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Seranaholic not working

Seranaholic Not Working


Jump to content. Several functions may not work. So yesterday i decided to start using mods, because i wanted to marry Serana and make her look better, so i downloaded Seranaholic and Mariable Serana. The Mariable mod worked just fine, but Seranaholic didn't. My ingame Serana appears to lose all the body texture, and all i get is flying clothes and teeth see attachment.

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Posted April 25, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The body is changing when equipping armor I chose Forsworn, since it is one vanilla armor likely to reveal body-mesh incompat It turns out that the vanilla-type CBBE body maps nicely to vanilla-type forearms and ankles. Simply install and you're good to go. Sounds good. You've already put the work into creating them, and there may be players or pack authors who are looking for a more complete body replacer including armorsand having the comparisions here makes for a nice general reference.

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BHB will not affect body shape, since it is only a normal map I also don't like the ribcage, and that is a combination of the mesh and the texture mapping. The lighting effect on the skin also changes when the armor is equipped. I'll take some compares later between this CBBE option and of the vanilla compilation I put together in a bit. Adding in the normals from Battle Harded Body will go a long way in fixing some of that body shape.

That has also been my goal in the compilation I tossed together as well.

Skyrim how to marry serana guide

I don't see anything to dramatic in the plugins that would disqualify it from being in STEPbut it needs to checked in game. This is most likely how the author has provided a better textural separation of some of the races elf races it would seem. To keep these we'd need to keep this ESP. I've sent PMs out to some more qualified users here on the forums to investigate though. CBBE does seem to be working without the use of these tools.

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Unfortunately, XCE color is corps-ish. We would just need to see how different the facial morphs are from their vanilla counterparts.

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The back view is pretty nice, but I agree with torminator that a smaller option would be better. I don't understand the reasoning, and if her race is changed, so should her entire family's be. I have a whole gamut of testing to do with many different texture sets as well as mesh alterations using bodyslide.

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There is just a slight body change from equipping armors; however, that is going to be there no matter what unless the vanilla armors are altered as well. I thought the problem was that the vanilla armors use the vanilla body? Only a couple NPCs had their races changed, but I don't see that as a problem. Okay, it will need patching with the UPPs, but mostly for some sandbox stuff, dead body cleanup, and a few missing object bounds.

It's way to perfect and smooth. Not sure why it would not. Just did a quick test.

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There is no change in the body when equipping armors. It seems to simply be altering some NPCs appearances eye color, facial feature shapes, etc ; however, it does make at least one larger change. I could see some of the changes as actually being fixes in a way. The NPC appearance may have be altered to smooth out features, make them work with alterations from the mod, etc.

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I was going to post over on the discussion thread, but I see you have that handled. Kryptopyr The body is changing when equipping armor I chose Forsworn, since it is one vanilla armor likely to reveal body-mesh incompat Tech BHB will not affect body shape, since it is only a normal map EDIT: For those of you that need it Tech I would vote to keep the compares up.

The author is MIA too. TechAngel85 EDIT: Just did a quick test. I think the ultimate goal should be to have a mod that can be installed and played without the need for any in-game or third party tool alterations much like Better Males.

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So I'll await their replies. Even if you get close with BodySlide it's still not going to be perfect and some change will be noticeable. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sad day I would vote to keep the compares up. Install for Female Only in the installer. I'll toss together those compares later today after my workout. I don't see a problem with the ESPs, but they cannot be merged without permission. The plugins should also be loaded very low unless you really want to install something that alters NPCs from their vanilla appearance, like Seranaholic not judging.

Seranaholic & bijin mods not working

I put together a list of edited NPCs that will need to be compared:. It also makes it easier for anyone who references this thread in the future to have at the comparisons available to view when following the discussion to see how STEP arrived at whatever its eventual solution will be. I'm unsure if these would be desirable changes. Also, the mod alters some of the facial morphs, hair, nose, and tint layers. Already have an ?

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We shall see. Mature Skin simply doesn't like to work with anything but the bases it was deed for. Also, maybe the lighting in those shots, Seranaholic not working the shadows on her lower abdomen make her look rather anorexic it really looks like her abdomen is drawn in tightly under her ribcage. I think you'll be impressed with how vanilla friendly this is without all the need for BodySlide and hard work. Then we can bundle as a mod at least the mesh anyway. I'll be deleting the compares in the OP if no one as any objections as they are no longer of any relevance since we've found out that none of them work with vanilla.

Search In. Recommended Posts. Upon looking at it further I will lean to SRB for comment on that. It does; however, include some custom paths for meshes and textures from what I can tell. Goal is to create a combo that works with STEP -vanilla and also looks good.

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It's easy! That has been the problem and as you can see there is a body mass change when the armor is equipped. This is all from me looking at the plugin, but I do have enough experience with this stuff that I can pretty much tell what will be different in game. in here.

The main ESP seems to be mostly as I predicted, preset changes. I will test out CBBE later today for myself and see how this is working or not working compared to the compilation I've tossed together so far which is only lacking a proper skin atm. Turning Serana into an Imperial does not have any corroboration in my reading on the subject of her origins. So why does the CBBE Seranaholic not working transfer through to the vanilla armor when other body replacers don't?

I'll be interested to know as well. The vanilla compilation might be better down the road for better pack compatibility though. There are a few things that they add in which are unique like head parts. Lots of testing yet to do.

Most of Serana's changes seem to be preference unless the Lore behind her character support these changes.

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In this Skyrim romance guidewe'll be detailing how to marry Seranayour vampire companion through the Dawnguard expansion.

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Serana in Skyrim is surely an interesting character, as you know.