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Sasuke kidnaps naruto fanfiction

Sasuke Kidnaps Naruto Fanfiction
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Post Your Comments? His precious prisoner Chapter 1: Sky ninja FanFiction.

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A deep chuckle came from behind her. She was only half a day away from Konoha, but it was hard enough to go slowly, let alone with someone on her tail. You used to hate people who treated women like slaves! Back to the four feet and eleven inches that he was before he when to Orochimaru.

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But no matter how many times she blinked, those eyes would not leave and their height would not shorten. Sakura looked at them, really looked at them. He remembered because he always tried not to say it like that. Her eyes darted from one tree to another, examining her surroundings in just milliseconds. Kusagakure was closer—half an hour at most. The moonlight was dim, but if they weren't under the canopy of the forest, he'd be outlined with a sheen of sweat.

Sasuke grunted. Sakura knew that peach skin. She turned around to face Sasuke.

She lifted her head to look at his red eyes. Sakura pushed her hand down into the ground, palm down, and grabbed at the loose dirt. Sakura ran out the tent, free at last. Her muscles tensed. He remembered how it melted her when he said her name like that.

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The black, sleeveless top's collar was falling open, revealing to Sakura Sasuke's chiseled chest. Back when those bloodred eyes meant safety and protection, not death and destruction. I thought only a sensei had the permission to do that," she answered, her voice calm. They were too close. Suigetsu's mouth came to her ear. She was a ninja…a killing device…if it weren't for the fact that it was Sasuke— Sasuke —chasing her, she wouldn't be uneasy, she wouldn't be looking back, she wouldn't be breathing hard, she wouldn't be ramming head-first into every other tree to cross her way. It wasn't like she was strong.

Owls hooted.

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If it weren't Sasuke, she wouldn't be running away. She just hoped they would either disappear and she could go back to sleep, knowing it was just a dream, or become shorter. Sakura blinked once. It's always been…" She looked down at her hand and how it now glowed green near were her weapons used to be and Sasuke's boot was. Sakura's neck turned up, looking for a branch low enough.

Sakura jumped up, slamming into Suigetsu's back. She knew those purple eyes. She couldn't breathe. Her record was ten miles per minute! The night was dark, and the closeness of the trees wasn't helping.

The sound laughing hyenas make. Charka stinging her legs, Sakura darted forward, before Team Taka had the time to even run out the makeshift shelter.

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Her eyes were wide, staring at the Uchiha, who had never once faltered in his glare. He wouldn't kill her. He didn't think that the little girl, now sitting at his feet with her eyes on the ground and her sleeping bag tight around her legs, could do much with a glowing fist.

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Karin and Suigetsu appeared. A blade closed in on her outstretched neck.

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This was ridiculous! Don't make it harder than it has to be," he warned. The walls were closing in. It was a bitter, cackling sound. He also remembered how the Nara loved his privacy.

Sakura glared, growling like a lioness. Apprehension slowed her reaction time, and she wasn't able to jump out of the way in time. Not fast enough to get him panting, but decent. It wasn't a long sound, just a short noise, but it had the same effect. The swordsman's arms flew off her, strait to his balls. Sakura twitched and kicked her leg back—including as much force as she could with as little room as she had—right into his nuts.

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She let go of her lip, sure she wasn't going to moan now, and licked the blood off her chin. The sound that would send waves of shivers down anyone's back. Blood flowed down her chin as she looked up at the Uchiha. He would just scare her into coming willingly.

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He did remember how Naruto didn't snore on missions and how he kept his charka down. She swallowed and crossed her legs, eager to make the most out of this visit and to appear unfazed. She knew the shape of those arms and she knew the shape of that jaw. Sakura bit her lip. How could she have been so stupid? Sakura growled. Did you check their tents, Uchiha?

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Suigetsu's arms wrapped around her waist, trapping her, encasing her in some type of keeper that had no air. She flipped over the ground he was standing on. If he didn't have the inhabitants of the two tents, he would honestly think that the two were in their tents, sleeping soundly.

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Sakura's eyes became slits as she glared at him. Sakura thrashed around in the teen's strong arms, grunting. Leaves crunched before her.

He wouldn't let go. She hadn't even gone one mile! She was an important pawn in his game of revenge. Sasuke snorted, even though he knew it was true. He was leaning on a tree, his face the epitome of calm. Sasuke moved out of the way. Sakura swallowed. Sasuke watched as the girl's viridian eyes watched her fist. The only Japanese will be names and cuss words. Sakura gulped. If they're not here, they're in a chapter.

Her fist tightened under the ground. The heat was getting to be too much. It was true; he didn't want to kill her. Uchiha or not, Sakura was decently fast. Green rushed past her, wind cutting at her arms, loose branches slicing her legs.

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Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the arm and slammed him into the wall whilst covering his mouth with his other a hand.

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