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How to get my dog to fuck me

How To Get My Dog To Fuck Me
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I was 14 then,my pussy was always wet and the juices leave a spot on my skirt and shorts and school uniform. I was so embarassed when my classmate pointed it out at school. I was thinking of sex and i was so horny my clit was jutting out of the pussy folds. My fren Sheebe adviced me to wear a pad and we talked about it a bit.

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It's a little harder to get confirmation from a male fucking a K9, and I think that's why I'm not comfortable with watching it. Thread starter zoo96 Start date Oct 5, Tags zoo man. If you're not a sexual partner in the first place, the concept of "training" is abuse.

No point coaxing him or you will always be coaxing him. Search forums. I've seen many dil-dogging vids where it's pretty obvious the dog wouldn't be doing if not held in place.

I let my dog try to have sex with me when i was nine years old

It's an evolution, getting better and better with familiarity -- but we don't call that "training" each other. Dorian Tyrell said:.

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If you put yourself in the right position, he'll either go for it, or he won't. I've also seen many vids that suggest that - just like people - once they orgasm they get over-sensitive and could use a little break from the stimulation before being engaged again. But dogs also should have a say in this. But not impossible. Log in Register. IOHO, it's pretty much the same.

Training dog to fuck me

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. But whatever. I stroked a pit once and he almost brought me to ground to fuck me. But train? Do not teach animals to have sex with people.

Teaching the dog to fuck

Papasmerf21 said:. Log in. Seize the moment if it ever presents itself. Nudging, guiding, vocalizing pleasure or discomfort. Train my dog to fuck me. You must log in or register to reply here. You shouldn't really need to "train" him, per-se, he may just need some help hitting the mark.

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What's new New posts New resources Latest activity. If they're game, they do. Partner Sites. If not, well, it's just what makes sense to us, and we're just one couple in the universe. The reasoning behind that is simple, you can teach a dog to let a vet take his blood or trim his nails, clean ears Bringing this to sex would completely rob you of any valuable feedback and you may end up doing something against the dog's will unknowingly or even worse, knowingly and the dog will withstand that for the reward.

I hope you can help me, and if you like we can do a telegram group. Louisianak9 said:.

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Then check out the how to section as mentioned above and start working on a sexual relationship with your dog. I have already had sex with several guys in the ass and I like to masturbate my ass. Otherwise your dog isn't saying "yes" to sex, they only want the reward. Forums New posts Search forums.

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This other, yeah-yeah-yeah -- mucho pleasure! Training animals for sex This question comes up from time to time and people have different opinions about it. Louisianak9 Zooville Settler.

You might find more info in the How To's and Educational forum. Click to expand Everyone making it seem like you shouldn't train your dog lol. Just don't force him to do anything.

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BiSinceBirth Zooville Philanthropist. IHO Citizen of Zooville. Last edited: Oct 15, Dorian Tyrell Zooville Settler. It's not like your training him or her to be a killer or sniff out drugs Dogs get trained to do all sorts of tasks If you can train your dog to perform sex good for you, give em lots of treats and tell em they are good, you know positive reinforcement Are not some animals used as breeders?

If they're not, they don't.

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They also get to let you know, "I find this displeasing. They aren't sex objects or toys. I am going to present my opinion and why I think it is wrong to train animal to have sex with people.

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Search titles only. Just present yourself to him and he'll have a go when he is mature enough to understand and is wanting it. Now, on the other hand, if you mean "learning together what you like most or want most" as far as sexual interactions go, then again, ask a human what they do with other human partners. We could, maybe, but not really the same nuance. Harder if you don't share a language, sure dogs can't do the pillow talk thing as articulately as humans might.

Otherwise, you have a chasm to cross there with not much bridge-building material to work with. We may "test the waters," same as humans do on dates. Should be a natural thing.

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Little by little it will either come about or become clear to both of you that it's not going to happen. First let me say this: Training animals for sex is wrong. All dogs are different some want to mate right away and some are not interested. They learn together, through experience, organically. That's not the same thing as forcing the dogs to do acts they don't want to.

Porn video for tag : let my dog fuck me

I don't like rape in any shape or form, so the training shouldn't be mean and brutal, but out of love with great rewards for all parties involved. Well, because you shouldn't need to train your dog for sex. Everyone making it seem like you shouldn't train your dog lol You shouldn't beat your dog or use it as a dildo aka dildog But to train you dog for sex, who cares? Members Current visitors. Hope I have said something that makes sense. Just let him work it out Papasmerf21 Zooville Settler.

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Hello, I hope you are very well and enjoying your pets, I open this forum to tell me how I train my dog to fuck me, he is a Golden Retriever and has all his vaccinations and is very healthy he is barely one year old On the internet I have found manuals for your dog to fuck you but it is for That dog to young to play witch shame shame.

If they want to do it, they will. This other, displeases me.

New posts. I love seeing the dog wag it's tail when it knows it's going to fuck a woman. The act must be consensual and ideally initiated by the animal, you must never use any treats, peanut butter, commands, or training methods to make an animal have sex with you or anyone else. BlueBeard Citizen of Zooville. But training dogs for sex is just programming the dogs to like it, and to do it good.

Hello, I hope you are very well and enjoying your pets, I open this forum to tell me how I train my dog to fuck me, he is a Golden Retriever and has all his vaccinations and is very healthy he is barely one year old On the internet I have found manuals for your dog to fuck you but it is for women, I am a man and I am 23 years old and the truth is I have not found anything yet, so I said to myself well I will ask people who already have experience and they will advise me and Well, that's why I'm writing to you, I must mention that my dog has never fucked me, but just thinking about it and imagining that I am buttoned with it, I love it and I succeed like crazy!

If they are avoiding or deflecting the sexual contact, they are saying "no".

Train my dog to fuck me.

Build from there by letting him know you like that and want more. Use the same technique humans use to train other humans to have sex with them. Share: Share Link. IHO said:. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. We like to describe it as "inviting" our animals to have sex with us.

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Background: I live in an area where sexual education is very limited.

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How do I have sex with a dog?

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