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James ransone tattoos

James Ransone Tattoos
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Name: Kare

How old am I: 33
What is my nationaly: I'm austrian
My sexual preference: Kind gentleman
My sex: Lady
I know: Russian
Other hobbies: I like cooking
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We met at an audition for that Michael Mann movie, Public Enemieslike 12 years ago. Share This Story. And it was brown tempera paint mixed with water and peas and carrots. That was, maybe, your most traumatizing role.

It's only downhill from there — not quite done with pj yet, apparently

I am lucky to not know what that really tastes like. What a team. My mother-in-law got sick and died right after. It was remarkable how accurate the adult cast felt.

From ziggy to stardust: how james ransone shed his iconic ‘wire’ character and broke out

I was really intimidated by her at first. And Andy thought it was so funny because they use, probably, 15 gallons of this gross tempera that they pressure sprayed into my mouth.

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But then my wife got pregnant, so we had a. I kept trying to make her laugh.

Celebrity tattoos: what do you think about james ransone tattoos?

What I liked about this movie is that it has room for two comic reliefs, you and Bill Hader. And no one bats a fucking eye at that. I had a lot of crazy, awful personal things happen to me when I was shooting that movie.

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And we got along fine, and then we had similar tastes in music and art and books and movies and TV shows. All Rights Reserved. Buy tickets. So fast. No, nothing scary. And then, you look on the back and read what it was about. She went to Julliard.

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Secure your spot while tickets last! And I was a kid with a fine art background. Well then, what was your favorite thing to shoot in this during this film?

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I would love to walk through one of the scenes in It with you: the part where you get tongue-sucked then have black liquid squirted all over you in the basement. All of my stuff in Tangerine is improv so I knew how to do that. Yeah, Ken Park was a very harrowing viewing experience for me.

James ransone

But it was great. How does it feel? I just freak out. No, I just snorted a lot of cocaine. I hate watching myself in anything. This person murdered their grandparents with a knife! There was crazy family drama. No, no, no, no.

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So funny. No Thanks Allow. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. Did you have to practice fast-talking for this role? The whole puppy scene was all improv. It was so gross. But we did improvise a lot of stuff. I loved you in It and in a lot of these recent horror films, like Sinister. You can call me PJ. Get your head out of the gutter!

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Because we sanitized sex, and we sanitize violence in a lot of our films. It was so gratifying because I got her to crack on camera. Why is violence so acceptable? Ransone was ready to tell all—except for the meaning behind his mysterious nickname. I think I did.

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Yeah, the best. How did you accomplish that? one, thank you. I just remembered that Ti West once told me that your nickname is PJ, is that correct? Oh my God! I was dealing with a lot of stuff while I was filming that movie.

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A mystery. This is becoming a PR nightmare. You would walk down the aisles and look at all of the boxes, and you could only go by the cover art. I will only tell you that the J stands for Jimmy. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. What was it like sharing the comedic spotlight with him? I still really like horror movies, to be honest, because it seemed to be one of the few things right now that wrestle with larger, metaphysical ideas and become depoliticized very quickly, and they become more universal.

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I hope my next movie is a rom-com or something like that. I trip up about this a lot. A lot of it was improvised then? What are you working on now, after It? I have not shot anything since we wrapped last year.

Horror king james ransone recalls shooting the most disgusting ‘it chapter two’ scene

ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. James Ransone has seen some shit. Eddie was my favorite in Chapter One and he remains my favorite as an adult in Chapter Two. You guys look and act so much alike. So, when we met, it was built in, we knew each other, but then it was really fun for me as a performer to learn some new skills.

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Would I do that again? And you succeeded?

James ransone t-shirts

I was freaking out about it before the kid was born. Was there anything actually scary that happened while filming this, besides the tempera paint? A members-only jacket. Yes, that is true. It freaks me out. Well, there was a full script. What is the story behind PJ? I will never tell you. The stuff at the top of the stairs with Jessica Chastain. My publicist is used to that.

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So, behind laughter, there were a lot of tears.

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And yes, Tangerinethe movie in question, was shot on iPhones — the 5s, to be exact, and three of them, sometimes mounted on Steadicams, sometimes operated by director Sean Baker as he circled his cast on his speed bicycle.

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Instant Halloween costumes.

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