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Male caning tumblr

Male Caning Tumblr
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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

Name: Beverlee

Age: 30
Eye tone: I’ve got cold gray-green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My Sign of the zodiac: I'm Pisces
What is my body type: My figure features is skinny
What I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
I prefer to listen: Jazz
I like tattoo: None

At the time I am in the Headmistress office whilst my class mate Diane, is behind the door, remorseful and in fear, waiting fot her turn for punishment. Then he dropped his trousers and pants and touched his toes, and the headmistress stood at his side with a cane, and gave him six of the best. You see, the boys would merely be caned, so their punishment would be over quickly. Both of them are reputed caners but the cane used on the seniors is heavier and the Headmistress likes to group together all her strikes on the crease, where they become more painful and cause lasting marks.

I took advantage of this moment to call my boyfriend:. Put it into the boot before picking me up, honey.

Oh my god. Brown, the Headmistress, cannot conceal her proud whilst she carefully observes how Miss Miller, the young teacher who ed the teachers staff only a couple of months ago, is delivering her first real caning to one of her pupils. They both take charge of the canings. There she goes now: - The first stroke just in the middel of the buttocks, perfect!

They waited, until the end of the detention, to really tease me with their comments about my grunts or how red faced I had got. Diane smiles outside, knowing that in the worst case scenario, she will get away with a written punishment of copying a couple of hundred lines, or so. First, I cane the boys while the girls wait on benches outside of the detention hall. That was the moment the fun began. She thought it would be good for me to get familiar with the school disciplinary procedures. Yes, I am fine. The Headmistress miss Browntwo of my female classmates and myself, ready for detention.

Since the first lesson in caning Mrs. Brown taught to her, she knew this young teacher had a gift for corporal punishment. Oh my gosh, that grunt sounds like music to my ears.

Usually, the Head on the left deals with the senior boys like me and her deputy with the younger boys. I had already planned a weekend away with my boyfriend and I was more willing to leave the school as soon as possible than to stay a couple of hours more watching punished pupils, but I could not disappoint my boss on the first week of my new employment, so I accepted.

Stroke after stroke, a full dozen of the best were delivered. She takes her time again… - There it goes, right on the crease again for the third time in a row! Every one of the boys entered, and after stripping from waist down, bent over the back of the chair placed in the middle of the office, the Headmistress administered at least, six hard strokes of a whippy cane on the rear. It did not make me too happy in the first place. We both had been sent there because a dispute in the playground, and to be honest, our vocabulary went a bit out of control, calling names to each other.

Female supremacy & some extreme male punishments

I am still at school. I had only written a few sentences, when miss Brown fetched her cane from the cupboard and ordered me to go to the front of the classroom, bending over the back of her chair. The worst time for us boys to be sent to the headmistress for a caning was after school hours.

Yes and? Oh, the boy starts to yell, this goes well. Girls, on the other hand, were required to do lines for a full hour, and while they were writing they had to listen to the boys enjoying their freedom outside the school. What actually happened then Trudy? As usual, the amount of copies to be written is much higher for boys than for our fortunate female classmates, the sentence longer and once more, as usual, only the boys are going to be caned by Miss Graham in the next door classroom whilst girls, will stay comfortably writing and giggling at our yells.

The boy is trembling in fear. Fortunately the situation is not as boring as I had supposed it would be.

Everybody knows what this means; I have collected my third warning during the term and I am due for a caning. They even joked about how striped and red my bottom should be! As she had an apartment in the school, many a time she would have visitors, and although she would take you to another room for the caning, they would hear everything,and then you would have to walk past them a second time only now with your bum on fire.

I will explain it to you later. Today, when the pupils summoned for the weekly detention entered into the classroom, Miss Graham, the teacher on duty, had already written on the blackboard a tedious sentence to be copied time after time during the weekend. There it goes, exactly in the same sweet spot, just like the one! After summoning all the culprits in the detention class, I saw quite astonished Male caning tumblr the Headmistress wrote a long and boring sentence on the blackboard to be copied only times by the girls but times by the boys!

In fact, I am enjoying a quite funny time. Of course everyone is to be dressed in sports attire. I am afraid it will take still a while. As usual, we had been ordered to sit apart in order to avoid any chat.

Now in her first real test, there she is. Boys get thrashed and girls do not. Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Well I was walking past the headmistresses window as she was pulling her curtains, which I thought strange in the middle of the day. OMG, what a nice touch, she even takes her heels off to get a better and firmer swing!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As you can suppose, with the pass of time, the position becomes more and more painfully, so the frecuency of strokes gets increased. I have a new idea for our foreplay games. Then I have the boys line up against the wall with their hands on their he, and I tell the girls to come in. I had to do my best to hide my laughs several times! We took pen and paper and started writing. Well there was John Peters, from the sixth form taking his blazer off. So I made a few changes. Miss Griffin, cane in hand, walks all the gym back and forth and from time to time, delivers a harsh stroke to any of the boys with their rear exposed, presumably for moving trying to relax the unbearable position.

The boys stand there while the girls write for the next hour. After the Headmistress dealt with a few boys, she took a break going to the rest-room. Friday afternoon and there we were. Recently Liked. One of the teachers to be dreaded when being on detention duty, is Miss Griffin, the P. She summons pupils on detention in the gym, which is like her own domain for her. When I go upstairs for it, just in front of me the Headmistress and her deputy are reaching the building too. I noticed a gap so I peeped in.

By the way, do you still have in the garage that long but flexible stick your dad uses to drop the fruit form the apple-tree he owns in the middle of his garden? As a result there is a broken boy kneeling on the floor, crying like a baby as clanching his own buttocks like if his life depending on it.

During detention time, girls are ordered to uncomfortably sit on the cold floor to write lines, whilst boys have to put themselves facing to the wall, in the way she shows in the picture, with their bottoms on display, assuming one of her back-stretching positions. Male caning tumblr way she firmly grasped the cane, her agile swing, her wrist touch… after a few lessons, she hitted so hard, that even ruined one cushions they Male caning tumblr as target to practice.

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