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Fairy tail natsu and lucy moments

Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy Moments


This is in the Edolas arc. Lucy worries over Natsu after she and Gray find him and Wendy unconscious. It also made a really cute screenshot. The legendary team is born! Natsu and Lucy officially become partners and take their first real quest together.

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Last moments before the war.

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End of the Starry Sky arc. Because I do. Opens in new window.

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They do so much for each other. The nice reminder that although Lucy had lost all of her family Layla, Jude and Michelleshe still had a family right there in him, in everyone else at Fairy Tail, and they would always be there to catch her.

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I mean, Natsu would probably choose Lucy anyway, but this was very essential to the building of their friendship, as it also opened the door for them to start spending time together. Also, holding hands, which is always welcomed. Posted on Sunday, 27 October Posted by lemoncakepanda.

Fairy tail creator shares adorable natsu x lucy sketch

It could be their very last moments of their lives, and they were spending it with one another. To see once again how Natsu knows exactly how to comfort Lucy, how he gives her hope, how they become stronger together, and have so much trust between them.

Natsu saves Lucy from Zash.

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Original Team Natsu is formed. Lucy stops Natsu in Edolas.

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Gotta add this one, bc, where would we be if the Everlue mission never came in about? Srsly, though, I love seeing her blush over Natsu, especially so early in the series.

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And this moment here is no different. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow!

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Moments like these, filler or not, showcase how important they are for one another and the affect they have on each other. Simply amazing and very touching.

Top 10 nalu(natsu and lucy) scenes/moments in fairytail

And he still picks Lucy up in his arms and is all flirty with her and starts sniffing her. Originally, I was just going to do 30 moments, but the list kept getting bigger and so on, and here we are. I like how the anime added her heart speeding up when Natsu came closer, right before she pulled Happy to the middle. Yup, I love this moment. Ep Thanks, Lucy.

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Natsu Dragneel, the guy who storms into fighting without a second thought? Two, it made into the list, which is already saying something. They could have shown Natsu comforting anyone else, literally, it could have been anyone else from the guild who felt hopeless, just like they could have had anyone else comfort Lucy and give her hope.

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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. Lucy and Natsu falling from the waterfall. If they never needed a blonde?

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And then, somewhere along the way, she stopped finding it ridiculous. And thus we get back to me fangirling over my favorite NaLu moments once again, only this time we do it based on the anime-only moments, which covers: canon, filler, movies and ovas.

Fairy tail natsu and lucy moments gifs

Does anyone else find amazing the fact that Lucy can calm down Natsu and talk him out of so many fights? Warning: lots of gushing and fangirling over a beautiful ship. Also, kudos to little Asuka, the mvp, speaking for us NaLus and trying to make dreams come true right there, lol. I love how in sync they were with each other since the beginning; they certainly had immediate chemistry with one another, even when they were still getting to know each other.

Fairy tail trash — when did lucy fall in love with natsu?

But, for this situation, who better than these two? Also, the matching outfits are a plus! And can we talk about how Natsu just went for that kiss, though? Opens in new window 69 notes Text Post posted 1 year ago.

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Neither of them have even considered a relationship, especially not with each other.

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March 14th is a pretty important day in Japan for many as its the day many receive reciprocal gifts following Valentine's Day.

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Natsu and Lucy have had so many heartwarming and heart-wrenching moments throughout Fairy Tail.