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Fatal frame sexy

Fatal Frame Sexy


The Fatal Frame games have always been scary. They've been kind of sexy, too. But the latest entry is, flat out, being called an erotic game by Japanese Wii U owners. Team Ninja? Is that you in there, fondling- err, fiddling around with the "frame" of our protagonists?

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I also always fight scary ghosts to the death while wearing a soaking-wet bathing suit, so I can respect the level of realism on show here. There's way too much conflicting info. Oh the Nintendo costumes didn't make it, so I guess that means the Wii U version is the definitive version, just like Mario Maker with the mystery mushroom! I can see the Zelda and Samus costumes getting modded in for sure!

Do you consider the fatal frame sexy outfit alterations censorship?

I'm still hoping there's some kind of physical edition, I'll still give it a shot regardless as I loved the series and even if this one is apparently fairly divisive I am more than willing to give it a shot. Or the PC version, as someone said. PBandSmelly that's pretty racist of you to smear an entire country like that. Baffles me why this is needed in a horror game. Don't quite make up for the loss of the d Nintendo outfits.

Removed for wii u localization

Kreko Of the game or the costumes? Way better than random Nintendo-themed clothing. PBandSmelly That's not exclusive to Japan. And if you don't think thats worse, I take it you out of equality expect the same level of perfection and flawlesness out of any game pandering to them. - your guide to game, tv and movie releases

Yuri's punk costume is the best one by a mile Even eyeliner can't save it. Oh well… 5. In the upcoming Switch port the game originally launched on Wii U back inthe original lineup of costumes has been "slightly altered," with new costumes for Yuri, Miu and Ren also being added.

Staff Profile Twitter Reply. Still some good costumes that aren't overly skimpy. Sounds like this game is digital only which is quite disappointing I really want to buy this game, but if it's digital only, I'll probably wait until it's on sale.

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I was not expecting that. PBandSmelly Its not necessary needed, just a nice bonus. ChromaticDracula Nah, skimpy outfits you unlock by completing the game does not make it about boobies. Never played Fatal Frame EVIL-C Yeah I need someone to produce an in-depth video or article comparing all the differences between every version of this game.

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It has some really scary scenes and admosphere. Wish the Zelda and Samus ones were in here but oh well. Tap here to load 71 comments. To the dumb dumbs who don't play these games but complain about fanservice, you can't use any of these costumes until you beat the game. Ah yeah now I see that. KayFiOS They're different costumes. It's not even in the NA or JP comming soon section on the eshop, so I can't even tell if the JP version supports english, in case they end up getting it physical.

That was wild. Its not like we know how perfect these new releases will be before it actually releases. I'm really disappointed too. Earlier this month, translations revealed that series producer Keisuke Kikuchi would "love" for the potential success of Fatal frame sexy new Maiden of Black Water port to lead to a new entry in the franchise.

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I guess this stuff sells, at least to teenage boys who for some reason are unaware that Google exists. Wish they kept the Zelda and Samus outfits for the Switch version.

Recent comments

Vexx What makes it suck and what makes the others good? I remember they had to replace the swimsuit costumes with Zero Suit Samus and Zelda costumes overseas, so are these the same costumes? I am already buying this game on Switch. Are the swimsuit costumes new?

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EVIL-C I thought it looked a bit off, the de on the web very much looks like the download codes for sale I used to see in convenience stories back in Japan. I'm assuming since they apparently had tons of time to faff about making the weaboos happy that the game is literally without any faults, yes? I don't remember seeing that type of fanservice in for example Professor Layton.

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If they can release Musou games physically here and everywhere else why not this? Would have been better if you could take of those shirts, but its ok. They don't even have finalized boxart yet, and there's not even a PS5 listing anywhere. And its not like every female character is made to be sexy by the company that created.

TheDanslator Could be worse, they could pandered Fatal frame sexy the sjws. Yeah I could be wrong but the title is:. I've yet to even preorder, cause I don't feel comfortable because I don't know what I'm getting. But it's Japan, they can't go 5 seconds without sexualizing every female in existence. No Babymetal for you! Still really disappointing the original gravure costumes got censored out of this version Sony check, I'm looking at you.

Can't have any faults in game pandering to them, right? It's in Japanese but you can Google translate it, it's near the bottom of the inbetween the two cero d ratings. There's no better way to hunt ghosts than in a wet bikini! Just because someone can google something does not mean its not nice to have in a game too. TheFrenchiestFry Jackpaza No, those costumes aren't in this version. I can make out the writing as well. I feel like that's done properly Enjoy the core game first then have some fun. Its just a nice little bonus. Punk costume is pretty rad but mostly these are fairly bland.

Can't find anything to suggest that there is any English support here either, but my kanji is very rusty and I didn't notice any comments on language, to be fair.

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Maybe the Japanese release will have more costumes? Oh well….

Tgs fatal frame: maiden of black water resurrects the series’ trademark chills

Honestly, glad you are set up to play it the way it's supposed to be played by default first. I honestly don't care about the skimpy costumes. I just feel that the Switch is an ideal platform considering it WAS a Wii U exclusive and maybe the controls from the Wii U could work on switch but idk for sure.

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Koei Temco says that Fatal frame sexy the characters' costumes will let you experience the game's investigations in different ways. Hold on there, you need to to post a comment Let's take a look, shall we? Wish the yellow and black bikinis did not have shirts over them and that their bikini panties were smaller. Sorry, gonna be playing this one on PC Ya but it gets to a point where the game becomes about boobies and skimpy outfits rather than horror. I hope the game ends up with a modding community and they mod back in the cut costumes.

That type of portrayal of women in horror films have been around the US and some European countries since the 's. So they brought back the "barely a costume" costumes from the japanese version? If anything, Japan was inspired from western influences in this particular case, and have carried that over to horror games with all their homages to the horror genre.

Tobiaku Well that's good then.

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I really hope they have a domestic physical release and not have Playasia as the only option. TheFrenchiestFry oh boy. The only ver I don't have yet is the US. Now I'm thinking about buying it digital just to get the Zelda ect costume.

Sorry, fatal frame removing sexy costumes is not censorship

In a new batch of screenshots released for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterKoei Tecmo has unveiled several new outfits that will be available for the game's protagonists. Sony gonna censor this. At least the lack of Nintendo costumes are understandable.

No Kirisaki, no Mega Man, no Sonic, you get nothing! That's what I heard Dr. Venkman telling a coed, anyway. This mix of cheesecake outfits and callback outfits from earlier games in the series is actually pretty good.

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Censorship is a word that seems to be getting a lot of use these days, especially in the realm of video games.

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One character is making the jump from the Dead or Alive series to Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maidenand naturally the focus on the character de is what has made the former such a success.

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A few of the game's sexier costumes for the main protagonists that were in the original Japanese release was omitted when it was localized here in the States, replaced by special outfits inspired by Zelda and Samus.

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As the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series have started to stray and stumble in maintaining survival horror, Maiden of Black Water ups the frights.

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The game features a rather well known scene in which protagonist Miu Hinasaki takes part in a mock pin-up photo shoot while wearing a revealing outfit and expressing her feelings on the fake nature of her job in a cryptic monologue.