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Sagging boxer briefs

Sagging Boxer Briefs
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Are you a sagger? Do you like the sagging fashion?

Name: Cherie

My age: 61
Ethnic: Norwegian
Hair: Black
I speak: Russian
My figure features: Medium-build
My favourite music: Easy listening
Piercing: None

When in jail, they were forced to wear saggy pants that didn't fit them.

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Add Opinion. Sagging might stick around a few more years, a few other disturbing styles have had longer runs.

beautiful bitch

That'd just make it for me. You'll end up looking like a tool trying to be a wigger trying to be a thug.

single floozy Penny

KarKingJack Xper 2. Show All. Liberals are angry, hurting individuals. In the most heterosexual manner possible I agree. If he's my boyfriend and it's the morning after then him walking around in just those is hot. I find it sexier to be less revealing.

If your boxer briefs do this, throw them away immediately

My advice is to not wear your pants like that. Show All Show Less.

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In conclusion. Learn more. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

Sagging fashion polls

My best guess is you're 14 years old and you are a confused white boy. Sorry man, but no look is ever "here to stay. That's a pretty bad combination if you ask me. So don't do it unless you are looking to send the message that you: 1.

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Loose boxers with funny graphics : still not a huge fan of sagging though Well thanks : And I'm also yeah Must people where I live where Like basketball shorts and boxers, than there jeans so its kinda like double sagging lol. Don't care too much about looks.

Ask the expert: saggy undies

GaidenFocus Xper 4. Big foot boots, leisure suits, MC Hammer pants, stretch-stirrup pants, and tie-die have all shown to not pass the test of time, while also providing their fair share of embarrassment when a classmate tags you in an old HS photo on facebook. Related myTakes. I hope you know that's the reason people started wearing their pants like that. How to Act with Dignity and Class - Bible talk.

Yes No. The weirdest thing fashion ever created. Really don't give a crap if girls like how you look or not come on man, you just admitted that you know most girls don't like it.

horny gal Callie

Briefs, with a wide waist band like this: link Yum :. Share Facebook.

Where the best boxers for sagging?

I don't like the look of boxers coming out of a guys pants because they get all bunches up and it just looks weird. I sag just a little. Maybe it's my age but showing off your goods to the general public isn't for me.

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But it's the quality, not the quantity, of people doing it that I'd be looking for. Where the best boxers for sagging?

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There are plenty of looks out there that fit pretty much every occasion with out dredging the bottom no pun intended of the current style pool. So given this, if you had to see sagging jeans, do you prefer tight boxer briefs or loose ones?

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Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Boxer-briefs like the link picture, look better than the "pillow look" of loose boxers.

Balenciaga $1, sagging sweatpants with fake boxer briefs branded racist

Shyguy Xper 5. But if you are looking to gain respect, or impress a girl, show a little more care in your appearance. Want to be the laughing stock of your kids' middle school sleepovers. I know most girls don't like the look, but its here to stay.

However, if I were you, I'd go with the tight ones. I'd absolutely love to see a boy sagging his trousers, and revealing a pair of silky black panties, hahaha. How the bible helped me cope with my moderate level depression. Undergarments shouldn't be baggy anyways lol.

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If you're looking to flip burgers or run a cash register, sag away. Why would you want to look like a convict? I understand a lot of girls aren't fans of saaging, but thanks for your answer. Leeni Xper 3.

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Randy from Berlin : After wearing my boxer briefs for a few hours, I notice they get loose on my body.