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Sexy flight attendant selfies

Sexy Flight Attendant Selfies


S ince the very first days of commercial air travel, good-looking staff have been an important sell when it comes to competing carriers. And as these photos prove, there are plenty of genetically blessed crew members to go around. With that in mind, one blogger and first class flight attendant who calls himself ' A Fly Guy ' has rounded up a selection of the 'sexiest' cabin crew members across the world.

Name: Dulsea

Years: 20
Ethnicity: Argentine
Caters to: I love male
Eye tone: Cold green
I can speak: French
Figure features: My figure features is plump
I prefer to drink: I like to drink white wine

She's dedicated to staying on top of things, fitness and nutrition, finding humor wherever possible, and pushing through life's pressures.

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This woman is working it as she poses on the plane. Writing is not only her work, but her way of life. This duo wants the world to know that they are the foxiest flight attendants in the sky.

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Via: pinterest. Melissa A. Kay is a freelance writer with over two decades of experience in the world of publishing. If something goes wrong during the flight, she could fall on her face.

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Via: stg-systemname4-appname. They climb into the overhead compartment and snap selfies. Via: timeline.

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When the plane lands, she can snap herself silly. This gal is all business, posing with a serious expression for her airline selfie. Via: NYpost.

Are these the hottest flight attendants in the world? cabin crew compete for the 'sexiest' selfie

While her efforts are admirable, there are surely more important tasks to tend to. A few filters make an airplane selfie even more expressive. New York is home, where Melissa resides with her husband and half-cute, half-crazy cat.

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Via: dailymail. At least they showed the passengers the emergency exit doors before clicking away. This lady looks kinda cute with her button nose and other add-ons.

Via: infoupdate. Via: reddit.

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Flexibility is a good feature, but this gal is doing her stretches in cramped quarters. Attention passengers!

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Sitting down on a cold seat is always a bummer, so this helpful flight attendant is warming it up for the first-class passengers. By Melissa Kay Published Nov 20, Share Share Tweet Comment. Via: yahoo.

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Her online and print work covers topics across the board, making every day a writing adventure. Via: worldation.

Via: tumblr. Flight attendants spend more time in the air than most.

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But if her superiors find out, she could be in hot water. Your flight attendant is taking a selfie.

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They pose for a pic, making their selfie something lots of people will peer at. She takes her job seriously, so no cold butts will ever shiver on her shift.

This woman is showing off her gymnastics skills as she does a handstand in the aisle. She thinks she looks good, so they can wait in their seats while she snaps away. Via: picdeer. But she ought to be caring for the passengers who are probably waiting for their hot coffee. Thanks to online dating apps, this blonde beauty can share her profile with plenty of potentials. This gal is pretending to be on the job, but this pic looks more like a playful take on what she really does while on the clock.

Via: twitter. Related Topics Travel.

Flight attendants through the years ✈

The coffee in-flight is terrible anyway. Who knows why this woman is puckering up for a pic when she ought to be doing something more productive? Or maybe some of the gals are just hiking theirs up. If the passengers must stay seated with their seatbelts on, then this flight attendant ought to be following the rules too.

Anything to help the airline…. Traveling by air is always exciting.

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New York : Flight attendants taking sexy selfies of themselves are the latest trend on Instagram.

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Lot's of people fantasize about their dream job being a flight attendant.