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Liv and maddie fanfiction lemon

Liv And Maddie Fanfiction Lemon


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Name: Ysabel

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Her attitude slightly changed after that. Letters Liv Rooney x Fem! Reader Originally posted by disneylasource Having feelings for your best friend is hard. Then, Liv left for Hollywood.

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You realized you liked her more than a friend when Liv came back, feeling a very different connection with the actress twin than the sporty one. See this in the app Show more. Keep reading.

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You immediately shook your head as a response, not wanting to believe any of that. Fictober Clumsy Mouth Maddie Rooney x Fem! This is amazing! Summary: Liv gets a proposition she cannot refuse.

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Liv was happy to hang out with you whenever you needed to, and though you never told her why you were sad most of the time, she knew. Having feelings for your best friend is hard. Asking me about this only stresses me out, so please stop.

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You managed to stay close friends despite the time apart, and it felt like she never left when she came back years later. I mean— She just so cute—. Originally posted by sicrota.

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Maddie stays silent for a moment until something changes in her eyes, a slight blush creeping on her cheeks as she starts to chuckle happily, her adorable snort coming out. She gives out a wide grin. My series are partially on hiatus because of my busy schedule. You just love that about her, and so many more things.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You immediately send her a panicked glare, your heart now pounding in your chest. You were too afraid. You were happy that she was happy with him, but as time pass by, you spent less time with Maddie and more with Liv to spare your feelings. Originally posted by livrooneygifs-blog.

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And yes, I do plan on finishing them at some point. You loved writing these for her, always complimenting her or giving her poems of your own to try to brighten her day, and she always loved receiving them, a bigger smile coming to her lips every time she would read your words. You were there when she got into her basketball team, always there in the crowd and cheering for her the loudest of them all, or losing random practice games to her in her backyard.

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She only had to see how bright your eyes would be whenever Maddie would show up to know. Originally posted by livrooneygifs-blog Keep reading.

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The two of you never clearly talked about it, but the fact that she willingly gives you a shoulder to cry on when Maddie goes out on a date is all that you need to know that she accepts you and is there for you. Originally posted by disneylasource.

Dove cameron says liv from liv and maddie was "definitely gay"

Liv immediately starts making a loud and long excited noise, her hands finding her cheeks while she smiles with her mouth wide open. That was a strong enough argument to make her stop talking about it, but Liv knows her twin, and Maddie definitely liked you a little more than a friend. Seeing her trying to guess who it could be, talking your ear off about all the theories she has, always made you giggle… until you realized that all her theories were about boys.

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Liv and Maddie had found out that they were both pregnant.

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Maddie didn't really know what was wrong with her.

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It's official.