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Indian rope burn

Indian Rope Burn


To find the full background of the slang word jerk, we must await the next volume of the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, coming inbut to learn how that word is used in the American dialect -- and where it began -- we are now blessed with Volume Three I to O of Indian rope burn Dictionary of American Regional English DAREcoming out this month, edited by America's lexicographical giant, Fred Cassidy, now 89, with Joan Houston Hall. Ina student of superstition and religion, Herbert Mayo, back-formed the noun from the old verb to apply to the vigorous movement of the he of those manifesting religious ecstasy: ''I have seen all denominations of religion exercised by the jerks. Railroaders, especially in Pennsylvania, also used the verb to coin jerkwater town, from the scooping of water from the track pan a trough between the tracks in a town too small for a train stop. Southwesterners came up with beef jerky, strips of dried beef, based on a Spanish-American word, charqui, for jerked meat.

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My poor, deprived homeschooled kids Ha ha ask my kids what I offered for dinner last night :lol: After asking me 17 times what we were having for dinner I told them knuckle sandwiches. The burning and welting were intense! Indian burns Kids these days are missing all the fun. This is a prank done by grasping the victim's forearm firmly in both hands, and then twisting the hands in opposite directions about the victim's arm, causing the tender skin to stretch, making it red and sore.

Well, look at your cat for goodness' sakes! They also do knuckles like we used to. Not too hard, but quickly and repeatedly. At first it doesn't hurt too much but quickly the skin becomes sensitive, e slaps really sting, and and the skin turns bright pink.

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Or can those only be made with Texas Mountain Laurel mescal beans? Interesting - I had to google it and I can't say as I've ever heard of it, but I may live a sheltered life.

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Hmmm, maybe I have not outgrown my childhood lol. Hence the name "Pink Belly. We call it an Indian burn too.

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I can't get across in words how painful it was. I remember all these and more!

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One slam for every card left in your hand. It was an "our block" only torture lucky for everyone else :D. SOunds so painful. I've never heard of the term "Indian burn".

Indian burn (prank)

That's offensive to snakes. My kids know it by the non pc name of Indian sunburn, might call it a snake bite from now on, but they don't do it as often as we did. I think they also the the torture of planting a garden on a siblings arm. Why must they come up with such inanity? Yep, that's a snakebite and luckily my kids haven't learned that one yet.

‘indian burn’: meaning and origin

Being dragged over the bush hurt, but it wasn't the bad part. Off to give my kids a pink belly, Indian burn, noogie, charlie horse, and other childhood nightmare I can think of! CWT was similar to "Pink Belly" with two people holding the victim down and then the head torturer very lightly taps on the same spot on a victims forehead over and over and over.

The treat was usually enough to modify behavior. It was a card game where each player tried to get rid of their cards. Now, wait a Indian rope burn, "snakebite" is not PC either. Recommended Posts. He won't make that mistake again. I had to look it up, as I hadn't heard of that term. I gave my ds a pink belly yesterday ; It was in a demonstration, when he claimed that we were wimps for ever thinking they were bad. You guys are cracking me up. Knuckle to knuckle with the opponent and 1 suddenly raps the other on teh knuckles and you try to get your hand away in time.

You could slam hard for the bruising factor, or scrape the edges for bloody, torn skin. I've never heard it called a "snakebite" or Indian rope burn else. I cannot bring myself to utter "criss cross applesauce" and have actually felt the urge to slap someone for telling my son to do it. I grew up in Central Illinios, and it was called an Indian burn.

Kathryn Posted May 17, Posted May 17, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Maybe call it a friction burn? That's so weird. The first one "out" earned the privilege of slamming the deck of cards against the knuckles of the other players. We'll be walking or driving along nicely, then all of a sudden arms will be flying around every direction and everyone is shouting when someone spots one of those dang VW bugs. I will not tolerate such language being spoken in my presence. Indigenous Native American Friction of the Epidermis?


They know "Hertz Donut", but haven't found anyone naive enough to fall for it, thankfully. It seems like that is probably not PC these days.

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We would take a pine cone, drop it onto a fire ant hill until well covered, and then whiz it at some poor unsuspecting sole. My kids have no idea what that is the name OR the action ; they are definitely less violent than we were, lol. I'm from the South as well.

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If you can't even teach your cat to stay away from assault weapons It involved being stripped of ones shirt and being dragged over a low-slung Juniper bush that alway seemed to be struggling for life and was therefore full of sharp dry stickers. If you must be PC about it, can't you just call it cross-legged? I learn something new everyday! Is that a regional Indian rope burn After about 5 minutes post all the scratches and they were always really numerous would start to "burn. Known primarily as an "Indian burn" or "Chinese burn" in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, "buffalo skin" in India, "snake bite" or "Indian rub" in Canada, or "Indian rug burn" in the United States except in some midwest states such as Wisconsin where it is known as a snakebite"Indian burn" in France, "policeman's glove" or "hundred needles" in Hungary, "barbed wire" in the Netherlands, "needles" in Bulgaria and "Brennessel" "stinging nettle" in Austria, Switzerland and the southern parts of Germany, "thousand needle stings" in the northern parts of Germany, "thousand needles" in Sweden, "Nettle" in Latvia, Poland and Russia, "French Cuff" in Denmark, "kuuma makkara" hot sausage in Finland, "manita de puerco" split pigs' feet in Mexico.

Share More sharing options Followers 4. THAT one is one that Indian rope burn have never heard of before and neither have my kids thank goodness. And if you itched it as was tempting you just made it far worse. The good thing is it was not a punishment that was invoked often or without cause. We are in AZ now and my kids call it a snakebite. The one they like is "I win, you lose, now you have a big bruise" As they punch the person up and down the arm.

Did anyone else have burn beans inflicted on them? Good times.

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We were reading The Great Brain last night and the kids were playing "jack ss leapfrog. I grew up in the S. GA swamp. I guess it is regional. It was hell. Start new topic. I was explaining "knucks" to my youngest the other day - anyone else play that fun bit of torture? Hmm, I didnt think it was regional.

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Then the victim is immobilized the torturer sitting on the pelvis lifts the victims shirt and begins to slap the skin. Is there an acceptable term for this unacceptable behavior now? I haven't taught them how to milk a mouse yet It takes two torturers, one sits on top of the prone victims pelvis, the other pulls the victims arms up above his head and then pins them my sitting on them.

The fact that there's actually a poem about "criss cross applesauce" makes me want to running away screaming.

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An Indian burn is a pain-inducing prankwhere the prankster grabs onto the victim's forearm or wrist, and starts turning the skin away from themselves with one hand, and with another hand towards themselves, causing an unpleasant burning sensation to the skin.

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This term occasionally occurs in extended use.

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I've tried several searches online and did a quick search in this sub.

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What's it called in American English?