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Fallout 4 gen 1 synth

Fallout 4 Gen 1 Synth


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There is so much amazing storytelling potential in the concept of synths, and so many people run around completely confused about it! These infiltrator synths are loyal to the Institute and completely aware of what they are and what their mission is.

Transitioning from her robotic body to her synth body, Curie complains about the sudden physiological needs that she feels for the first time:. My personal take: I……. Wasteland wear and tear plainly leaves scars and wrinkles on synths. Those who show tenacity, fearlessness and independence undergo a rigorous training regimen.

Some escape to the surface and either head out on their own or seek the Railroad for help. Roger Warwick, Art, and Mayor McDonough were built to exactly resemble their human counterparts and take their place after the human was abducted by the Institute and experimented on or murdered.

All other old synths are still operating on their original programming, mindless robots that attack all enemies of the Institute indiscriminately. There is some implication that this is because Barbara was a synth. Otherwise, literally every synth would just look like Shaun, and they would just be clones.

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Second, we know that the Institute makes small and subtle improvements in synths all the time. Gen-3 synths are fully organic, made from lab-grown human bones, flesh, and organs. However, the vast majority of gen-3s we encounter are not meant to replace anybody. But we have a few things to consider in this equation. Apparently, there is no functioning medical equipment in existence that can detect a synth component, as Danse spends well over 10 years under the medical supervision of the Brotherhood of Steel and they absolutely never catch onto the fact he has one.

They are created with their own individual appearances and genetics, meant to serve as experiments or laborers within the Institute. Deacon says that he and Barbara were trying to have children, but were unable to conceive. And hey, look how juicy and angsty it is!

So gen-3s can eat food, drink water, and dispose of waste like humans do. Nick and DiMA both have free will, human-level intelligence, and are no longer bound to programming.

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Some gen-3s are created to replace a certain human person. So keep our dear Mr. And with that, we shall continue! The Institute is also planning to replace all their gen-2s with gen-3s, a process that would be very stupid if it meant they would also have to feed these workers.

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I am hungry, I am sleepy. But there are other reasons why Deacon and Barbara could have fertility troubles— this is a setting totally covered in radiation, so low fertility is likely a society-wide problem in the wasteland. In canon, gen-3 synths are different from gen-2s in every way but name.

He was not intended to be released onto the surface, nor was he the same as the gen-3s who came after him. Though synths do feel physiological urges, we have no evidence they are regularly given food or scheduled time to sleep. With so little information to go on, you could really go any way you like with little Shaun, how he works, and what his future will look like. The synth component allows them to receive programming in the form of data.

Fallout dialogue — synth eyes (prototype, gen 1, gen 2, gen 3)

Curie: All of these bodily functions. Coursers, elite gen-3 synths used by the Institute as hunters and special agents, are on a whole other level from other gen-3s.

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As Nick tells us, he is a gen-2 synth in all but mind— a special prototype to test if synths could operate with a personality. It could also be that Father just never intends for him to grow up, planning to keep him around as with the same whimsy with which he created him. So essentially, gen-3 synths are just 3D-printed humans with a piece of plastic in their brains.

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The Institute uses this to as synths the knowledge they need to perform certain jobs and otherwise mold and shape the synths into whatever task they need them for. But rather than being simply mindwiped, these candidates undergo a particularly severe transformation— having their brains surgically opened and later rewritten with a more fittingly loyal personality.

So the purpose of this post is to outline exactly what canon says about gen-3 synths— the concrete facts as stated in the lore. The list goes on. Fully mechanical, programmed to follow a set of orders, built to perform menial tasks for the Institute. There goes our comfy cognitive dissonance!

The real question here is whether you believe that the Institute would create synths capable of reproducing.

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I have provided a bit of discussion around each topic as well as my own interpretations if I have one. We know that they sleep, and even that they dream. On the other hand, the Institute may have not bothered making synths sterile. The ONLY thing gen-2s and 3s have in common structurally is the synth component, the hardware that allows the Institute to access their brains.

So though gen-3s have been programmed to get hungry and tired and experience all the other wonderful joys of a human body needing maintenance, the Institute either A. Humans share The traits that make us different individuals come down to that measly. Except like, philosophically, maaaaaan. As we read on Institute terminals, Mr. Carter was a very early prototype for what would later become the gen-3 synths.

