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Hot guys in bands

Hot Guys In Bands


How can you not love Brendon? He's cute and playful, but also really sexy. He doesn't realize how sexy he is. He doesn't have to try.

Name: Elva

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The Classic : "Motownphilly" tells the story of the group's journey from high school kids in the cheesesteak capital to the new darlings of Hitsville U. The Deep Cut : Most of the cuts on Cooleyhighharmony are either aggressively up-tempo or molasses-slow, but "Little Things" splits the difference with a syrupy be-thankful-for-what-you-got lyric and even sweeter groove, and just enough production punch to keep it from getting too pillowy.

Millennium was the peak of not only BSB's mainstream appeal, but their commercial success as well -- the album went 13x Platinum, was nominated for album of the year and best pop album at the Grammys, and is still included in lists of the best-selling albums of all time.

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Coast to Coast went on to sell over 2 million copies in Europe, earning the band their second double platinum album within a year of debuting. The Story: From the moment a talkbox riff opens up "Larger Than Life," the Backstreet Boys make clear that you are in for an iconic listening experience.

Spanning from to takes us from peak NKOTB to for now peak BTS, and covers all the decades of sonic, visual, cultural and geographical evolution that happened in between. Billboard Pro Subscribe In. Top Artists.

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It's never a bad time to celebrate boy bands -- as pure a pop fixture as exists, with classic songs and timeless tropes that have resonated for well over half a century, with no of slowing down soon. Why 30 years? The Classic: While the band wasn't around long enough to claim a song on the Billboard Hotthere's no question that "It Happens Every Time" quickly became their breakout single, especially thanks to their performances of the song on shows like Maury and Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live. Beyond its many accolades, "I Want It That Way" has gone on to become one of the most well-known boy band songs of all time, breaking through every boundary placed around pop music and becoming one of the most iconic songs of the s.

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Follow Billboard. We did make an exception to include the first Boyz album, though, as a sort of passing of the torch from their boy band mentors -- Hot guys in bands we also elected not to include late-period albums from now-grown boy bands, like Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins.

In the uptempo, heartfelt track, Romeo Santos -- ed by the sensual voice of Judy Santos unrelated -- sings about non-reciprocal love and disappointment. The Deep Cut: Despite serving as the album's introduction, "Feel the Rain" was never given proper recognition — the song features each of the five members getting their moment and sounding their best, while the instrumental simply squeals out a perfectly-early s boy band melody. The Story : For its first half, has been the worst year ever for just about everyone After debuting at the top spot of the BillboardMap of the Soul: 7 proved to be an electrifying K-pop experience praised by both fans and Western critics, and also turned out to be the best-selling album of the year so far.

Well, it helps to have a period manageable enough to not have to compare The Wanted with The Beatles -- but also lets us encompass essentially the entirety of the modern boy band canon, after New Edition reinvented the form in the '80s.

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Just go listen to the whole thing. A remix would hit No. The Story : Blessed by Michael Bivins of New Edition and named after a deep cut off that group's Heart Break albumBoyz II Men burst out of the City of Brotherly Love and into superstardom with a mix of smooth classic soul and slamming new jack swing -- and some of the best four-part harmonies of the late 20th century.

To that end, we're ranking our 30 favorite boy band albums of the last 30 years. Top Charts.

Which boy band has the best album of the last 30 years? bts, *nsync, one direction, the jonas brothers or backstreet boys? | billboard news

The album landed atop the Billboard upon its release -- a first for a U. While the quintet was the product of a Univision reality show, they transcended the ephemeral nature of television: Their eponymous sophomore album, which hit No. A bilingual remix with Meghan Trainor and Sean Paul followed, but we like the original more. The Classic: While the band's cover of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" serves as their most successful to date, there is no denying that their most successful original off Coast to Coast was album opener "My Love" -- a stunning ode to their home country that debuted at No.

The Deep Cut: Outside of the album's official singles, Coast to Coast is mostly comprised of down-tempo slow jams or ball — that is, until you reach "Dreams Come True.

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Search term. Dream Street, Dream Street Piso 21, Ubuntu Westlife, Coast to Coast BTS, Map of the Soul: 7 The Wanted, The Wanted Lipshutz Take That, Nobody Else Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys Day26, Day26 Bigbang, Made One Direction, Up All Night The Classic: It's "Spanish Eyes," obviously!

Just kidding — no song in the Backstreet Boys' extensive discography has the kind of pure, gargantuan, mega-monster hit power that "I Want It That Way" possesses. By Billboard Staff.

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The tonal shifts! We basically stuck with our staff rulings from a few years ago about some of the most borderline cases: and 5SOS in, Brockhampton and Boyz II Men out. Those catchy refrains! The Story : As the teen members of One Direction were perfecting their stateside takeover in the early s, the twentysomething members of U. The Classic : After scoring a few U. The song peaked at No. The Classic : If you know just one song by Take That, it's probably the tearful acoustic singalong "Back For Good" -- which reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot and probably would've endured as one of the decade's ultimate karaoke staples if not for the TRL era kicking off a few years later.

De by Katie Spoleti.


The Story: InB2K worked overtime, releasing their first two and as it turned out, only albums of their short career. All rights reserved. Top Articles.

