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Hooters waitress salary

Hooters Waitress Salary


You definitely have to have a lot of energy and a great personality to work here. Management was always great and very helpful. I loved my coworkers!

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I am a trainer, and I can promise you, I have made more than my share of mistakes. I call this the tag teaming day.

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It did not ask me my bra size, my favorite football team, or if I could hula-hoop; that was kind of what I was expecting. No matter how long you have worked somewhere, no matter how great of a waitress you are; everyone messes up sometimes! We use rotational side work, at the beginning of the shift the head wait will list out who has what during each hour of Hooters waitress salary shift; for example, from 6 to 7 I might be in charge of doing dishes and from 7 to 8 I am to keep up with spot sweeping.

Fast food ts! You will take charge in a lot of our duties as waitresses. But do you know who does have quick food times if you are in a hurry? As a Hooters girl, being able to talk to your customers is so important.

Do you know what would happen? This day you will get a two table section all to yourself. The silverware that you are using, yeah, we roll those. He asked me about school, high school, my plans for college, what I wanted to major in, life goals.

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It was the weirdest job interview I had ever had; he was getting to know me as a person. They can make or break you; so do not make them mad! However, we hardly ever actually see that money. Orientation: You will meet with a manager and fill out paperwork. I can honestly say the training process is so overwhelming; for me it is just a blur, I can barely remember it. I will teach you everything you need to know! But now I have the privilege to guide all of our new girls through the process.

Lets face it, the biggest reason any of us have a job is in order to make money, to pay the bills. And at Hooters that is so very true. But all that would not get done if we did not each do our own fair share.

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I unfolded the credit card slip. They escorted me to an empty table over in the corner and they brought me a glass of water, I was being catered to. So this keeps the chaos toned down a level. It was just like any other job application; education, work experiences, references. Because it gets taxed out just like any other paycheck you receive.

Anyone that has ever worked in food service can promise you one thing: teamwork makes the dream work. They can control how long it takes for your food and drinks to come out and given to the tables. I am genuinely sorry that you do not like it. You have to study. A lot of customers do not realize but we, as waitresses, do a lot more than just wait tables.

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It just so happened that I came on the day when the store manager was on duty; he brought me the application and a pen, then told me to take my time. You pay attention to everything I do.

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Prior to receiving this amazing job I was one of the people who had it all wrong about this company. You will not get paid that week. The only thing the server is getting is the tips. The best way to learn is to teach someone else; but of course I will be there showing you new things along the way. Go grab you some Bojangles or Mcdonalds.

What are hooters requirements?

The store manager, Jose, asked me if I had time to talk after I had completed the application. The amount of money a server makes is based solely on the amount the customers tip. I see why we make our new girls take all of these tests. I want you to be comfortable and confident! Okay, I will give you an example:. Tears just rolled down my cheeks. Luckily, my Raleigh location has recently found a new way to dictate and evenly divide up our side work, or as I like to call them, chores. But even better, they can help you out when you mess up. There is one key characteristic that goes hand in hand with teamwork; and that is respect.

When they walked in, he requested to sit with me, I happily took them. I understand why we do the things we do; we want the best employees and waitresses we can get! I was aware of the misconceptions, the rumors, the stereotypes but I did not believe they were all true, and I was right. Your server did not cook it, they do not have control over what it taste like, so do not put fault on them. Trying to get a Hooters waitress salary at Hooters was not something I had really planned on.

I will be watching from a distance making sure everything goes well but for the most part you are on your own! We make the teas, we sweep, we bus our own tables, and we even clean the bathrooms.

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What if your boss just decided to rely on the secretary to make paychecks this week, but did not inform them that it was their new task. Last week, I had a customer who came in and sat in my section, he is usually a bar guest. After taking their food order, the wife brings up the topic of me being a student; we converse about life as a NC State student, having a job, and being an independent young adult.

We discussed my extra-curriculars, my dedication to my athletic programs and my role in my churches youth group. We HAVE to respect each other. When we start to take tables, you will be my shadow; there is an imaginary rope that connects at the hip and you do not leave my side. The manager will give you the study guides for all of your tests. Your server has been on the floor waiting other tables; they have not been in the kitchen preparing your food.

All the plates and bowls that you are eating off of, yeah, we wash those. Their random act of kindness will forever hold a spot in my heart! At the end of your server shift you have to declare how much you made in tips that shift. As a trainer, I see the process completely. Hooters waitress salary 4: Congrats it is your last day of training! Especially when we have rent to pay and textbooks to buy! You will show me what to do.

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Nothing would get done if all we did was argue and bicker back and forth. Walking through the doors of Hooters the day that I went to fill out the application was one of the most nerve-racking experiences. One of the most important things, I feel, needs to be publicized about server pay is the lack of hourly pay we do receive.

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I am sure that they would gladly take it back and get you something different. Never ever rely on someone else to make a tip! I have said this many, many times and I am sure I will say it many, many more, if you cannot afford to tip, do not go somewhere that has servers. Lots and Lots of paper work! We will discuss and you will take your image pledge, basically confirming and agreeing that you will ALWAYS come to work camera ready, no excuses.

They have absolutely no control over how long the food takes to cook. The most important thing I have learned as a part of the Hooters team is that I not only need to respect my fellow Hooters girls, but I NEED to respect the bartenders and the kitchen staff. As Hooters girls we probably do make more than the average server; but some of those fancy steakhouse waiters and waitresses make bank, because the bills are so high!

My favorite part is watching them grow as employees, even after they have completed the four days of training. I, now, understand why; he was seeing how well I could converse with Hooters waitress salary I had never met. As servers, we all have good nights and we all have bad nights, but unfortunately its just part of the job! That rope connecting us gets a little bit longer!

What is the salary for waitress at hooters?

After I rang in his wings one of the cooks pulled me to the side and told me that I had forgotten to ring in his curly fries. But come on now, lets be real, the majority of us are just college students trying to make it through our early twenties with out a HUGE amount of debt, just like any other restaurant. Day 3: That rope connecting us gets longer. Day 2: You will feel a little more comfortable at this point.

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In order to work for Hooters, applicants must stand at least 18 years of age and must possess high school diplomas or GEDs.

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