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Nipple torture devices

Nipple Torture Devices
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As a result, all paraphilias, including those involved in erotic tit torture, remain questionable by sexologists and clinicians. Breast-related gynophagia fantasies also fall under this category. Other historical references to breast-related BDSM include the fictional writings and alleged practices of the Marquis de Sade. Binding the nipples and areola, particularly with rubber bands or other deep-biting constrictions, will tend to deaden the area the longer the binding is left in place.

The nipples and areola were deed for suckling and can also take a certain amount of harm. The most extreme form of temperature play is human branding. The long-term effects of breast suspension have not been studied. Hard whipping, flogging, or any other activity that breaks the skin could also cause Nipple torture devices that may not disappear with time.

Often, the pain spikes when the clamp is removed and full circulation is restored. Binding - Hypoxemia can cause nerve and tissue damage if rubber bands, ropes or other bindings are left in place too long, even with the simplest breast or nipple binding. Modern erotic punishment activities that Nipple torture devices be applied to breasts and nipples include, but are not necessarily limited to:. They can also include breast pump milking devices and an assortment of specialty bulb pump devices.

Hypodermic or acupuncture needles should be used instead of objects not specifically deed for human skin. Sterilizing the site and the instrument is important. The person delivering the punishment may enjoy the power they have over their partner, or they may simply enjoy more basic sensual satisfactions, such as seeing the bouncing ripple of a victim's breast from a riding crop's blow or the puckering of a dark nipple between the jaws of a clamp, feeling the breast flow between crushing fingers or the nipple harden in a rough tweaking pinch, or hearing the victim's moans as the tips of her breasts are slowly chilled with an ice cube or her whimpers as the cold crevices of her chilled areola fill with molten wax.

Clamping can range from relatively mild to extreme forms that result in hypoxemia the deprivation of oxygen if left too long on a nipple. Complications from unsafe tit torture can include infectiondisease transmission, external scarring, fat necrosisfibroadenoma, and breast cancer, 1 as well as burning and possibly electrocution.

Edge or blade play — the use of razor blades or other edged instruments on the breasts and nipples. With an accout for my. There are thousands of web sites that include tit torture as part of their content, and some that specialize solely in the practice. There are other paraphilias that, depending upon a person's fantasies, might also be added to the list.

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At least one autoerotic fatality resulting from electrocution has been documented involving current traveling from nipple to nipple. Breast bondage may range from light -— predominantly decorative, to more moderate -- where the breast bulges to one extent or the other, to more severe -- where the skin actually begins to darken, to extreme and arguably dangerous forms of binding such as breast suspension —- the lifting of a woman by her bound breasts. People that engage in breast-oriented BDSM should use due caution, research their activities, and establish rules in advance.

Erotic tit torture involves a combination of sexual activities that are considered paraphilias by many psychologists and sexologists. Tit torture has been used throughout history, both as pure torture and in a more sexual context.

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Infection should always be a concern. In his book, The Nipple torture devices of Sodom, there are dozens of references to tit torture, many of them extremely brutal. Binding a breast interferes with its natural ability to shift on impact and compacts the tissues so that any hard blow can intensify any damage that may occur. The controversy continues, however, because other paraphilias are still seen by society as being so deviant, regardless of consent, that they are not acceptable. If the choice is made to strike a bound breast, blows should be superficial.

They can also be used on whole breasts using specialized breast cupping sets or penis pumps. Flagellation - Breasts should be struck with extreme care. Clamping - Clamping anything onto a nipple can be more painful than anticipated. Blunt trauma is a primary causes of internal breast injury. Cock and ball torture and female genitorture are typically seen as the nearest equivalents to tit torture.

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Piercing - Piercing carries its own risk. Edge play is an extreme form of erotic tit torture that is sometimes used to produce deliberate scars, or scarification. Both may enjoy sexual roleplaying their actions, such as acting out a dominant lover's latent nipple-fixated vampire dreams or a submissive partner's breast torture rape fantasy.

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Biting, scratching and pinching — either lightly or taken to an extreme that may bruise or draw blood. Breast-oriented BDSM activities range from relatively safe and benign, such as the use of clothespins on the nipples, light flagellation, or simple breast bondage to activities that can include great risk, such as more severe caning, amateur piercing, or being suspended by the breasts.

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Abrasion — rubbing the breasts or nipples with sandpaper, scrapers, or other abrasives. If binding is combined with other BDSM activity, it is important that you considerater this when gauging the potential for damage. Sexual torture involving the breasts was documented in World War II during the Holocaust and in the sexual slavery of Japan's "comfort women. Nipple sensitivity varies throughout any given month, and what may be acceptable one day may not work the next.

More extreme forms of flagellation involve canes, whips, cords, etc. Breast-oriented blows should not go deep, and any bouncing should fall within the normal range of motion for the recipient's breasts were she engaged in a normal strenuous activity.

