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Hot emo anime girl

Hot Emo Anime Girl


The shortened version of the word gives it a much edgier feel. Though at first the term was used to describe a style of rock music, similar to punk, recently, it has been used in a broader context. It applies to those who are quite emotional, often being quite extreme at it, or those who suppress their emotions a lot. It also applies to characters who have a darker attitude.

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The reason why I was interested to watch death note before I knew anything about what was really the anime about, was L face. He is in my top ten best character, the hot test, the emoest, and the amazing and more.

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Itachi literally looks as if he doesn't care but he actually does. Creep me out so much! And then he was put in a genjutsu and tortured in his mind as well. Itachi Uchiha is the most emo character I've seen right after sauske and madara and obito. You have no rights. He murderd his entire family being forced to, blah blah spoilers and wouldn't you be emo if you had to kill your entire clan and knowing rthe burden you put on your little cute brother?

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Hiding his emotions from everyone, even Aizen. The biggest worry is disappointing your father that's the biggest worry. Perfect emo material. L knew he was going to die, and had a back-up plan Mello so he was always one step ahead of Light, and eventually Light was defeated. If your older brother who you loved and cared for suddenly turned evil and killed all of your family and then tells you to get stronger to challenge him one day, what would you do?

He is an emotional wreck. There is no doubt that he should be top of the list.

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Understand, girl. Make up you're mind!

L is a cute, awkward sugar addict, he really loves his sweets, cakes, tea and sugar cubes! Hiding from his own fellow hollows when he was still a hollow. He deserves praise as a genius yes but not as being an overly emotional emo. You're not you when you're hungry. He's dark and mysterious and afraid of what he could and would do to Yuki. L is definitely no ordinary emo.

A true emo!

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Love L! I agree. Yea he is kinda emo and of course he's awesome. He was sitting there with his hands folded in front of his face stating how he was going to kill someone. New goal: destroy village. Would anyone be normal after that? There is nothing In you And in me I think Ulquiorra is one of the best emo anime characters ever!

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When he died, he said deep words which truly proved that he hid his emotions and only revealed it when he died. He is definitely not a lovable emo.

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He is the worlds 1 detective not to mention he is so full of style! You love your family and you have this innocence about you that you don't know anything yet.

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Someone who is overly emotional would be a character like Tamaki from Host Club or Sasuke from Naruto. Ment and die of fangirlism. Sasuke is also an emo in my opinion but I believe that Itachi is more of the emo type. He hides his inner self away from anybody else who might try to hurt him just like the day he turned into a vampire.

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And yet Sasuke is always hungry. Forget about his past, and I bet he would still have that egotistical personality of his. I definitely think that he belongs on this list but I have one complaint Emo means emotional, Ulquiorra has no emotions, until the very end and even then he is stating he has found his heart.

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Watched the series and fell in love with him instantly! He is amazing! What person would be normal after all of that. He kidnapped Orihime and just told her straight - "o not ask any questions. The things that aren't reflected do not exist. Next next new goal: travel. So bad ass.

He sounds like my little bro when he's all hyped up on his emotional puberty stage slamming his bedroom door. This in my opinion does not describe L. L is a genius who has eccentric tendencies but I wouldn't say he was angsty. L has more control over his emotions and keeps a cooler head when making deductions.

My favorite quote comes from the manga where his past is revealed, "The things reflected in my eyes mean nothing.

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I personally love how intelligent he is, but he doesn't have much confidence in himself, even though he knows he is right like how he knew Light Yagami was Kira throughout the whole series; because he is lonley and Light acted as a friend, and he is not confident when others disagree, he did not want to admit that he was correct about this. Unlike any other anime, Ulquiorra is the only male anime who died peacefully and revealed his first calming expression ever before he disappeared into dust.

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What you hold in your hand is the rope to the guillotine above your friends' necks. I thought he was some kind of evil pervert or something. He is involved with himself. That would traumatize anyone to a certain extent, change their perspectives This kid has been emo since the very start of Naruto to the end.

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So sweet and charming, and those eyeshadows makes him look so hot! He is the only anime who caught my attention about this. Would you be normal after that? Then Sasuke was all "I'm going to sever these bonds" and "I'm special too! He seems to have this deranged mentality that because he had a horrible past, he can treat everyone like crap. This is not a negotiation, it's an order. Put yourself in his place. He's not emo. Absolutely the emo-ist of emo that ever emo'd.

Sasuke also easily gets attention unlike Itachi who can easily blend in. Next new goal: become Hokage. He is so self driven I'll give him determination that he so over-emotional and takes things too extreme.

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Zero should at least be in the top ten by now! He is all alone for a reason but his backstory and his drive makes him one of the best characters in Naruto.

He was just an innocent kid who loved life being around his clan and family. Here you are a kid you're just now maturing and going through all of this traumatic experience all this trauma and I can't understand why you'd not be normal after that. He is the worst emo out there. Live in this area and you've got your family around you and then next thing you know, they're dead.

There is no comment needed. Even when he gets his wish of killing his bro it's not enough because he finds out whoops! Ulquiorra is my favorite character of all time. Brilliant, and doesn't really need anyone's help, but appears to be lonley, which makes you just want to hug him. All this foolishness about him cutting himself is stupid.

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He loved his clan but he loved his villages protection even more. And along with his dark get up too, I'm not surprised this character is far on this list. If you the character then you will agree that he is the best. Then he's all like "I'm an avenger! But relatively he's happy and he comes from that innocence that happiness to seeing his whole clan murdered and his parents dead. Do not say anything. Nothing more. He was always whining that Naruto could never understand him.

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But it is really sad how lonely he is, even though he chooses to work alone. So he is really great and I hope you vote on him because automatically if there is itachi related stuff I will automatically squeal of excite!

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