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Nami post timeskip

Nami Post Timeskip
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Even if there hadn't been a two year timeskip, her and the Straw Hats have been through enough adventures to change anyone's outlook on the world. However, some things need to stay the same otherwise the end result will be a completely different character.

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To me, I don't think it really matches their character all too much to wear so skimpy.

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Which is really nice, but really, have things done in moderation. The most memorable scene I can think of is Robin is being tied down by the dwarves. More posts from the OnePiece community.

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Found the internet! They have been sexualized since they entered the Grand Line.

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Sort by: best. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

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I've never had a dirty thought about them Soo no. Naming grew up and robin isn't sexualized at all.

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I think you mean Nami. Although, there are other ways to build sexuality then running around in a bra all the time.

Post timeskip nami, with zeus vs pre timeskip zoro

I can't remember one instance where Robin has been too sexualized, either. I generally find her character manipulative so having her use her sexuality in her favor is something I see her doing. And after the timeskip, they are older and have developed more. Robin really I really liked her style pre-timeskip, since it was really classy or cowboyish, which I liked.

I know this could be controversial, but do you think that after the timeskip Robin and Nami have become too sexualized.

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Yes, and I don't see how that is a negative thing. But after all that, they are just as intelligent as they have always been. I would like to hear your thoughts!

Nami/history/during and after the timeskip

Did the timeskip ruin the girls? I don't see how people can find things to complain about in regards to her.

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If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Created Jan 14, Top posts january 1st Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. Also I have to agree with you, they aren't sexualised or anything it's just their power growth just isn't as much as the guys.

I've been hearing some negative comments about Nami, but I see Nami to be the one to defend the rights of women when we get to Wano Kuni due to that one scene in PH. Let me go find the scan. Neither of them have had any real serious or interesting moments since the timeskip.

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Does Nami wear skimpy outfits after the timeskip? Continue this thread. One Piece is the furthest thing from being too sexualized. A bit. It really emphasizes her independent nature, since I attribute cowboys or the western style to people who are free, roaming about doing their own thing, much like Robin to go around looking at historical stuff and generally doing her own thing.

Did the timeskip ruin the girls?

And I think I actually would like post-time skip Robin's de most with less cleavage. Now she's got gigantic boobs hanging out and showing her legs that runs for days.

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It is pretty much only there to strengthen the comedy between Sanji, Brook, and temporarily Kinemon. I suppose the new look works in her favor.

Nami/history/during and after the timeskip

Rights to what exactly? Posted by.

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Pre TS- they are friends and now they are friends who can knock their coconuts. To me Robin and Nami are like friends, not things for me to fantasize about. Yeah, I kinda agree.

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The world of One Piece is wonderful and fanciful on the outside, with dark and mysterious undertones lurking beneath the surface.

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Lady In The Sheets But A Freak In The Bed

The navigator of the Straw Hats has changed quite a bit and simultaneously, she has remained the same.

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What did the Straw Hat pirates get up to during One Piece 's 2-year time skip?