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Quote and curly brace

Quote And Curly Brace


His name is spoken only once in the normal game, by Curly Brace after feeding her the Ma Pignon mushroom, and can be seen in Statue Chamber after breaking and interacting with leftmost statue. His name is also mentioned by one of Jenka 's puppies in the Plantation in Curly Storyalong with being fed the mushroom. Despite his convincingly humanlike appearance, Quote is actually a soldier robot whose mission was to eradicate the hidden dark power of the Islandin contrast with the other robots sent to seize control of it and, in turn, the Island itself and its residents. Due to this fact, he is capable of withstanding huge amounts of damage if he has acquired sufficient Life Capsuleswhich increase his maximum durability. He is also highly skilled in armed combat and has the ability to wield a wide arsenal of weapons, from swords and guns to anti-material weaponry without any additional training.

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I think they were programmed to protect each other so they would survive. Just why do Quote and Curly have this iron bond of a connection?

Search titles only. Log in Register. Search forums. Instead of just attacking they would defend each other therefore saving each other health.

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Just what is the link between Quote and Curly Brace? I remember it being said that they were indeed part of the group of scout robots sent out to destroy the Mimiga race, as stated by Jenka, but nothing more. It is also implied that they arrived after all the other killer robots did.

The robots had torn it all to pieces And countless Mimigas had been slaughtered It was Finally, one man got the Demon Crown in his possession. Any avatars, attachments or media ed in the past month may be broken.

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But that was just the beginning of the tragedy. Apr 21, at PM. However, regardless of which, this topic still piques my interest to this day.

What do you guys and gals think? You are using an out of date browser. New posts. Log in. OK, for one, not ONCE within my first, naive, oh-so blind as could be playthrough of Cave Story did I ever lay my eyes upon a line of text specifically stating that Quote and Curly were created with the sole intent of demolishing the Demon Crown.

I think the biggest example of this is Spoiler: CS Spoilers Curly nearly drowning herself for Quote and then Quote's immediate response to looking at her to connect her to him with the rope. Install the app. Sorry guys, I fucked up in the stupidest way possible.

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But we seemed far out of our league Do you remember anything? It may not display this or other websites correctly. Which is why they were sent together.

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Last edited: Apr 21, Soda, they are scout robots built to destroy the demon crown and are different than all of the other robots made at the time. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. If you really want be spoiled on some of the details of the best ending, then here's the information that confirms Quote and Curly are connected: Spoiler If you go for the best ending, Curly says this: Back then, a huge of robots were sent to this island from countries on the Earth's surface.

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The two of us were sent in order to destroy that power. You were there too. The robots' work was done, and the island fell silent.

Curly brace

Last edited: Apr 26, You must log in or register to reply here. If you're going to chuck a presumably insulting nickname my way, at least enlighten me as to how I should be offended. Goerge Bobicles. The bulk of those are attachments. With the crown in hand, the man turned the Mimigas into killers and began his assault on the Earth. What's new New posts New media New media comments New profile posts.

I'm pretty sure we were able to wound him.

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When we got here, the island was in a shambles. Was this pre-intended by whatever force created the scout robots, or did it take time? Secondly, Soda?!? Forums New posts Search forums. Follow Goerge's instructions and get the best ending, and this should all make sense.

Perhaps Quote and Curly are of an exceedingly similar build, hence their link?

I tried to stop him. Media New media New comments Search media. Click to expand It is explicitly stated in a bit of dialogue that Quote and Curly were sent together up to the island to destroy the demon crown, so they were probably built by the same person or organization. But you and I, we were different. Your usage of the phrase "iron bond" in your opening post led me to believe that you have seen the best ending where you find this out, but your next post le me to believe you've just made one blind run of the game, in which case you might not have seen this ending.

Their target was the awesome power kept within this island The Demon Crown. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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She, like Quoteis a soldier robot who was sent to the Island to destroy the dark power hidden there.