And so is our buddy Nick Valentine. Ayo: The SRB constantly monitors our gen-3 synth population, looking for specific traits. Fallout 4 gen 1 synth Institute seems to want to use the synth body as an improvement on humans, which could include a longer and healthier lifespan. These issues are raised in the game for players to ponder on, not given a canon answer. Though a terminal states that Father eliminated the program to create cybernetics for humans, there is nothing to suggest anybody has qualms about installing it on synths.

We teach them armed and unarmed combat, investigative techniques, psychology and mechanical skills. Other than these small adjustments and Coursers, more on that later gen-3 synths are physiologically no different from humans.

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The question is, do they need to do any of that stuff? But it seems unlikely that regular gen-3 synths cannot age at all. According to scumbag SRB scientist Dr. Ayo mentions that gen-3s on whom this process is unsuccessful are destroyed so, either the process goes wrong, or if the synth develops free will again. But basically, these questions are either vague or open-ended, so you can come up with whatever the hell theories or ideas you want. Installing these cybernetics is said to be quite painful, as is, likely, the process of having your physical body altered via whatever magic science the Institute uses.

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Or perhaps Deacon or Barbara had personal medical issues that made having children difficult. Does Shaun really not have the capability to grow up? And of course, the Institute is extremely stupid. The rest have their memories wiped and return to their former duties. I keep saying this but god damn, holy fucking shit, Institute.

The discoveries of the consonants — gen-3 synths: what canon does and does not

How do you keep track of them all? My personal take: Yeah, sure, maybe a little bit, iunno. Which, of course they do. Forced Evolutionary Virus aka FEV- the same thing that makes super mutants was used to create a variety of genes for the other. Many players miss basic facts about what synths are, what they can and cannot do, how they function and how they are made. Furthermore, as we find out in the Covenant quest, synth flesh is indistinguishable from human flesh down to the cellular level. Other than that shared original DNA also shared with literally every other human in existence, there is no special biological relationship between Shaun, synths, or the Sole Survivor.

He mentions being immune to radiation and able to easily repair himself, advantages that come from existing in a fully mechanical body.

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Unless it is obviously Fallout 4 gen 1 synth that the gen-3 in question is meant to be a replacement, every synth in the game falls under this latter category— Sturges, Magnolia, Glory, Danse, G Curieetc. It is also extremely unlikely that synths could be sexually active within the Institute, given the amount of scrutiny they are under, so maybe the scientists assumed that was enough birth control. We have to consider him separately than we do the adult gen-3s and there is room for interpretation on both.

We know that the candidate has a Courser chip implanted in their brains, but then why are Coursers so much faster and stronger than normal? Second of all, Curie tells us they do. Essentially, gen-1 and gen-2 synths are fancy robots. Someone would obviously know that something was wrong with them if they spent their entire lives never feeling hungry or needing to sleep.

There is a LOT of misunderstanding floating around about gen-3 synths. But we know from scumbag SRB scientist Dr. Ayo that Coursers are not simply made that way. Healing a little quicker, avoiding getting sick, and more easily fighting off infections are all massively helpful in the longterm goal of not dying. Those who pass a final evaluation become Coursers. But I think a lot of misinformation about synths comes from people equating what Nick says about himself to ALL synths. I had to put this down in this section because this is speculation on my part… though not at all unwarranted.

We also have cases like Danse, who has been in the Brotherhood for well over a decade— someone would have noticed if he had somehow not aged at all in over 10 years. Unlike the above points, there is no discussion at all about the lifespan of synths. It is possible for a gen-3 not to know they are a synthwhich means that they have to function exactly the same as humans in terms of getting tired, injured, hungry, etc.

There are no tests, medical or psychological, that can tell a gen-3 apart from a human.

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Falloutas a franchise, has always been a series about telling stories from the post-apocalyptic world it takes place in.

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Here are the links to each of them:.

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As humans of the Commonwealth recover their humanity and civilization ever so slowly, a more capable and advanced life form threatens their existence in Fallout 4 — synths.

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Enables you to play as a synth.

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Synths, created by the mysterious Institute, are cybernetic organisms deed to resemble humans.