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Roxy reynolds murs

Roxy Reynolds Murs


Two weeks ago, Murs and I spoke for a half hour for Rhapsody. It was part of a promotional push for his new album with 9th Wonder, Fornever. I posted the interview on Tuesday, April 13, the same day that Fornever was released.

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DX: Not to beat the issue to death, but how does one strike up a friendship with Roxy Reynolds or any other adult entertainment actress for that matter? I want other artists or even kids to look up to me. However, I went back in to cut a clean version later.

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The pressure was building up. I vowed never to be a gimmick. I just created a record. Every record I write—no matter what song it is and no matter how raunchy the song is—I have a record on it. Thank You! ing Newsletter. My verse was way more vulgar than hers, and I re-wrote my entire verse.

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Is that a shock value thing? More on Hiphopdx. We could kick it, play cards…whatever. Music is a message for me. In my music, I try to create something different for each audience and for each individual. Published on: Aug 25,PM. DX: And who exactly are you?

Roxy reynolds roxy reynolds movies roxy reynolds movies roxy 3

Is that aimed at anyone in particular? Does that create a conflict of business versus personal agendas? Watch on Hiphopdx.

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Damn all that. We just build big records and let the people decide. Before ing with Mizay, you had your own imprint with Feel Good, right? Is an industry desensitized by so much artificially manufactured material ready? Tarvoria: Yeah, and Feel Good Entertainment is not just my own imprint.

Murs took one of the biggest l's this decade and nobody never talks about it

DX: You mentioned your team being like a family. DX: How do you balance that mentality with the format of urban radio? When I left Florida two years ago, I moved the entire team with me. So we have to be mindful of what we say. Being a female in this industry is very challenging, and you face a lot of adversity. But, more than anything, we like to have a theme. But as far as my professional career, I built relationships with a lot of other artists from Florida. DX: It sounds like it worked out. Take it from the site that used to annually bring you Porn Week.

Will that prevent you from crossing over?

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Tarvoria: I very much feel honored to be part of the Mizay situation and to be affiliated with the Brick Squad Monopoly. So I just wanted to portray that side. We just became cool after that, because the conversation was so free. But we never go in with the intent of creating a hit song.

The in-studio chemistry of murs and 9th wonder, and its strange, sexy surprises

Tarvoria: Both of those records were created for a different projects. Loading Comments. Make sure you typed in your correctly. DX: Understandable. When I rap it has to be comical.

Murs & roxy reynolds premiere "me and this jawn" video, part 1 in a planned trilogy

Tarvoria: Well we know one another, and we all pretty much live together. But Beyond all that, Tarvoria is attempting to carve out her own lane as a risk-taker determined to be heard, even if it includes singing about probation, Roxy Reynolds—or both. So those are the biggest things I remember from working with him years ago. How does that fit in as far as being on Mizay and having a mainstream platform? Tarvoria: We were shooting a pilot for VH1, and the women were having a secrets party.

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Just being who I am and being myself is gonna help me. If you look at all my mixtapes, the title fits with it. I love the street. But on the musical side, I look up to people like Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott.

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You have to look at people for who they are and not for their career or their occupation. Forget the record. I got introduced to her lifestyle—as far as her career in the adult film industry and how wild it is. I created that record at a time that was very hard for me. My producers are all blood brothers, and everyone on our team is pretty much related in some form or fashion.

Sometimes it just depends on the song.

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So people used to always associate me with making music that felt good. People even want you to walk and talk a certain way.

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A lot of females that you meet in the entertainment industry get caught up in jealousy and gossip. Right now things are pretty formulaic? I was doing my street record, Bedroom Bangers with Trapaholics, and I just thought that would be a nice concept record to put on the project.

In this generation, not everyone is making love or involved in a romance.

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Since Los Angeles emcee Murs and North Carolina producer 9th Wonder began collaborating in the form of full-length albums with Murs' record The 9th Editionthe rapping half of the duo has become quite the ladies' man.

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BXWF 45 on now.

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