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John petrucci muscle

John Petrucci Muscle


At nine, he entered the Juilliard School of Music Pre-College Division for classical piano training, but by his late teens he had grown increasingly interested in synthesizers and progressive rock music. Against the counsel of his parents and tutors, he turned away from classical piano and tried his hand as a solo progressive rock keyboardist.

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I mean That's another thing No knee or back problems It all comes down to your form and how safe you are. He hurt his arm skiing and he said he wanted to be bigger and stronger so that sort of thing wouldn't happen. Read times. Quote from: Jamesman JasonScandopolous Posts: Quote from: wolfking on July 08,PM. Jp got into weightlifting for the womenz I bet.

To help convert some of the extra lbs's to muscle. There is so little respek left in the world, that if you look it up in the dictionary, you'll find that it has been taken out.

Most people seem to work out just for their appearance. It's a very regimented, goal-orientated, exhilarating sport. Quote from: Jaffa on July 08,PM. IdoSC Posts: He stated he's really into body building before. Yea, JP is freaking huge.

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That makes you feel accomplished. But a tweak in the diet, that fat would be gone, his strength would likely plateau, and he would be ripped. I'm assuming he must have been insecure about his size, because no one works out to attain that size just for the fun of it, they obviously feel unsatisfied with their body.

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Welcome, Guest. I'm not obsessive about it like some people get It's also a sport in which you can set goals and reach them. And I mean, you can't deny that bodybuilding is a vain sport. Global Laziness DTF. I thought we had decided that it was because of The Count of Tuscany? If you're an idiot that doesn't warm up, do proper form I think Petrucci works out so much because he wants to give justice to the term "Bear hug. It wakes you up.

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But in order to keep lifting increasingly heavier amounts, you need to eat a lot esp protein, hence the salmon jokes. It's kinda shocking how big he's become when you watch back at the Live in Tokyo video from and see what a stringbean he was.

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I can tell you straight up, that the reason people generally start body building is because once they start seeing the fruits of their labor People generally weight lift for more than one reason. Please or register.

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Most of them have already been listed. He's a completely healthy man mentally, he's successful worldwide and he has a great family. Home Forum Discography Biographies Donate! Bodybuilding is more about aesthetics ya know those bodybuilding poses?

Considering he's massive now.

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Prophets, apostles, preachers, martyrs, pioneers of knowledge, inspired artists in every art, ordinary men and the Man-God, all pay tribute to loneliness, to the life of silence, to the night. Quote from: dethklok09 on July 08,PM. VioletS16 Posts: Gender: Forum crazy snake lady. I also think that part of the reason he's so big now is because of fat more than muscle. Gets you going. Dellers Posts: Gender: Funky Norwegian! In some interview, he said that he broke his arm or something, and he was sick of being fragile, so that motivated him to get stronger. Posts: aka "the big nasty".

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Mebert78 DTF. Interesting question. I know I like to look at myself in the mirror sometimes and see what I've built.

Aquila Chrysaetos Posts: Gender:. Vajra Posts: Has he ever stated why? People like to look good. Martinman Posts: Gender:. s: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Quote from: Dellers on July 08,PM. CrimsonSunrise DTF. For you younger folk So for working out lifting my guess is twofold.

Home Help Calendar Register. To play live every night, you have to be in shape. I have also heard that weightlifting helps with guitar playing in general.

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There is also the added health benefits. Doesn't seem like he has many insecurities about his appearance to me, but I guess it's his personal business if he does either way. It's not like many actually use those muscles for anything outside the gym. The precursors, the followers, the Master Himself, all obeyed or have to obey one and the same law. If someone coordinated an all-out brawl of rock guitarists, I think JP could win. Author Topic: Why did John Petrucci get into weight lifting? For strength, stamina, and conditioning to play.

The way JP has put on weight both muscle and fat and his talk about heavy squats points to strength training.

Whether he's feeling insecure, I don't know. It's also, for me anyways You feel good when you're in the gym. I guess JP just like the thought of being big, pretty much like everybody else working out. RIP Piccolini and Maya. Quote from: Martinman on July 08,PM. Quote from: Samara on July 08,PM. Sincerely, Jaffa. Quote from: Jamesman on July 06,PM. Quote from: Aramatheis on July 12,PM. Bodybuilding and strength training are kinda two different subgenres of weight lifting.

Aramatheis The lighter's dead DTF. Been working out since I was in 8th grade.

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Guys love to talk and share about their favourite guitar God.

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