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How to get out of a full nelson

How To Get Out Of A Full Nelson


In this article we will talk about the Full Nelson attack, we will mention important aspects, analyze ways to escape safely. This is a technique you might find in some martial art styles where you will also find several solutions. Unfortunately, there are some Martial Arts studios where they teach Self Defense techniques what will not help you that much if you face a real attack in the street.

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The full nelson sometimes called a double nelson or a double shoulder lock is done by performing half nelsons with both arms. Dean is one of the most accomplished martial artists of our generation.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The move can be used in the street in a self defense situation.

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By cranking the hands forward, pressure can be applied to the neck of the opponent. The usage of the full nelson in combat sports is very limited.

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It is a secure hold which can be used to control the opponent, but does not allow for finishing action, such as pinning the opponent, executing a reliable submission hold, or allowing for effective striking. The holder is on the back side of the opponent, and has his or her hands extended upwards under the opponents armpits, holding the neck with a palm-to-palm grip or with interlaced fingers.

Nelson hold

You need to have a strong base and low stance, make sure your head is tilted back, break the grip and then do the regular defense like when your opponent has your back grabbing your waist. He teaches practical, simple, and effective techniques that could save your life.

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Philip Rowe Full Card Lineup. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Because it can be used as a limited neck crank, it is considered dangerous in some grappling arts, and is banned, for instance, in amateur wrestling.

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It is imperative that officers who find themselves the victim of such an assault be able to escape quickly.