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Fairy tail vulcan

Fairy Tail Vulcan


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Name: Karola

Years old: 35
I like: Male
Eyes: I’ve got brilliant brown eyes
Color of my hair: White
I understand: Spanish
Other hobbies: I like travelling

Scorpio voiced by Andrew Chandler and 2 others. Crux voiced by Bill Flynn and 1 other.

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Gemi voiced by Heather Walker and 2 others. Imitatia voiced by Tabitha Ray and 1 other. Sol voiced by Barry Yandell and 2 others.

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Org voiced by Greg Dulcie and 1 other. Aria voiced by Chris Rager and 2 others.

Vulcan furs [oblivion & naraku]

Ultear Milkovich voiced by Lydia Mackay and 1 other. Bob voiced by Antimere Robinson and 2 others. Plue voiced by Majken Bullard and 3 others. Rustyrose voiced by Justin Locklear and 1 other. Virgo voiced by Terri Doty and 1 other. Mystogan voiced by Robert McCollum and 1 other. Blacksnake voiced by Josh Grelle and 2 others. Kain Hikaru voiced by Bryan Massey and 2 others.

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Erza Knightwalker voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard and 1 other. Warcry voiced by Marcus Stimac and 1 other. Flare Corona voiced by Alex Moore and 1 other. Lapointe voiced by Philip Weber and 1 other. Klodoa voiced by Mark Fickert and 1 other. Shamsiel voiced by Cris George.

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Libra voiced by Krishna Smitha and 2 others. Jose Porla voiced by Ed Blaylock and 2 others. Martam voiced by Sonny Strait and 1 other. Yeager voiced by Chris Ryan and 1 other.

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Porlyusica voiced by Linda Young and 1 other. Michello voiced by Sonny Strait. Nalpudding voiced by Brad Jackson and 1 other. Ikaruga voiced by Jennifer Seman and 2 others. Horologium voiced by Ben Bryant and 2 others. Faust voiced by R Bruce Elliott and 1 other.

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Gran Doma voiced by Bradley Campbell and 1 other. Zero voiced by Philip Weber and 2 others. Remember Me? Don't have an ? Sho voiced by Greg Ayres and 1 other. Kawazu voiced by Ian Sinclair and 1 other. Wally Buchanan voiced by Chris Cason and 1 other. Rayule voiced by Will Christoferson and 1 other. Bozu voiced by Dave Cain and 1 other. Marl voiced by Melanie Mason and 1 other.

Byard voiced by Tyson Rinehart and 1 other. Novali voiced by Patrick McAlister and 1 other. Obra voiced by Tyler Walker and 1 other. Vidaldus Taka voiced by Mike McFarland and 2 others. Cubellios voiced by Lindsay Seidel. Lucy Ashley voiced by Cherami Leigh and 1 other. Members Who Shout This Out! Confirmed Credits [X]. Rocker voiced by Brian Witkowicz and 2 others. Lyra voiced by Kristin Sutton and 1 other. Sherry Blendi voiced by Trina Nishimura and 1 other.

Goldmine voiced by Chris Ryan and 2 others. Chagot voiced by Melinda Wood Allen and 1 other. Sugarboy voiced by Duncan Brannan and 2 others. Mini voiced by Michelle Rojas and 1 other. Yomazu voiced Fairy tail vulcan Matt Thurston and 2 others. Brain voiced by Philip Weber and 2 others.

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Nadi voiced by Doug Burks and 1 other. Aries voiced by Didi Archilla and 1 other. Fukuro voiced by Daniel Penz and 1 other. Belno voiced by Wendy Powell and 1 other.

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Sagittarius voiced by Wilbur Penn and 1 other. Jura Nekis voiced by Kent Williams and 1 other. Sue voiced by Kia Fulton and 1 other. Archbishop voiced by Greg Dulcie and 1 other. Coco voiced by Felecia Angelle and 1 other.

Leiji voiced by Jim Johnson and 2 others. Muganto voiced by Wendy Powell and 1 other. Eve Tilm voiced by Daniel Litwin and 2 others. Karacka voiced by Chris Cason and 1 other. Max Alors voiced by Shelton Windham and 2 others. Mejeer voiced by Greg Dulcie and 1 other. Ohba Babasahma voiced by Juli Erickson and 2 others. Bluenote Stinger voiced by Chuck Huber and 1 other.

Lucky voiced by Jerry Russell and 1 other. Nichiya voiced by Christopher Guerrero and 1 other. Hughes voiced by Josh Grelle and 1 other. Bacchus voiced by Chris Hury and 1 other. Yajima voiced by Steve Powell and 1 other.

Fairy tail ()

Kageyama voiced by Chad Cox and 2 others. Jiemma voiced by John McCalmont and 1 other. Michelle Lobster Imposter voiced by Tabitha Ray and 1 other. BTVA. Alexei voiced by Bruce Carey and 1 other. Semus voiced by Devin Pike. Byro voiced by Brad Venable and 2 others. Erigor voiced by Jonathan Brooks and 1 other. Mysdroy voiced by Steve Powell.

Aquarius voiced by Jessica Cavanagh and 1 other. Ivan Dreyar voiced by Bruce Carey and 1 other. Cancer voiced by Will Short and 1 other.

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Vulcan is a character from the anime Fairy Tail.