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Places for a quickie

Places For A Quickie
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People have never been in such a hurry and for this reason among others, the art of the quickie remains alive and well. This is probably only possible in one of those all-night, self-service laundromats, and the smaller the hour the better. It will however, certainly give you both a lift. Is it the excitement of going somewhere new, is it the vibrations, or is it simply the paralyzing boredom of being on a bus? Whichever it is, if you find yourselves on a suitably sparsely packed Greyhound and you suddenly feel the urge to go the distance, hey, there are five back seats for a reason right?

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Turns out that Adam and Eve had the right idea.

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No one likes waiting endless hours for their car repairs, so why not make the most of it? The best orchard for the deed will have rows and rows of trees protecting you from being found out too quickly.

10 public places that you can attempt a quickie

And if you need more privacy, you can always opt for cheaper seats further away from the crowd. Weddings are great for quickies because no one will notice if you step out for a few minutes.

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Between the drinking, cheering, and shouting, no one will really notice if your man tries for second and makes it all the way home without striking out. Halloween is an amazing holiday because it lets you role play in public.

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Why should the bride and groom have all the fun? Hey, maybe you just came from a meeting! Some buses also have high backs and will shield you from curious onlookers.

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Loading the player. Just sneaking in while your man is getting ready for work is sure to leave a giant smirk on both of your faces and sex on the brain all day. Follow Us. The Joy of the Quickie.

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After all, you do have a badge. It combines two of the best hookup locations from when you were a teenager: at the movies and in your car, which is sure to get your heart racing when you think back to all those wild times you snuck around with your high school boyfriend.

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Play it up and ask that cutie in the corner if he can teach you how to drive stick outside! There is no greater turn-on than soaking up the summer sun at the beach!

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Whoever invented drive-ins is a genius. Hooking up in a taxi cab is a great way to start the night and really let loose. If you pick the right orchard, this seemingly innocent location will give you plenty of reasons to return besides slices of apple pie and cider donuts.

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The ocean also offers just enough cover to make sure your public affair stays somewhat hidden. Concerts are great for quickies because they always have that anything-goes atmosphere. The best part about knocking boots at this location is that role playing is a sinch—everyone else is sure to be dressed in their country best, so why not the Wild West, little cowgirl, and find a strong stallion to ride on?

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Slipping into a few sexy pieces in the fitting room with your man is sure to get you hot and bothered, and the mirrors, benches, and lack of security in most fitting rooms makes this a great spot to really go at it.

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No time to take off your shoes or pants?

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Sex is an important part of our lives because of the numerous benefits it brings to us.

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Sex is fun because even though it is something all or at least most adults partake in, it can also be a bit of an extreme sport, in certain situations.

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Depending on your adventure levels, there are several places you can run to when desire hits.

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Almost everywhere you could possibly go has a bathroom.

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When the lust calls, just grab your partner and get it going.