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Future diary happy end

Future Diary Happy End


One day, Yukiteru discovers that his cell phone "diary" can now tell him the events of the future. The problem is, eleven others also have similar diaries, and only one can win this Survival Game. The winner becomes a god.

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When Yuki is first informed about the rules of the death game, it comes as a surprise to him, but not to any of the other participants ; in fact, more than a handful of them seem to already be aware of and participating in the game. The only trouble is this brings up a major question. God can't raise the dead, and she clearly isn't immortal since Yuki is able to kill her with a knife. Although she appears to die after she s forces with Yuno and Yuki, the ninth diary holder is saved by Deus at the last moment.

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We find out later that the police correctly suspected Yuki's teacher but didn't catch him before he was killed. First World Yuno The Yuno we follow for most of the series is god, and though she hides it when her identity is finally revealed she's hardly all powerful. Future Diary is an anime that has garnered a cult following and a lot of acclaim; blending action, horror, science fiction and romance more or less effortlessly.

What is happy end?

If he was so highly suspected how come nobody found his diary, or searched his phone, or even held him for questioning? We know for sure that she didn't die and come back since not even god can revive those that have died. How did Yuno expect to kill them when the gas couldn't fill the room?

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By Sage Miller Published Aug 20, Share Share Tweet 0. He's defeated in the first episode and holds little bearing on the series as a whole but his very existence speaks to the incompetence of the police department. Fans of the anime accept a lot of the things Yuno does throughout the show based on the fact that she's god and from the future. The Twelfth helped to de the game's rules so in his case it makes sense but why did Deus not tell them all at the same time? This comes up right near the show's beginning and seems like a pretty major oversight.

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The victor of the death game comes away with what could be considered the ultimate prize. Yuno travels back in time, flies, throws things with her mind, and seems to have enhanced physical capabilities but that's it. With incredibly memorable characters and bizarre twists and turns that keep the viewer's eyes glued to the screen trying to figure out just how it's all going to end. Sage Miller is a freelance Canadian writer and voice actor who's work has been published in several short story anthologies for horror. Yuki is no exception as by the show's ending, he is cold, bitter, and willing to kill anybody who gets in his way.

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The exact nature of the diaries is unclear but often when a character is asleep or trapped, their diary only shows that they are asleep or trapped. Yuno traps his friends in a room that slowly begins filling with gas.

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The 10 Strangest Anime Characters Ever. What exactly was the plan here? So really what's the point? What it can't explain is how she got away with the murder of her parents. Despite this mass terror attack, the students are just relocated to a new school one month later and little else is said of the incident. It's a major plot hole that could easily have been mended with only a line or two of added dialogue.

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Yuki has been keeping his diary for some time, noting everything that happens around him, and Yuno has been stalking Yuki for just around a year when the Death Game starts. If he's constantly observing and recording his surroundings one would think that he'd have noticed the pink-haired girl following him everywhere.

This le tragically to the show's ending where he is the only thing that exists in an empty universe although his actions rippled into the third timeline and gave everybody His third timeline counterpart included a happy ending.

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In fact, Yuki's mother doesn't even mention this when she comes back home. The OVA however spells the whole thing out in saccharine detail taking away whatever poignancy the original ending may have had. In the middle of the show when she's holding Yuki prisoner. That being said, this guy kept a diary of the actions of his victims as well as how he killed them and he'd been keeping this diary for a while.

Happy end - unhappy end

Part of what makes Yuno and Yuki such a great team is the compatibility of their diaries. How in the world did Yuki not notice Yuno before this? Yuno always knows what's happening with Yuki, and Yuki always knows what's happening around himself. How this works is unclear as the diary was being kept before Yuno became god, this would imply that Yuno was somehow able to track Yuki's whereabouts at every hour of every day including in the middle of the night when he's asleep.

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Surely somebody would have looked for them after even a few days of being missing. They become god. It can also lay claim to popularizing the 'Yandere' character trope with the much-beloved character of Yuno Gasai. By the time the fight between the three of them is finished, most of the building is reduced to rubble and several students and teachers died in the attack.

Or at least why did he give Yuki that kind of a disadvantage when he later claims that Yuki was always his favorite of the contestants? Very few of the characters in the show start as bad people, instead the circumstances of their life push them further and further until eventually they turn to cruelty and violence to gain some semblance of control over their life before they are defeated or killed.

If Yuno's parents were just regular people then their disappearance might go unnoticed for quite some Future diary happy end, but the bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition when Yuki finds them and not only that but Yuno's parents are the owner's of the city's biggest bank! Sage Miller 11 Articles Published Sage Miller is a freelance Canadian writer and voice actor who's work has been published in several short story anthologies for horror.

Which begs a big question: How exactly did Yuki win the game?

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In fact, Ninth who is given a fraction of Deus' power seems to have exactly the same abilities that Yuno does. The second diary holder to attack our protagonists, Ninth rigs Yuki and Yuno's entire high school with explosives. Related Topics Lists future diary. And what was she going to do about the gas filtering into her own control room? Their passions mostly lie in table top roleplaying games and trading card games. The show has an open ending that perhaps Yuno finds her way back to him.

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The police arrange a manhunt for Ninth but a tragedy on that scale has much more of an impact. There are a lot of themes that persist throughout the narrative of Future Diarybut arguably the most consistent is the theme of succumbing to evil. However, as with any time travel story, the narrative isn't going to be perfectly constructed and nearly ten years after the anime originally aired fans are still scratching their head about some of the show's plot holes.

Yuno and Yuki's homeroom teacher is both a prolific serial killer and the third diary holder. On the flip-side, Yuno doesn't seem to be particularly intelligent when it comes to killing Yuki's friends. There's just one problem: God doesn't seem to be all that special.

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It explains how she is as fast and strong as she is without any physical training, and it also explains how she knows many of the outcomes of her fights in advance. The group escape because not only does the room have an air vent, but that air vent le directly to the room where Yuno is hiding. If Deus perhaps did something to nullify her position in the game then it's never explicitly mentioned, she simply shows up later having been rescued from death.

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