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Nicholas clay naked

Nicholas Clay Naked
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And I don't mean the CNN personality. I'd have probably fucked him. Because her husband died so tragically early, leaving her a widow at the age of 50? My first exposure sorry about that was the Christie Murder Under the Sun. Right now I'm watching The Night Digger, and that chest is every bit as much a turn on as his ass.

None of his other speedo wearing scenes had them riding so high up his bum. If the effete M. Poirot as played by Suchet had been presented with such a view he would have cum in his holiday breeches. Only downside this is a split second before he strangles the sleeping woman who's house he's broken into.

There is very little info on him online. I've seen it several times! The last thing I remember thinking, wow!

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Another of Nicholas in the black swim trunks. His costumes always showed off his ample behind. He seems to have been very aware of Nicholas's ass and made it the focal point of the film. Ah to have been on the set. When casting the Suchet version they went for a cute but unstimulsting Michael Higgs. R91, there are some nice shots of Clay's ass in "Excalibur", and I think you can see his balls for a few seconds when he runs away in the woods. I saw him in that Agatha Christie film on tv when I was about 13 was embarrassing as watching with parents.

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I didn't even recognize him from Excalibur. And that speedo thankfully Ustinov didn't wear one. What a shame he died such an untimely death. That ass! We see the bottom part of his cheeks emerging early on and later, in the scene where he discovers Diana Rigg's body, his ass crack is quite visible for a moment or two.

That exact frame has caused me to shoot many hot lo. Would have loved to explored that bod in detail! This this sort of sex appeal still exist in movies? Yes, but in Evil he was already 35 and still looking good. How did those shots of him not get edited out, when the lower part of his butt cheeks started to show my eyes must have been popping out of my head. Was it Nicks idea? Ding, ding, ding!

Nicholas clay's ass in black speedos

I rarely ever see asses like his. He is naked constantly in this. I own it and a few other AC movies. If you can't find the you can resend it here. I saw it in the theater when it came out.

Nicholas clay penis, shirtless scene in lady chatterley’s lover

It's not a fat ass, but it's not pure muscle either. Nicholas was hot as fuck. Clay, who is sadly no longer with us, knew his physical attributes and made sure to show them off in stage roles as well. Does anyone know more than wiki and imdb? His eyes look like that guy from Oz in the naked shower scene with Chris Meloni. He was so cute what an ass! That Nicholas clay look gets me every time.

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Another one who died way too young was Mark Frankel. Who doesn't love Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg? What a beautiful man!

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He had a Daniel Craig quality about him: craggy face with a spectacular body. A hot guy in speedos, showing some ass cheek bulging out is so hot. Looks like they are barely able to cover his big ass:.

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He was certainly gorgeous. I believe Roddy also fucked Tab Hunter. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. The guy was definitely sexy in his own unique way. Can you imagine him at 20 in I watched this tonight and was spellbound. How shallow of you, r I'll have to watch this tonight.

Nylonfeetline hilda and nicholas

Those feets! Some features on this site require registration. Ah to stick a tongue in there Even in those days, she could always throw her legs up in the air higher than any of us Surprised evil under the sun has so many responses when lady chatterley had the best ass shots ever I think from a male actor on film.

I remember his very well in Excalibur. I found a direct link to one of the images on the that didn't work - the soaping ass. Not a hint of sexy arse anywhere. Lucky Patricia Neal gets to have sex scenes with young, hot Nicholas. Gotta give him credit- so many male actors are afraid to show the goods. Was he gay.

Nylonfeetline hilda and nicholas

Every time I see those butt cheeks in Evil Under the Sun, I have to rush upstairs, put on my black speedos, recreate the look on my own ass and wank off. He's so hot in Lady Chatterley too but that's not been shown on tv as much as "Evil". Hello and thank you for registering. Some features on this site require a subscription.

Lady chatterley's lover

Who was the director of 'Evil Under the Sun'? What a gorgeous ass! But back to the subject, the ill fitting s wool swim trunks keep moving around in "Evil Under the Sun," making one think that some of the shots were edited out for the sake of rating. Was inspired to bump this thread by the current thread on Sylvia Myles, who starred with Nicholas Clay in this film. Roddy tended to boast of his conquests among friends and there is little reason to doubt him.

We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. There had been strong rumor that he was bisexual--but that hits almost every handsome British actor at some point. R14, you're the winner.

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I bought Lady Chatterly just so I could wank off watching him. No doubt Nicholas was duly impressed with the enormous "Rod" that Roddy was packing - most were. Another film worth checking out is one he made with Patricia Neal where he's early 20's and you see him in white undie's then take them off to see his buns again. It's seems genetic.

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Why did they show his exposed butt cheeks in those speedos?

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After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady Chatterly is torn between her love for her husband and her physical desires.

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I have never heard of this movie but thoroughly enjoyed reading about it.

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