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Girlfriend pranks boyfriend cheating

Girlfriend Pranks Boyfriend Cheating
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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. Love is patient; love is kind, prank your husband every time.

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Maybe send one more with an apology saying you'll give him his space but you'll be there whenever he's ready to talk to you and then leave it.

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Now he's just ignoring me completely and I tried apologizing a million times. Either he hates you and feels you're insensitive I would or he was cheating and is very happy right now. I tried to I sent him multiple texts and I was really sincere with my apologies but he hasn't replied or called me or anything since that incident.

He's a Scorpio so they do feel hurt more than others I always forget that.

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Damn I guess that's what I get for assuming he was cheating and he really wasn't buy his reaction I'll just give him space for now I know eventually well have to talk cuz of the baby so maybe I'll just wait till then. You should probably explain how your intentions were not negative and were misguided. I did take responsibility for it I apologized to him a million times but he's just ignoring me now completely.

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Note : this might be an amusing prank to me. Evidently not.

Gf pranks boyfriend cheating

No it wasn't and do you think he will come back to me? I feel sorry for you but at least in the future, no matter what guy you are with you'll know better than to do that. He needs to kinda reevaluate what he thought he meant to you. And only wanted to play with him.

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Give him the time and space he needs. You make me sick honestly. The logic escapes me. I know that. He can either chose to forgive you and try and put it behind you two, which, if the baby wasn't a concern, probably wouldn't happen, or he can leave you like you deserve.

Yeah I never thought about it like that until I made this post, I'm really in a depressed mode rn the last thing I wanted to become was a single mother over this bs hopefully he does but honestly I feel like he's not so Blonde Couldn't have said it better! And that explains why he's better off with someone else than with you.

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Stuff like that can really destroy trust. Do not try to justify it. Omggggg wtfff I just want him back already I wish I never did it!

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It's not like I really cheated tho I get why he's upset but damn it's was just a joke! You intended to pull a harmless prank that backfired. In couple arguments i find its best to 1.

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Yeah your so right I feel like shit right now I hope he just comes back to me I will never pull this shit on anyone I love again I wasn't even thinking at the time. What do you think is going through his mind right about now? Do you think there's anything I could do to fix this? I really want things to work out between us I love him to death but I'm accepting that he might never come back to me again. To him, it was real for a while so it'll probably take him time to forgive you. He is doing the right thing and taking care of himself.

Say it was horrible.

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It wasn't a harmless prank. The only thing you can do is write him a letter saying that it was a horrible thing to do, a horrible betrayal of trust, and that you will never ever ever do it again. You're selfish and if he dumps you, you've only yourself to blame. He needs time and space to recover.

State how this will change your behavior in the future. Girlfriend pranks boyfriend cheating on what you could lose over a silly prank. Say there is no excuse and you don't know what you were thinking. Yeah your right I will write him a letter hopefully he does forgive and we can move forward You can't fix it since you destroyed your credibility and showed that you are heartless and don't care about his feelings.

Did you even consider the repercussions of this so-called prank when it turns out he wasn't cheating on you? All you can do is ride out on the hope that his sense of familial obligation as a father to your child rule out against the pain and distrust you brought into your relationship. Although, I'm a little surprised that you two are having a baby together and you don't know his threshold. I think he has we haven't talk since then he's ignoring all my phone calls and texts messages and he has told his family to let me know he doesn't want to talk to me.

The very nature of this question proves that you're trying to deflect responsibility for it. Yeah I been blowing up his phone with text messages and calls all day and he hasn't sent me back nothing I really love him I hope he forgives me and comes back I will never do anything like this again. Even if you tear your hair out waiting, wait. Even if he cheated there's no way between you guys to have a normal conversation about it?

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Love him up and reassure him you care about him and honestly sorry. Deal with it. Don't be so down on yourself. But that's the "if anything will work, this might" answer.

Girl pranks her boyfriend by prentending to cheat on him

I realize it's hurtful, I'm just emphasizing that she didn't mean it to be. Yeah that's true and i guess I just wanted to see what his reaction would be it was very immature looking back on it now but I think it's to late. I'm already dying over here over it.

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I'm madly in love with him but I feel like I'm losing him. I swear if I knew it would end like this I would have never!

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The fate of your relationship is in his hands now. I think you could probably still fix it, though. Do not try to excuse it. See that he gets it, and then back off. I tend to agree, it's unlikely to work, and he really deserves better.

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Let me be blunt here, it is anything but good. I really do feel like shit and his birthday is on Sunday. I do care about how he feels I was just blinded by thinking he was cheating on me. I still haven't heard anything from him since lastnight and I apologized multiple times.

Thanks for the honesty tho. Think on what you did. I have apologized to him already multiple times expressing that I know I was wrong and I will never do it again Best not to crowd him then. It's not a joke. Idenify what went wrong 2. Then give him space and hope he is the bigger person and can forgive you.

I like to be the peacemaker too.

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Do you think this is fixable between us or did I just ruin the whole relationship? Aknowledge how you couldve behaved differently 3. Yeah that makes sense should I send him another message like that it should I wait until he responds to the millions I already sent? I think that repeatedly barraging him with questions will just push him away. Give him time to get over it but also agree that you were wrong. Yeah I did. Wait for him to contact you. Yeah, you know what you did was fucked, but you want other people to come and tell you it wasn't and to throw him under the bus for overreacting so you'll feel better about yourself.

You had to take the risk of hurting him so bad by pulling off this retarded prank?

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I don't either and honestly I don't know I just felt like he was cheating on me due to other reasons and I just thought the only way of finding out was to pull this prank and see if he comes clean but I was terribly wrong and I think I fucked up the best thing I ever had. You fucked majorly with his feelings, he's going to be feeling very betrayed right now and going to be wondering whether he can trust you at all. He needs to figure out what he want do himself.

It's cruel. He's obviously upset with you, so I'd give it a few hours then go down and see him. Yeah i like to be a understanding guy when it comes to relationships no matter what it is. This is like the biggest mistake of my life I just lost the best thing I ever had! Even if this is going to be "alright" it's never going to be alright. I'm over here single and I would never do that to the person I loved. Tell him you didn't mean to hurt him like that.

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This girlfriend pulled the ultimate prank on her boyfriend.