Tit torture refers to any of several erotic BDSM activities focusing solely on inflicting pain on the breast, nipples, and areola for sexual gratification. Skin covering the breasts has the same healing ability as other skin and can take much of the activity involved in breast torture without Nipple torture devices effects. Always consider applying clamps so that they are either completely behind the nipple where it connects with the areola, or at least partially so.

Suspension - While there are many references hanging a woman by her breasts, on the Internet, there is concern that it can result in damage ranging from stretch marks to internal rupturing and tearing.

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Plants and animals - Enticing or domestic animals to lick or nip at the nipples, luring insects to bite or sting the breasts and nipples, or using stinging plants, such as nettles, on the breasts. Certain devices, such as the breast ripper, were actually deed with just the breasts in mind. Because they have a more refined blood supply and nerve complex, as well as lactiferous ducts, they can be more sensitive and need more caution, however. During this time, torture manuals such as the Malleus Maleficarum made specific reference to the suitability of breasts as objects of torture. Piercing the breast itself risks damaging the tissues inside the breast as well as causing internal bleeding.

Suction - use of vacuum devices. Autoclaves or other sterilization devices and techniques should be used when not using pre-sealed, sterile devices. It is highly recommended that breasts not be Nipple torture devices a sole means of suspension and that only persons with proper equipment, skill and training consider engaging in this activity.

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There are some devices, such as the T. Other types of electricity, such as household current, batteries, or devices such as stun guns and Electroshock weapons, carry greater risks of burning or far more dangerous effects. Light flagellation can involve the hands, paddles, crops, or low-impact whips, and usually in nothing more severe than stinging and redness. Temperature play — using flames, ice, or other things that can burn or freeze such as curling irons, dry ice, etc.

Electricity - Using electricity on the breasts or nipples is highly debated due to the risk of cardiac arrest and other complications. Vampire and similar gothic types of role-play regularly involve biting.

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Many sexual fantasies, including those involving breast torture, reflect a desire to use a partner without fear of consequences, regardless of how extreme the use. As early as B. The Kama Sutra went so far as to name all the different kinds of bites and scratches, including those focused on the breasts and nipples. Suction devices can be strictly for nipples, from snake bite cups to medical vacuum suction devices deed for use on inverted nipples. As long as parts of society view consensual BDSM as as being deviant, while others see it as normal behavior -- or at worst a harmless eccentricity -- the controversy will rage on.

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Any time a breast or nipple begins to darken or become cool to the touch blood circulation has been restricted and the risk of damage increases. Erotic tit torture —- like many other sexually-oriented practices —- has seen a tremendous increase in popularity as a result of the Internet. Breast binding — compressing the breasts against the chest wall with tape, bandages, ropes, and so on.

Wax — Wax play involves hot wax being dripped or poured on the breasts and nipples, frequently after they have been chilled with ice. While it is well documented that non-consensual sexual torture has been common in both modern society and in the past, the term "tit torture" in this context applies to consensual sexual activity. Breast bondage — wrapping rope, leather strips, or Nipple torture devices other type of constricting material around the base of the breast, either in a manner that also includes wrapping the binding around the chest and back, or just solely around the breast.

Clamping — the use of clothespins, hardware clamps, household clamps, hair pins, and so on, or clamps deed specifically for use on the nipples or on other parts of the breast. In many cases, people experience increased physical pleasure as a result of the release of chemicals called endorphins into the blood stream. Rational people understand this kind of desire is just that -- sexual fantasy -- and that most of these fantasies can be role-played safely, sanely and with enjoyment on the part of both partners.

Under those circumstances, erotic tit torture would not be considered clinically paraphiliac behavior. These types of needles have beveled points deed to puncture flesh and decrease resistance.

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Because of recent understanding that consensual BDSM provides pleasure to each participant, there is a growing of clinicians that believe that, unless a sexual activity is blatantly illegal such as pedophilia or zoosadismor involves a violation of consent, it is not a paraphilia. Electricity — the use of electricity, typically on the nipples. Flagellation — Slapping, whipping, caning, paddling, and other forms of striking the breasts. The inside of the breast is composed of fatty, glandular and connective tissues and is at greater risk of rupturing or other damage if mishandled.

Paraphilia has many definitions, most of them with negative connotations that imply "perversion" or "deviancy.


The use of safety pins, skewers, nails, and so forth, even if properly sterilized, increases the risk of infection, scarring, and may cause nursing complications. Torture focusing on the breasts is documented as having been used during the Spanish Inquisition. In an erotic context, both the giver of breast punishment and the receiver receive some kind of pleasure from the experience. Regardless of the cardiac risk, care should be used to avoid burning any time electricity play is attempted. Particular attention was often paid to the breasts and nipples in order to extract confessions from alleged witches.

Regardless, in most cases the pleasure is derived from some combination of these physical, emotional and psychological factors. While typically categorize as pornography, many of the sites are used as informal, and in some cases formal, references for people that practice tit torture and other breast-oriented BDSM activities.

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Most of the methods of torturing breasts can also be applied to other parts of the anatomy, both male and female.

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Humans are capable of extreme cruelty and over the years torture techniques have become more and more sophisticated.