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Hot Songs. The Story : Less a boy band than a band made up of actual boys, the Tulsa-bred trio -- brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson -- were 12, 14 and 17, respectively, when they sent a million adolescent hearts aflutter and earned a trio of Grammy nominations with their irresistible pop-rock debut LP, Middle Of Nowhere. The Story: Following the breakthrough success of their debut album, Irish boy band Westlife managed a feat many others in their industry couldn't at the time by repeating their success.

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The Classic : Lead single "Steal My Girl" set the stage for the album to come: a not-quite-a-sample spiritual lift from a classic rock staple Journey's "Faithfully" in this casea self-aware lyric that never lets you know exactly how winking it is, and an absolute uppercut of a chorus, deed for mass singalongs at the world's highest-occupancy venues. Recognized as the first South Korea-born modern pop song, its vibrant sound and style -- That dance break!

But for the first time, the grown-ups were paying attention, too: hard to ignore an LP that debuts withcopies sold. The Classic : "Gone" ended up being something of a dry run for Justin Timberlake's solo career, but the group's sighing backing vocals on the No. The Deep Cut : "The Game Is Over" was one of JC Chasez's finest, a breakup banger whose expertly deployed video game sound effects make the title hook even more resounding.

The following season, he went on an arduous hunt to discover his next success story, and, in Augusthe formed his five-man army in Day 26 -- who released their self-titled debut LP the following year.

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Four was the absolute standard-bearer for the last decade of pop in terms of the album tracks being just as strong -- in many case stronger -- as its singles. Billboard Top Videos. The Story : After an unexpected smash breakthrough with 's Hangin' Toughboy band trailblazers New Kids on the Block returned with third album Step By Step in -- which delivered their third No.

But credit goes to NKOTB, too, whose heart-on-sleeve harmonizing peppered with just a hint of danger in the delivery would be imitated by nearly every boy band since. The raps!

The Story: The first and only album to come from earlys boy band Dream Street was a showcase of individual talent, ultimately boosting member Jesse McCartney to higher fame in his later solo career. Oh, and it also boasted by far the mightiest, most diverse and best-enduring set of songs of their career. The Deep Cut : Show some respect for the urgent, catchy "One Man Show," which has the guys lamenting a relationship that ended in disaster "Took my love and threw it on the ground! Billboard News. Copied to clipboard.

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The Deep Cut : A club banger that's as gentle and playful as a kitten, "Call It What You Want" is similarly irresistible and has nothing to do with the Taylor Swift song of the same name. Click to copy. The Story : Aventura single-handedly revolutionized the music industry with their urban bachata movement, fusing modern rhymes with the traditional Dominican genre. The Story : One Direction's appropriately titled fourth album wasn't their biggest or most definitive album, but the group's final set as a quintet achieved the most fully realized version of their panoramic pop-rock sound, while also seeing the l totally coming into their own as songwriters and performers.

But with an irresistible party-starting vibe, a relentless cowbell rhythm and a chorus that even haters couldn't help but bellowing at the top of their lungs, there was more body slamming than head-scratching when this came on the radio.

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The album paired sugary sweet lyrics with edgy guitar riffs and pop-punk vocals, creating their own unique sound that quickly skyrocketed them into stardom. But with one of the best all-male pop groups of the 21st century about to celebrate their 10th anniversaryand perhaps the first official boy band literary history due in stores around the same time, it felt like a particularly good time to rejoice in the legacy of big choruses, screaming fans, matching wardrobes, dreamy eyes and dreamier harmonies. Written by the three Hansons and co-produced by The Dust Brothers -- then best known for their work with the Beastie Boys and Beck -- the song's lyrics about the ephemeral nature of time were embedded into an effervescent melody that landed the track at both No.

The Deep Cut : Album-closer "Man From Milwaukee" matched lyrics reflecting the goofball nature of youth with adult musical chops and an anthemic chorus -- one that all of us who were teens and tweens in the late '90s still know every word to.

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The Story : The MTV-founded satirical boy band 2Gether had enough momentum after its February debut to make it to a second album that same year, leaning all the way into the bit right from the appropriately ridiculous opener "5gether. Here are our favorites from the last three decades -- and here's hoping that the first great new boy band of the s is figuring out their socially distanced dance moves as we speak.

The Deep Cut: "Dog" -- the final track on Pandemonium! But of course, the usual caveats apply about having to draw the distinction of who does and doesn't count as a boy band -- an unenviable task, even for the professionals. The Classic : There is nothing more quintessential boy band than the goofy, coordinated outfits -- winter mittens, jerseys, and furry overalls obviously were a perfect match -- H.

The Deep Cut : The duality of H. The Classic : "Everybody Backstreet's Back " made a lot more sense to already-familiar international audiences than Americans, who got it on BSB's first Stateside album.

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It must be DESPITE the rock'n'roll lifestyle that makes this lot get hotter and hotter, because as far as we can see they have quite simply got better with age.

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Country music's biggest stars will be descending on Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 7,which also means we'll be seeing our favorite male country crooners donning their skintight Levi's, ten-gallon hats and customized cowboy boots.

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If you're so over the Justin Bieber and One Direction's of the world can that actually be a thing?!