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Male wetting stories

Male Wetting Stories


Below you can find the list of all stories tagged Male Wetting sorted from newest to oldest. After weeks of training and renovations to the bar, it was finally Grand Opening Day. Though it was Misty's bar, Kiran and Jamie felt as much a part of the project as she did.

Name: Aile

Years old: 40
Available to: Guy
What is the color of my hair: I've got short hair
Other hobbies: Listening to music

We were the only ones in the darkroom that day. Recommended Posts. The safe lights will not expose and ruin the film; this took several minutes.

Wetting stories

My bladder was stretched and painful but I was OK. There was a large tub filled with water we were finished with, and I began to dump it out. I actually was almost able to hold my pee all day while attending day campwhere getting to use the bathroom was a issue. I agree with you.

Posted August 21, Link to post.

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I usually peed in the pool, but there was a couple of days that the weather did not cooperate. It was 45 years ago.

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It was around by this point. Fred Posted August 22, Posted August 22, Ashi Posted August 23, Posted August 23, Posted October 8, Great story. The first time about my pee was about to come out, so I went behind a building. I confess getting sexually excited about these stories. We never spoke of the incident. It hurt like hell, but I never wet myself ; I came close a few times though. Or in with one of these services. His face turned beet red, and then I saw below his hands his pants were getting wet.

Posted October 13, Posted October 14, Gemmy 3, Posted October 16, Posted October 16, Lovely story, played out very cute in my head, thanks for sharing :. In fact sometimes if I held my pee Male wetting stories long I could not go when I tried at home. Great story, and very well told. It was not visible howeverthe damage was confined to my underwear, and I regained control.

I could not imagine him making it home like that, but I had done the same thing on occasion when I was younger than this I held myself even though I felt like I was going to peea few times wetting my pants.

stunner miss Marley

He suddenly gasped bent over at the waist crossing his legs tightly, squeezed himself tightly as he could with both hands. We were 17 year old senior classmates when this happened. Stan and I were not part of the cool kids in High school. I did most of the finishing of our project as he was mostly focused on not peeing. Or in with one of these services in with Twitter.

The next day I didn't dare do that again. I was 12 years old then.

Male wetting

A very exciting experience, and viewed close up! Loved it.

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In my case I was pee shy and potential bullying was reason too. We began our project around PM. I quickly noticed he was squeezing himself occasionally with is fingers.

Male desperation

Very well written for someone who's not into male desp. She was concerned I was holding it to much. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to you posting more like it :. Sometimes I peed myself I too avoided the men's room, holding my pee all day, because bullying led me to be pee shy for years, even after high school. After-school activities can pose a problem for them!

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I lasted until or so, then I wet my pants. He did not. He was groaning with effort, trying to stop the flow, but he continued peeing in his pants nevertheless. As most of the student body left for the day, since I needed to pee particularly bad that day, I used the lull in restroom usage to pee.

Peter's story

He replied no I am going to try to hold it until I get home. Male Friend's Desperation male desp and wetting. This story is different, it does nothing for me sexually, but perhaps those looking for male wetting stories will enjoy it. It's a bit unfortunate that he was too embarrassed and you were too considerate to mention the event again.

It took several minutes to get startedand even then my stream was very weak until I was partly empty. He finally stopped peeing, but not before his pants were soaked to the bottom. I got caught and punished. Lukhas Posted October 18, Posted October 18, Posted October 19, OmoYum 0 Posted October 20, Posted October 20, Fred Posted October 16, Little Alice 41 Posted October 17, Posted October 17, Awesome story, lightened up my boring day at work.

As with everything I write here this story is true and as accurate as I can remember. In fact most days I held my pee without any external help during the after school activities until I got home. Forgot your password? There are more than a few high school students who "hold it until they get home", some because they Male wetting stories pee-shy, some because of potential bullying, some because of the smoking and drug use or lack of cleanliness in the school toilets.

I have thought about writing about a couple of male experiences I witnessed.

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Please feel free to tel any other male experiences if you have time. If I go home at I can hold it, until I get home. Once he began crossing his legs back and forth doing a pee-pee dance, I asked him if he was OK. He replied I have to pee something wicked. Once the film was being rinsed we could turn the regular lights on and open the door. The splashing water apparently did his sphincter in.

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Pee dripped from his hands. With the safe lights on I noticed he was holding himself almost constantly. He was franticly dancing back and forth.

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It could have developed into other experiences. So, by high school I was able to hold it all dayincluding after school.

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That sounds adorable! At first I ignored it as we worked on preparing to develop the film. This one day as members of the photography club we stayed after school to develop some film. Start new topic. with Discord.

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Fact was I really did not need to go. He was holding his penis with as much of his hand, as he could, squeezing himself between the palm of his hand and his fingers. I guess at least this way he did not smell like pee. The room was also choked with smoke from dozens of smokers, that left little room for those that wanted to use the toilet.

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He then tied his jacket around his waist, to cover his soaked pants. When I read stories like this I can't help but want to help them out x3 Thank you very much for sharing this story wettingman!

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He gets to pee first and the other has to wait.

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During this time of quarantine I find that I have way more time on my hands than I should.