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Fuck al sharpton

Fuck Al Sharpton


Now I know that some times he gets and not every single word out of his mouth is poison to the well of justice and good will between people but most of the time IT IS! Everybody else- please know that he does not represent all Black people in America and there are those of us who wish he could sit down and shut up! Stay behind the scenes and make things happen like old man Jesse Jackson and other activist and leaders that made change happen without standing up at every slightly public gathering and funeral to to do it. I cant stand those 3 guys!

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ed Apr 25, Messages 20, Reactions 63, 1, AlleybuxAl Shaprton still has pull with African Americans and people have to respect that. He has even been seen in the club here in NYpopping bottles with young girls at his table listening to the same music that he feels degrades women and has no substance. But at the same time we love to say Oprah is for "middle class white women" and she's anti-black, just because that's what we heard, and that's what's being said.

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This man was almost died, when an white person stabbed Sharpton in the chest, because his friends were going to jail, of the murder of Yusef Hawkins. The first thing I would have said was, "example please", give me an example of what your saying about Al. He would have become nervous and flustered because he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

Status Not open for further replies. We have a Stupid Generation And it's even worst because within this generation we allow and stand by the dumbest people in the world speaking out.

10 non-rappers lil wayne has beefed with in the past

Lil Wayne is on drugs in a way that is beyond recreational use. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Lil Wayne is from the south. Log in. What the hell has Lil Wayne done for this race, but continue to put out negative influences, in turn God makes his soul heavy which explains his drug use, isn't he suppose to be at his freest?

Wayne is wrong!

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Who interviews these artist? ed Aug 1, Messages 2, Reactions 4, 6 1 Alleybux 0. This is the scenario for most of these guys. Just like if you asked people of this generation, "tell me some of the topics Oprah has had on her show". When that poor girl Fuck al sharpton south was raped and forced to eat feces and held captive for days I didn't hear him open his mouth and he still hasn't.

Install the app. When there is black on black crime out here in the community he doesn't say anything either but of course when the cops do it and he can get media attention thats when he comes running. That's why these guys constantly lash out at others and stay high all the time. Aren't most of these guys, but God doesn't let them be free, he lays the problems on thick, and they become confused because they are making money.

ed Aug 14, Messages 6, Reactions 17, 60 Alleybux 16, ed Jun 18, Messages 3, Reactions 5, 7 AlleybuxMaui Wowie. I know in New York this is the case. I can go on and on. Home New Posts Trending Featured. Say what you want about his "tactics", but I can't name 5 other prominent African Americans that bring important news to us about us on a daily basis. A said:.

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Search forums. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. Some southerners don't stand up to fight for nothing.

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ed Nov 25, Messages 2, Reactions 9, 2 Alleybux 35, ed Feb 21, Messages 4, Reactions 9, 5 2 Alleybux 33, Even though Al Sharpton comes off as an opportunist at times. They must be "ass kissers". Fugg parties and entertainment all the time!

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Guest Star. ed Nov 14, Messages 1, Reactions 3, 1 Alleybux 56, I can't stand Al Sharpton either, but he's absolutely right. ed Feb 10, Messages Reactions 1, Alleybux 70, All he knows is what he heard, all he's saying is what he hears others within this generation say so in turn it contibutes to them consiously or subconsioucsly relating to him.

Say what you want about his "tactics", but I can't name 5 other prominent African Americans that bring important news to us about us on a daily basis on a national level. The south doesn't even come out and vote. New posts.

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This generation doesn't need an ignorant Lil Wayne, they need jesus. Search only containers. Never think they are happy and carefree, you can make money, but money doesn't help the toll your spirit is taking because you know your' not right and highlighting negative influences without a show of their consequences. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. You are using an out of date browser.

Al sharpton fires back at lil wayne: "he doesn't even say anything substantive."

ed Jun 24, Messages 77, Reactions4, 1, AlleybuxNiether of them say anything substantive ed Feb 21, Messages 7, Reactions 30, 14 6 Alleybux 90, ed Dec 9, Messages 3, Reactions 9, 28 30 Alleybux 62, Click to expand Fortune Hunter. ed Dec 8, Messages 3, Reactions 5, 14 6 Alleybux 32, Sharpton has done alot for blacks, i was there when Sharpton protested in the Yusef Hawkins, murder back in the late 80s. ed Jun 3, Messages 26, Reactions 97, 5 9 Alleybux 18, What he says is comedy from here on end. Not to take away anything from what he did during the civil rights movement, I'm just saying that people change and back then he may have been doing that out of the goodness of his heart but I no longer think he does.

Why would I speak down on this man who could be my father and has put energy into this race I can't and haven't put in. Al Sharpton is an opportunist, yeah he comes to people's aid but only when the case will get him some shine.

Search titles only. Raffles Active raffles Closed raffles. ed Apr 18, Messages 6, Reactions 4, 2 1 Alleybux 20, Sharpton has been leading marches against the degradation of women in music, a Gallup poll released last Fuck al sharpton revealed that Rev. The album, a concept project detailing the use of the word in popular culture, was condemned by Sharpton and threats of boycotts resulted in the album now being untitled.

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They wouldn't know. Most of the other activists I know about only have local or regional audiences. I don't agree with every approach Al has, but I know he walked during the Civil Rights movement and cares in his own way.

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ed Jul 18, Messages 7, Reactions 14, Alleybux 39, I have the album and thought the attack on Al came out of left field. Thread starter cheyanne Start date Jun 12, Tags lil wayne. Therefore, I take what he says with a grain of salt. On the real: If I ever get assaulted by the po-po's, Rev. NikiiBabie said:. ed Aug 13, Messages 2, Reactions 2, 2 Alleybux 90, Sharpton has been leading marches against the degradation of women in music ed Mar 28, Messages Reactions Alleybux 72, I see both sides of this but I am gonna go with Wayne on this.

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Latest activity. ed Dec 21, Messages 43, Reactions4, 1, AlleybuxMore promo for Lil Wayne lol. ed Jan 20, Messages 66, Reactions2, Alleybux 54, For once, I think I agree with Al. ed Dec 30, Messages 5, Reactions 9, 5 Alleybux 62, LOL, Get him Wayne. I like Al. He's one of the few people out there holding the music industry able. I can see not watching Oprah or not understanding Al, but these are our elders and we need to learn some respect, we have none. ed Apr 28, Messages 3, Reactions 14, Alleybuxed Aug 19, Messages 4, Reactions 12, 32 7 AlleybuxI love Rev.

Quiet as it's kept, the news on the Jena 6, Genarlow Wilson and Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo for that matter wouldn't have broken in the Black and white community without people like Rev. Sharpton and Attorney Warren Ballentine bringing these issues to the Fuck al sharpton.

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