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Fallout 4 explore the combat zone

Fallout 4 Explore The Combat Zone


The Fallout 4 map isn't as big as Fallout 76's, but it's still packed with interesting and memorable locations. Most of these locations are tied to quests, but there are a few you'll stumble across just while exploring.

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His quests are part of the main storyline if you choose to side with the Institute that is.

General fallout 4 companion tips and tricks

This is also when you acquire your first Power Armor. His quests are definitely worth playing through. He uses Rifles and will generally batter your foes if they get too close to him. Preston Garvey is very much a meme of Fallout 4.

The 10 best fallout 4 locations

To be fair to him, he has basically no human emotion, though he does enjoy it when you hurt others. He does pack some heat with Laser Rifles, though. Our Fallout 4 best companion list covers the top ten companions in the game.

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Her comebacks are also brilliant. These NPCs are the ultimate assistants in both combat and Wasteland exploration. Like Curie, Cait is a romance option in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4: explore the combat zone

I always find that Nick Valentine lacks a little in the combat department. Affinity Perk: None, but you are able to have the Lone Wanderer perk with him equipped as a companion. Nick is involved in a of main quests and has his own very interesting ones as well. Her quests are fascinating and explore more of the niche concepts in Fallout 4. Affinity Perk: Killshot — Increases your chance of hitting an enemy in V. MacCready is one of the darker companions you can pick up. I found myself laughing at the game when I had her as my companion.

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I do believe that you, like many other players, have probably missed at least one of them, though. With that said, I love having Dogmeat with me in a playthrough.

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This is one of my personal favorite companions. After a while, it just gets too boring and dull, forcing players like me to bench him for the rest of the game.

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She has more dialogue lines than most and has something to say about almost everything the player does. His aim is good, but he does very little damage. He prefers you to treat others poorly, which will raise his reputation with him. You can even send him out to pick up some stuff by command.

The rocket shed

This guy needs a little introduction. With Cait by your side, no lock poses a threat. Perfect if you want to keep that Power Armor running.

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She looks like a Mr. Handy robot but can be transferred to a Synth Body later in the game. Cait is a cage fighter who lives in Combat Zone As a companion, Strong is excellent. You pick him up as a companion if you help the Institute, hence why this guy is one of the more evil companions in the game.

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They get you to explore some totally new concepts in the Fallout universe, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing them myself. If you really love helping settlements for the Minutemen though, then Preston Garvey is your guy. John Hancock is definitely a companion for those who keep their character irradiated. Dogmeat is a fantastic pet, but not technically a companion.

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For all that radiation, you get a much better chance of a critical shot, which I think is worth taking. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay to be enjoyed, all of which can change with the right, or wrong, companion by your side. Players are able to go literally anywhere when they begin Fallout 4, but he is unavoidable if you want to progress the main quest. Affinity Perk: Gift of the Gab — Experience from finding new locations and persuasion successes is doubled.

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In Fallout 4, adventuring throughout the Commonwealth can sometimes get a bit lonely.

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Fast-travel back to the Mass Bay Medical Center and from here head north to reach a brick building.

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How to unlock: Go to Combat Zone and clear it of gunners M6,

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