not only about clothes; having neat and tidy hair is paramount, if you have a beard like me, have it trimmed and styled.

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A lot. Here in Australia we are lucky to have Alex Perry and Collette Dinnigan, who to me are exceptionally talented and their glasses are very beautiful and in reach of the average consumer. When in a social setting in order to get to know the person or people better, it is best to be inquisitive, to develop a genuine interest in the other person and listen to what is being said, ask relevant questions and you will make the other person feel validated. As kids, when Sexy geek guy members to play ball at your local park, the kids with the most self-confidence and self belief were picked first, this is no different in Love, Commerce or War.

There is nothing sexier than a genuine and friendly smile, by focusing on what you are doing right, being proud of who you are and what you are accomplishing note action verb ; your smile will brighten even the darkest room. Bright colors when used with neutral tones can produce a feeling of playfulness and friendliness, again, balance is the key.

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By showing empathy you show how much you care, at the end of the day, people need people in order to survive and thrive. It is our duty to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually it is up to you, being a Geek can be Sexy. A lot has changed since then, today bullying is no longer acceptable, and more tolerance and inclusion is promoted for a more harmonious society, being different is beautiful. For example, when going out to a bar with friends, would you go up to the girl with the frown and the cloud over her head or go up to the one who is smiling, happy and open to conversation?

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Wearing glasses is not just a of intelligence but one of sophistication. The only difference here is taste. A nice suit is a must have, black, navy blue or dark greys are strong colors telling the world you mean business. The problem with some of us geeks, is our inability to follow trends and fashions because we are too busy pursuing other interests.

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All, except decaffeinated versions will give you the same buzz that can either make you extremely productive or give you anxiety. If you are not confident, develop it by focusing on what you do well and work on areas that are important to you, focus on what is positive in your life and write a list, recite it like a Mantra if you must….

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No one likes someone who talks too much especially technical jargon. Your unique body odor will complement certain fragrances nicely; the trick is using the right amount and choosing the right scent. People who are great listeners are not only popular, but learn a great deal by opening their ears, and by default they help build others by showing a bit of interest, and it is sexy. Trending in Health 1 Under the Weather?

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Try to make a positive first impression, because a negative one is everlasting and almost impossible to shake off, make sure that your first impression counts. Life has a tendency to throw curve balls a lot of the times, and when things get tough, believing in yourself can prove the difference between success and failure.

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Being true to who you are is one of the most important lessons you must learn in order to be successful. Gratitude for what you have is an awesome way to make you feel happy and automatically make you smile.

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Most of the methods and ingredients from the chart above dates back hundreds of years and have been traditionally passed down from generation to generation. A warm and kind hearted person goes through life reaping what they sow, and when it comes back it comes back tenfold. Like a magnet, confident people attract like-minded people, having that inner knowledge of how unique and wonderful you are makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.

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Before complementing others, ask yourself if this is the sort of compliment you would like to receive. Having said all that, here is my list of 10 ways to become a Sexy Geek: Confidence is Sexy Being true to who you are is one of the most important lessons you must learn in order to be successful. If you are an intelligent being and you are be warm, friendly and playful, people will appreciate someone who is easy to get along with, who pays nice compliments and is genuine.

And when it comes to coffee, taste matters.

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Flattery is a great asset when it has the heart behind it, however, when flattery is false and labored can become hollow and offensive. Share Pin it Tweet Share. Only people with a deep sense of self worth are truly empathetic and this act can even get on board our toughest of critics; and yes, it is sexy.

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