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Goku and his sons

Goku And His Sons
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Dragon Ball has always been, and likely always will be, the story of Son Goku and his legacy. The Son legacy is very much alive in Dragon Ball. Gohan is a foil to Goku, Goten is a foil to both, and Bardock is essentially the antithesis of Goku. Characters are dynamic and the story around them plays off their strengths and weaknesses.

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Csdabest 1. Krillin and Bulma went as well.

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However, when it comes to family that's an issue. And Tien never sees anybody. What is your point? When did he let him almost get killed. I like him more now that its all over and I can look back on it, I respect him. Yes I can. Leaving Chi-Chi husbandless, and Gohan and the soon-to-be born Goten fatherless. His son was barely a teenager, you can train him all you want but I can definitely fault him for putting the fate of the universe in a kids hands when he clearly wasn't ready, and while he was still more than capable.

Hewhoknowsall Come on Hewhoknowsall So Goku is an evil person who doesn't love his children and all of the many times he saved their lives was just done for some wierd reason? Bitched Slapped Chichi into a house Lol i think he b1tch slapped her through a house wall and into a tree actually.

He never respects his wife's wishes. Like letting their son skip school to train. Kento Originally posted by TheBadguy and at the end of dbz after the 10 years pass, none of his friends even see him for the whole 10 damn years.

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He needed him to be ready to accept that responsibility. In all those years he didn't even bother to comeback and see his son for the first time, he cameback to fight in a tournament. At the end of GT left his son to do Goku. Just to trigger power from his son was a horrible reason for Goku to put Gohan in front of Cell. Gohan wud often aspire to be like his fater, i think many of us a hav. Terryc Originally posted by Csdabest 7.

Gokou is just a bad father and husband. He didn't have much of a choice when he was dead, he couldn't just walk out and return to his life. Let his son almost get killed 4. Let him hang around master rochi many the list goes on Wei Phoenix Originally posted by TheBadguy The only time Goku ever bothered was when the world was in danger. In times of peace either ran off to live with some kid or he was staying dead so he could train and fight in heaven.

Goku: Saves a shameless fraud instead of his own sons when Buu blows up the earth. Goku: Slacks off at Goku and his sons because he's "confident Gohan can beat Cell". Let his son get drunk 2. Let him miss school so he could train to protect the world. Vegeta: Goes berserk when Trunks is killed by Cell. Whats the point of being a stay at home dad taking care of your family when the world is about be destroyed? Let him hang around master rochi many the list goes on 1. You can not fault him for training to be stronger for a couple of reasons. He didn't let him go alone. Let his son miss tons of school 3.

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I can't tell you how annoyed I was that once again Goku was leaving his family and this time it was some bullshit reason like to train with some. It seems like he's always disappearing for long periods of time. In 10 years he had only seen his friends once and they had to come find him, the guy who knows Instant Transmission. Piccolo knew it and Goku eventually realized he was wrong. I didn't like him at all till somewhere in the Buu saga.

Wasn't he hospitalized? GT doesn't count besides they were both grown at the end of GT. When did he slap her? From the beginning he was planning to just throw it all in his kids lap. He pretty much just watched as Gohan was having the shit kicked out of him by Cell, and slacked off during training because he thought Gohan would take the challenge and everything would be alright.

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If he had bothered to actually know his son he would have known that Gohan just isn't that guy. Him saving the day has nothing to do with him being either one of those. Let his son go to namek by himself 5. Including himself, at least 3 people died the day of the tournament.

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Dark-Jaxx Goku is just a social dick, even to his family, his friends as well. He slapped her through a wall, a boulder, and a tree. TheBadguy Originally posted by Wei Phoenix Like I said because he wanted his son to be able to defend the world in case he was to ever die. He can't be that bad of a father if he came back to help his son from the dead.

Goku actually wanted to stay dead, despite what his family and friends would have wanted. Well about that he did it for the the good of the world. I didn't say that, he is a great person, totally selfless yadda yadda yadda, but he was just a terrible father and an even worse husband.

He didn't do it on purpose and he didn't realize how shitty he was in those roles but he still was. Like I said because he wanted his son to be able to defend the world in case he was to ever die. Against Cell he bs'd his way through, he didn't even try. You do know that he didn't have enough fuel in Frieza's ship to go so he had to learn how to IT and train at whatever planet he was at?

Seeing as how the only reunion they had was five years before EoZ that wasn't shown, which Gokou didn't go to anyway. He's as bad as Gokou when it comes to that stuff. He knew that he may die against Cell hence the night of sex for Goten. I mean, seriously, she asks him not to do something, he'll do it anyway. There was some reason why he didn't go at first. Originally posted by Csdabest 1. When Goku went through a mass amount of suffering with Cell, Gohan's power could have been unleashed because his need to aid to his father would have given him the edge he needed to take go SSJ2 and take on Cell.

He left and never talked to anybody as soon as Gokou died. And in times of peace he doesn't even talk with his friends since at the beginning of Z they didn't even know he had a 4 year Goku and his sons son.

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What about how he saved Gohan's life during the Namek, Freiza, Android, Cell games and bassinet every saga? When did he let Gohan get drunk? Satan are also. Bitched Slapped Chichi into a house 8.

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Though the only true friend he actually has is probably Chiaotzu anyway though and they are always together. TheBadguy Originally posted by Kento And in times of peace he doesn't even talk with his friends since at the beginning of Z they didn't even know he had a 4 year old son. Vegeta: Sacrifices himself in an attempt to destroy Majin Buu for the sake of his family and friends. Namek is supposed to be a peaceful planet they didn't know Frieza would bet there.

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TheBadguy Originally posted by Hewhoknowsall So Goku is an evil person who doesn't love his children and all of the many times he saved their lives was just done for some wierd reason? Left him fatherless for years to come 6. Sayains in general are probably meant to be like that but even Vegeta adapted eventually.

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He had to make sure he was strong enough to take on any challenge that comes his way. Let's compare how they react when their sons are in mortal danger. While alive, if the universe isn't about to get blown up, the guy with Instant Transmission who can pinpoint people weaker than alot of his friends from across the universe, can't spare some time to go see them.

She's her son too. Bulma and Vegeta had to come find him. Hewhoknowsall Why? BradBalboa Goku is a awsome fater to his sons, hes not always there for te litle things but the guy has to sae the universe!! Although it was cool to see Gohan go SSJ2, Goku should have been at the front the entire time, gave himself time to heal and fought him to his last breath. He knew Gohan's potential and figured that if he couldn't do it then Gohan was the next best person for the job so he trained him in order to do it.

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Son Goku has long been not only one of the most popular characters introduced in the Shonen series of Dragon Ball, but one of the most popular characters in anime period, with one mother vying for the title of "mother of the year," by transforming her son into the legendary Saiyan.

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Fans have gotten the chance to watch Goku, the iconic protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, grow from a young boy to a man, creating a growing family of his own with his wife Chi Chi.

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Son Goku has always been at the center of Dragon Ball.

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Son Goku is the lead in the Dragon Ball series, and one of the most recognizable anime characters in the westusually with spiky black hair and his trademark orange and blue gi.

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The Dragon Ball franchise is about Goku, plain and simple.