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Sex while high on weed reddit

Sex While High On Weed Reddit


I'm smoke weed pretty often and honestly, having sex while high is pretty amazing. I love being dazed and having less inhibition.

Name: Marisa

My age: 50
Color of my eyes: I’ve got misty gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: Blond
Music: I prefer to listen easy listening
Other hobbies: Sports
I have piercing: None

I can cum better now than I did before my accident. I still can't feel, but it lets me trick my brain into thinking I can.

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Found the internet! Unfortunately, I am one of of those whose body chemistry reacts differently. I see it as an enhancement rather than an alteration, if that makes sense.

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For some, getting stoned can make it harder to reach climax in both women and men, for others, it's like a wonder drug. I find it just gets me in the moment, puts the blinders on so to speak, and has be focusing on the pleasure and her so much more. As a guy I love eye contact, but none of my partners have seemed to feel the same way. Ok, I need to experience this! Nearly impossible for me to get even close after smoking. I think the big thing is that you are relaxing, letting go of inhibitions.

I've always been extra-horny and could easily cum from PIV sex, but I didn't know how amazing high-sex was until I started dating a stoner. It's exactly what it felt like.

Sex while stoned [marijuana]. No exceptions. Yesterday though, the PIV was overwhelmingly good. More posts from the sex community.

I can experience everything vividly while also feeling confident enough to talk filthy, do a strip-tease performance, or anything else that I want to try but am held back from by my own doubts. Continue this thread.

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Assuming you smoked a strain with a decent THC level, the impact on your brain chemistry could absolutely influence your physiological response to both stimulation and the orgasm itself. To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes HBO's Girls : it felt like my whole body was a clit.

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I've never experienced that before. My partner smokes pot semi regularly and always wants to have sex because he says it feels so amazing. Your mention of it being nerve racking to hold eye contact interests me. Obviously, YMMV.

Wonder what makes it better for men sensation wise when stoned? Everything becomes so real and heightened. It is amaaaazzziiinnnggg. Hoping I can attempt this more often. Every thrust was amazing and I ended up having 2 amazing orgasms that lasted much longer than usual.

It's not just that, though--marijuana definitely can greatly amplify the sensations. Created Jan 25, Top posts march 23rd Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top. Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best. Medicinally, is there anything this plant can't fix? I smoke very rarely as it just makes me hungry and uncomfortable in my skin.

I love this! I need clit stimulation big time. It felt amazing!!! Brb getting a spinal cord injury and weed. However, last night I decided to smoke a bit before bed as I was stressed out and we ended up having sex.

I can go for about 2 or 3 hours when I'm stoned. Then I tried weed. Personally, I really enjoy sex while stoned though I usually get a nice buzz on vs. Anyone experience this?

Yes, I absolutely adore stoned sex. The only thing that sucks is that I can rarely cum from it for some reason. I feel like it makes me able to be physically and emotionally vulnerable with my partner like when we make eye contact I can hold it, whereas sober its kind of nerve racking to hold eye contact with the person inside you.

Le sigh I have a spinal cord injury and can no longer feel my penis. I have a theory that weed gives you the uninhibited benefit of drinking without the fog. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges.

I definitely wasn't thinking about work and cleaning which I'm guilty of doing a lot so it is a good way to shut off my brain.

Everything was amazing. It's the absolute best. View discussions in 1 other community.

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It's usually very difficult to make me cum and PIV does nothing for me, it never has. Is this common for women when being penetrated?

I find it completely amazing that a plant can bring back some joy that no pharmaceutical company has been able to accomplish. And the orgasms. Orgasms are very muted and sometimes just getting slightly turned on I'll have one of these "mini" orgasms.

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Solid [7], just had mindblowing sex with equally stoned girl.

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What about sex for the first time while high?

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So my SO wants to try smoking and then having sex.

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Only had sex while high once but it was one of my most intense orgasms ever because I was able to get out of my head and let my body take over!

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I have yet to do this, I would like to know how it was for the rest of you guys and gals.