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How old is cynthia pokemon

How Old Is Cynthia Pokemon


Name: Cynthia. Birthday: November 12th. Astrological : Scorpio. Gender Identity: Cis Female. Sexuality: Pansexual.

Name: Aubree

Age: 21
I like: I love male
What is the color of my hair: Gray
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Smoker: Yes

Chibi cynthia, please destroy me when i pick up pokémon brilliant diamond and shining pearl

I always assumed she was in her 30's. If she's above 17, she's good for me. Posted by 3 years ago. Seems she is also in a profession as a researcher of some sort.

How old is cynthia?

But if Verity is around the age of 10 we can assume Cynthia is at least late twenties, early thirties? Created Mar 11, Top posts march 29th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top. In the video game yes. More posts from the pokemonconspiracies community. For more information, see [here. Could she be in the early twenties age wise? What makes this tricky is that only Red and Blue have received a rede to for the time gap.

Just blame it on pokemon society being super scientifically advanced, medication that has been put into the water supply by whatever kind of government is going on in all these regions and it prevents people from aging as quickly.

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Maybe she and her sis just have a large age gap. It was estimated by fans on that community. Google it.

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Oh yeah yeah. The real interesting thing is that I've always assumed that excluding Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl, which take place around the same time as Red and Blue and Gold and Silver, respectively, each game takes place around the same time it was released.

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Other events like the Rocket Grunt that retired and started raising a kid in between Gold and Silver and Black and White seem to indicate that time passes at roughly this rate, but no one ages. She has a sister? Well Cyrus is 27 and looks 40 soo going by the looks of other people isn't a good measure.

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Sort by: best. She lives with her grandmother in Celestic.

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Iirc volkner and flint were both confirmed to be 23 and 25 and she acts and looks more mature than both of them. I put Cynthia in the range personally.

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She seems more dignified than most. How old is Cynthia? Continue this thread.

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At this point, I just throw my hands up in the air and say that Game Freak has no real reason to care. They probably want characters from past games to be recognizable to older fans, and redeing each and every character who reappears could be tricky and probably isn't worth the effort. Cynthia still looks to be in her late twenties or early thirties 17 years after she debuted.

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Yeah that makes sense too. I always imagined her to be around Cyrus' age 27 since there's so many subtle contrasts and parallels between the two.

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She handles herself very maturely, and not in a way the feels like a teenager would try. Found the internet!

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There are so many facts that fans never knew about this champion and this list will shed some light on a bunch of them.